New Dallas Mavericks Barbados video not featured on Barbados Tourism Authority website

It just makes me want to weep sometimes. Lord knows how much we paid to get the Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders to shoot their new calendar in Barbados…

… And then when the team posts a marvelous 20 minute video on YouTube about “The making of…” the BTA can’t even capitalize on the event by posting it on their own website.

Will somebody please wake them up at the BTA? Please?

UPDATED: January 2, 2012
Barbados Dreamz trailer added at YouTube by Studio Caribe


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27 responses to “New Dallas Mavericks Barbados video not featured on Barbados Tourism Authority website

  1. NYC/BGI

    I don’t believe that the BTA could be so stupid in realizing that the exposure of the calendar would help the sagging tourism numbers from the US markets. Part of the problem comes from the top of the government because they have not a clue on the recent NBC spot with Matt Lauder and this Maverick can drive the engine that brings tourist to BGI. i remember when in the winter months in the US we sent soccer teams and their parents to BGI to play local teams. .The BTA is a reflection of the PM’s thinking and no mandate has been delivered to fish or cut bait.. Golden opportunities just slip by. .

  2. sanna

    The BTA commissioned this documentary as ‘Behind the scenes’ with a difference. It has had a couple of thousand hits on youtube There is a shorter trailer, which we will post link you all in too.

    Studio Caribe TV only recently completed the film, and obviously we would really would love people to share it as much as possible.
    The link you have is obviously a full documentary and we will be trying to get it aired locally and regionally as well. It will go up on various sites locally very soon!
    The film’s aim was to promote all of the prime tourism aspects, (as well as the Beach Calendar) but to also delve a bit deeper, to tell the real story – hence the story on the Clapham Bulls and the Nightingale orphanage.

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

  3. Adrian Loveridge


    or should we call you Yvonne?
    If this is a sample of the quality of work we can expect from when you get Studio Caribe TV up and running, we should all be pleased.
    If you are related to the Armour family then you are no strangers to tourism and know that it is a dynamic industry. You simply cannot post a video and keep silent for a month. If the BTA commissioned the video, there would have been a cost and the taxpayers are paying for it. At this critical time when 32 hotels have closed over the last 16 years and our single largest accommodation group lost BDS$95 million last year, there is absolutely NO room for complacency.
    If the BTA doesn’t have time to maximise the potential benefit from this opportunity, then give it to someone than can.

  4. NYC/BGI

    its time to stop the placation and clean house. if you want a documentary then invite national geography to shoot a story. the BTA is in the business of tourism nothing else. tourist dont come to BGI for anything but a relaxing time safe and thug free, Wake up before its to late,

  5. The Watcher!

    Will someone please demand of the Political Establishment that they stop funneling Bd$90Mil into an industry that cant even provide Bd$20Mil/yr in returns further less a break-even!
    This way, we can put money into something that can actually be profitable and help ordinary people to get back on their feet as opposed to this tourists smoke-screen!

  6. NYC/BGI

    The suggestion is to remove the BTA and start over. Look at destinations that are successful as a start. they have a finger on the tourism pulse and then work their program to meet that drumbeat. They meet with destinations that are successful. A few years ago there was a upscale US private high school who was invited to BGI to sing at the cathedral, quite a success because there was over 100 students, whose families were mostly upper class financially. Dis the BTA follow up with communication for a repeat visit? i bet they the BTA did not know they were on the island. Wake up BTA before Cuba becomes a US vacation destination..

  7. rastaman

    Where is the PM in all of this. Not a word since last year (LOL). Barbados is going to see hell in 2012

  8. NYC/BGI

    Maybe the PM does not want to anger the BGI Tea party

  9. Angela Ifill

    Barbados tourism product without Casino hotel facilities going to lag behind in the doldrums for a long time.When Cuba comes back in the Caribbean market they will again have casinos.The Macau layout is what we should be following.Please tell me how an industry that only operates 4 months in a year can carry a whole country for 12 months of the year ? Unless you have a plan to suck all you can from that industry within that short time of operation.Nothing can like gambling can.
    Barbados,with it’s Victorian puritanical thinking going stick around with their noses in the air while the other Caribbean countries get into casino hotel facilities.After much economic fall out from this poor great better than thou attitude towards Casinos; someone may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  10. NYC/BGI

    It may never happen the Casinos. Macau and other gaming destinations know just how to structure tourism and the destination, BGI with its great beaches will be a bonanza with tourism year round because of the casinos. Building cranes on every coast and there will be more air lift from the US, Canada and the UK, even Brazil. the Tea party has to recognize that the future is in their hands, Look at Aruba, 100% employment and they import workers from the DR etc. Little England has seen its best days. if the government was smart they would start with Slots and ban natives form gambling like they did in the Bahamas they ease into a full casino operation. ..

  11. Alice in Dreadland

    This is a rare moment of agreement for me, but if the BTA is against Casinos then I am fully behind the BTA.

  12. NYC/BGI

    Then tourism will slowly fade away because the BTA has no innovative plans except to grandstand and live on the past and what they used to do. the only problem is the used to is dead..

  13. BFP

    Sanna say: “Studio Caribe TV only recently completed the film, and obviously we would really would love people to share it as much as possible.”


    What SHITE that in a month nothing has been done to promote it.

    Lord hear our prayer!


  14. 40

    I never quite understand this obsession with the BTA website.

    Do potential tourist really look at it? Surely they mostly book packages via Thomas Cook, Virgin Holidays etc;? how many hits does this site get?

    Also Bajans seem to get very excited when there is publicity associated with American media and personalities – viz Matt Lauer and the Mavericks etc; But we totally ignore all the other stuff going on related to U.K. celebrities. The Daily Mail has been filling its website with paparazzi photos of Brit celebs sunning themselves on Sandy Lane beach all over Xmas. Great publicity and whether we like to admit it or not, it is these kind of photos that fuel the aspirational visitors from the U.K..

    The U.K. is still our biggest market, we ignore it at our peril. I just don’t think we understand it very well.

  15. Adrian Loveridge


    Just a few quotes from a recent KPMG report:

    ‘The UK tour operator market especially for overseas travel is shrinking’.

    ’74 per cent of consumers in the UK are now more likely to buy flights and vacations online’.

    ‘the total number of overseas holidays taken by UK travellers has seen a 20 per cent decline between 2008 and 2010’.

    Richard Hathaway, KPMG’s head of travel, leisure and tourism, stated ‘ The traditional high-volume tour operating model’ (you quoted Thomson and Virgin) ‘based on pre-booking flights and accommodation packages well in advance is in long term decline as more and more travellers opt for self-packaging online and niche solutions’.

    2011 saw the failure of 24 British tour operators. Many more are expected in 2012.
    According to the Red Flag Alert Report ‘ (UK) tour operators facing critical distress is estimated to have risen by 49 per cent in the last year’ (2011).

    I think you are right about whether ‘we’ fully understand the UK (or any other market) and if we have adjusted in sufficient time to inevitable trends.

    One thing for sure, Barbados is far too dependent on tour operator business.

  16. Adrian Loveridge


    Sorry you mentioned Thomas Cook and not Thomson and I am sure you are aware of the problems TC has had over the last year.

  17. NYC/BGI

    Tour operators are the backbone of tourism however informed tourism also weave into tourism arrivals the conference and meeting markets. The BTA has been blind to thinking outside of the box. Remember when AA started their NY Times sunday travel back page program tourist came in droves, max ward used to drop 747s twice a week from Canada but the hotel owners got fat for a while and then did not change with the times. Now grim reality has set in and the realism of a depressed global economy has not been dealt with. Hotel operators and the BTA need to address the 2012 realism and forget the old play book develop a new one with some of the parts and pieces that have been successful in the past.the

  18. 40 Again

    @Adrian Loveridge
    I take your point.
    But I think the point I was trying to make is that, for example, if I was travelling on vacation to the U.K., I would not be in the slightest bit interested in looking up the “London Tourism Board” site, if such a thing existed.
    Expedia, Travelocity, TripAdvisor,, etc; etc; would be more to the point. I want independent advice, not propaganda and I don’t think I’m any different to any other traveller,
    The fact that the London Tourism Board might embed a semi-entertaining youtube video of some Morris dancers two weeks after the fact would also be neither here nor there.
    Hence I don’t see the frenzy which seems to accompany any tourism related story regarding the uselessness of the BTA website, which is most likely an irrelevance (albeit a taxpayer funded irrelevance.)

  19. NYC/BGI

    I think a salient point has been missed.. There is not a lot of traffic on the website however build a advertising program that encompasses the NBC and Maverick piece into a powerful promotional ad. i realize it is something that needs a young fresh outlook and ad creation unlike the usual drab ads. Obama’s election was crafted by young minds that feel the pulse of the public hence success and winning the election.. for example Cropover is great but most Bajans stay with relatives or at home. Hotels are almost empty yet if hotels rates were low and entitled to a 3 month non refundable booking you would see a different cropover. .

  20. BadBob

    So why don’t we deck out a good number of local ladies as “Cheerleaders,” put them in US team logo costumes, scatter them around local beaches, fuel them with a little rum, get some US airtime & YouTube posts–and wait for the tourist rush. We could even dedicate beaches to US teams! Green Bay, Dallas, Denver, etc…
    I don’t even need to be paid for this idea.

  21. NYC/BGI

    Stop the noise and get down to revamping all the facets and jewels that BGI has. Create a existing tourism campaign and make 2012 a rebound year. Back to the basics and get real!.

  22. watcher

    It simply is not Beautiful Barbados anymore…and it is very very expensive. I am afraid other sun destinations have caught up and passed us.

  23. NYC/BGI

    What do you call expensive and what other sun destinations are you comparing

  24. Barbados got it own Taliban -it's called CHURCHY!

    Love this quote…

    Barbados, with its Victorian puritanical thinking going stick around with their noses in the air
    while the other Caribbean countries get into casino hotel facilities.
    After much economic fall out from this poor-great, better-than-thou attitude towards Casinos;
    someone may see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    I recall some yrs. ago an alarmist anti-Casino statement
    that the introduction of Casinos to Barbados would also introduce 1. drugs and 2. prostitution into this allegedly-Godly society!!
    -like those industries haven’t already been with us
    1. for 40 yrs. already and
    2. since Rachel Pringle invented her now famous party chips in a tube(lol)
    back in the 18th. Century

    Barbados is amusing at times. So stuck in the Sixties…..

  25. NYC/BGI

    So true BGI has had drugs and hookers for years. the tea party has a grip on the minds of the government and until that grip is broken and people begin to wake up and demand growth BGI will continue to suffer and realize a downturn in Tourism.

  26. Marcus Pilgrim

    Once again we see the power of free media and blogging. Tonight is the first time I have come across this site and it’s via a find on Facebook. I said that to say, that unless the BTA has full time paid workers who search for and spread there content on the web it may take time to get info. However, if the BTA go public in Barbados to contact them for any overseas group or persons who bring potential tourism to Bim, then they can keep a database which they can now target. Nevertheless, you and I as Bajans are all ambassadors!
    Now with that said I will comment on the point of where our tourism should go. Casinos are bad news for control of the levels of these vices of drugs, prostitution and the like. True all these vices have existed for years but at the levels it would if casinos came to Barbados…bad bad.
    As informed as I have read bloggers speak, I haven’t seen anyone speak to the fact the Barbados receive a world heritage designation for Bridgetown and the Garrison. At the end of the day, historic tourism is still a very viable option with which to continue our tourism product. When you go to Paris what do you want to do? Go see all the many world re known buildings. We have a history…we have historic buildings which sad to say have been poorly keep ..some even totally demolished. However I expect that with this world heritage designation funding will come to be able to up keep and do historic restorations to some critical building like The Empire. Sad to see the the Globe has closed. That again is history but we as a people via our private sector and government don’t seem to see the importance of these things.
    Tourism is but one of the many tools our government uses to bring in foreign exchange. Barbados needs to diversify! That’s the real solution. we need to create a brand out of Barbados like how Jamaica is a brand. as much as people dis Rhianna, she is the most world known figure of Barbados. so many of her real fans would just come Barbados just because they want to see where Rhianna came from.
    We just have to use all that we have…but to bring in casinos will bring larger levels of vice…straight talk! are we ready for that? It is not what Barbados is.
    With Red Jet flying regional tourism will definitely increase. Also BTA also launch a accessible Barbados program as well. This is good because it also helps improve the infrastructure of our island to necessary international standards and offer our locals a more accessible country.

    So I think we have good options to increase our tourism market outside of casinos.

  27. NYC/BGI

    Well spoken but Get real and look at what is looming within the carribean Cuba will be on line for the US market soon and the historical and other sites can be viewed in a 4 hour tour. have you been to any new or old world capitols and try to take in all there is to view and visit. it would take a . number of days or weeks..BGI I is a vacation destination and the BTA has neglected to begin to make it a meeting and convention island. there has to be a revamping of the tourism play book and come into the 21 century. how many hotels are now closed and those operating what is the occupancy rate try to look outside the box . they need a new playbook..