Harlecon.net = Dead blog?

We’ve noticed that not a new word has been published on the controversial blog Harlecon.net in over three weeks, and there hasn’t been an original post in almost a month.

Have the authors of Harlecon.net made their point? Is there nothing left to tell? Are the whispers of lawsuits in the works giving pause? Or… is it simply the end of the year and everyone has a martini in their hand?

Whatever the reasons, Harlecon.net is as lifeless as the ex-wife of my old African Studies professor. I know about her because Professor “K” made her the butt of numerous jokes every class.

Harlecon: Where are you?



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6 responses to “Harlecon.net = Dead blog?

  1. Just so you know, I also have been inert for while – my Pop’s death is harder than I expected but I am getting back to normal slowly…

  2. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    Good to see you online again.


  3. 209

    It takes awhile.
    Just be glad you didn’t lose him at a younger age, when it would have been even harder
    -not that that’s much consolation, I know..

  4. 114

    When my dad was 85 he told me “the great mystery of life is you never know when you are going to die”…paused and then said “but on the other hand you don’t know when you are going to be born”. I took it that a person 85 had a much better understanding of life than I did. Although I miss him he taught me to the end.

  5. Update posted yesterday on the site; we had a rather extended Xmas celebration, which is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately!

  6. 129


    i notice that i cannot access your website anymore, shame as i did enjoy reading some of your stories especially the one on the size of Mr Ames plane.