Violent Muslims attack Christmas celebrations around the world

Where is the outcry from the “moderate” and “tolerant” Muslims about the annual Christmas slaughter?

Christmas is a special time for violent Muslims. It’s the same every year as Muslims murder dozens and sometimes hundreds of Christians at Christmas. Christians around the world have to be extra vigilant at Christmas time. Remember the underwear bomber taken down by the passengers over Chicago two years ago? That was a Christmas Day flight, and the day was chosen by violent Muslims for a reason.

Here’s how violent Muslims celebrated Christmas in 2011…

Nigeria: Church bombs massacre. Violent Muslims exploded bombs at five churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Over 100 people were killed in Nigeria in the bombings and other Christmas attacks.

Uganda: Christmas Eve service Muslim acid attack blinds pastor. Christian Pastor (and former Muslim) Umar Mulinde of Gospel Life Church was blinded and disfigured in an acid attack. His assailants shouted “Allah Akbar” as they ran from the scene.

Indonesia: Christmas service was banned at church after Muslim authorities cancelled the permit to worship. Threats from violent Muslims against all Christian services.

The congregation of the embattled GKI Yasmin church in Bogor was forced to move its Christmas prayers to a member’s house after Islamic groups assembled at the disputed site and threatened to challenge the sermon on Sunday.

Islamic fundamentalist groups in Parung, Bogor regency, West Java province, are threatening and “warning” the local Catholic community, victims of attacks in anticipation of the holiday season.

Pakistan: Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to death on charges of “blasphemy” against Islam and over a dozen other Christians held in Pakistani jails spent Christmas Day without their families, after authorities refused requests to allow prison visits,

Sri Lanka Christmas honour killing: Muslim father beat his 17-year-old daughter to death on Christmas Eve for dating a Christian.

Iraq: Two thirds of the country’s remaining 1.4 million Christians have fled. Merry Christmas infidels!

Iraq: Sniper shoots Christian to death outside his home on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, Infidel!

Iran: Tolerant Muslim authorities raid Christmas celebration at Christian church, and arrest everyone including children.

Texas: Honour killing 58 year old Muslim man dressed as Santa Claus kills his entire family as they were sharing Christmas presents. His daughter was dating a “non-Muslim” and his family had adopted infidel ways.

Gaza: Hamas cancels Christmas for Christians. Christians obey because they remember what happened to the chap who owned the only Bible store in Gaza.

Malaysia: Muslim authorities earlier raided a Christian church to show who is boss. Christian churches were warned to “exercise caution”… or what? Or… there will be a repeat of Christmas 2010 when violent Muslims bombed eight churches. This Christmas, Malaysian Christians are being as quiet as church mice. Fear does that.

Saudi Arabia: Saudis cut off Nigerian man’s hand for theft on Christmas Eve. No, Abdulsamad Ismail Abdullah Hawsawe isn’t a Christian – but I thought I’d mention it to remind us all that, as always, the first victims of Islam are Muslims.

Iran: Government announces on Christmas Day that a woman convicted of adultery will be hanged or stoned to death.

Barbados: Muslim teenagers at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School are taught that stoning, beating and amputations are okay. We wonder what else they are taught about Christians and Christmas, but the school has never revealed their text books and other materials to either the public or Barbados Ministry of Education.


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  1. The Moore

    Weren’t all the places you have indicated here invaded and exploited in one way or another by Christian extremists and fundamentalist. Weren’t many women children brothers sisters husbands and wives exploited killed or raped or buggered or starved to death in reservations or sold into slavery by Christians wishing to take the land loot the resources and exploit and destroy all non Christian cultures. It’s not the religion, it’s the psychology of those wishing to be malevolent attempting to take control by spreading malice and hearted that we should be concerned with here. If there is an unhealthy, unbalanced spin on this story what about the rest of the articles being published by BFP? Let’s have some balance!

  2. BFP

    Hi The Moore,

    There have been over 19,000 religiously motivated attacks by violent Muslims since 9/11. Always dozens of religiously motivated attacks by Muslims every Christmas around the world. If you’d like to talk about contemporary equivalency of religiously motivated violence by Christians or other religions, by all means write your list here at BFP.

    Go ahead. We’re waiting.

    Also, we just don’t get the connection between violent Muslims yelling “Allah Akbar” as they throw acid in the face of a Christian Pastor (who is an ex-muslim) on Christmas Eve, and slavery 200 years ago. Be so good to explain that a little further, please.

  3. robert ross

    Spare me from religion or what passes for it. God forbid the zealots and fundamentalists in all societies ordering what I shall think and how I shall act. Spare me the subtle sanctimoniousness of the pharisees. Don’t refer me to so-called ‘holy books’ written by men and masquerading as ‘God’s word’. But let me hear the song of a bird, the crash of waves upon the shore. Let me drink tea at twilight with a good friend or glory at the colour of her hair. Let the smile of a child bless me, the steadfast look of an honest man impress me. Give me an original thought not what people tell me I must think and the courage to speak and to be silent. Let my life be full of wonder and joy and teach me to dance in reverence to life. Help me to say ‘Yes’ in the core of my being. Yes, give me religiousness but not the religions of the world.

  4. permres

    I fully concur with all of your sentiments, robert ross.

    However, I also believe in God, and that He came to earth as the man Jesus. I guess that makes me a Christian, but neither my wife nor myself attend any church regularly. As my father used to say, he would not attend a church as the places were full of hypocrites!

    All religions are the works of man and woman, and therefore open to deceit and corruption, the worship of money, and are controlled by the devil.

  5. Bob

    As Robert ross has stated, the books on which the various religions are based were written by man. Some parts of these books have good points from a philosophical aspect. However to claim that these books contain the word of God written by people who were inspired by God is joke. We as humans, do not know where we have come from and we certainly do not know where we are going apart from six-feet down when we die. As foe Muslims, there is one thing non-Muslim Barbadians must understand. Muslims have a concept called ummah. Basically, ummah means that Muslims will always side with other Muslims against non-Muslims. Understanding this concept is fundamental to the understanding of Muslims. It explains why after bombings you do not hear other Muslims condemning the Muslim perpetrators of the bombings. In other words, Barbadians are living with a fifth columnists in their midst. When in the minority in a society, they act peaceful but once their numbers reaches a critical mass they show their innate intolerance of other religions. The problem with Islam is that, its proponents consider it to be the greatest thing on earth. For example, “there is only one God and Allah is his name.” It irks Muslims that they have not been responsible for all of the gadgets of the modern world. One would figure, based on their outlook that, Allah would have been Instrumental, in Muslims leading the world in science and technology. After all, Islam is according to Muslims, the greatest thing on earth.

  6. Bob

    errata: As foe Muslims should read : as for Muslims.
    Barbadians are living with a fifth columnists should read; with fifth columnists.

  7. millertheanunnaki

    @ robert ross December 28, 2011 at 8:50 am:

    Your piece of philosophical thought is well presented.
    This is the spiritual standard that human beings of all types should always attempt to achieve in order to be in communication with the Creator of the Earth.

    @ permres December 28, 2011 at 11:50 am:
    “However, I also believe in God, and that He came to earth as the man Jesus …”

    Why do you refer to God in the masculine and perceive divine revelation only in the form of Jesus? What about the other religions? Doesn’t God figure in them? If you accept that “all religions are the works of man and woman, and therefore open to deceit and corruption” then you should consider that this ‘story of Jesus is God’ could be a figment of ‘some men’ imaginations corrupted over the years to suit the agenda of those who ‘worshiped money and are controlled by the devil’.

  8. millertheanunnaki

    “Barbados: Muslim teenagers at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School are taught that stoning, beating and amputations are okay. We wonder what else they are taught about Christians and Christmas, but the school has never revealed their text books and other materials to either the public or Barbados Ministry of Education.”

    This is a very serious charge and if true is a serious indictment on the chief education officer and reflects badly on the minister.
    Clearly such teachings (if actually practised) are against the Constitution and refusal to be subjected to inspection is in breach of the Education Act.

    Can’t the Barbados Christian Council investigate this matter or are they satisfied with the status quo as long as the material prosperity gospel of “Christianity” is raking in the big bucks.

  9. permres

    Very penetrating questions, millertheanunnaki, and I can only answer them from my own faith position. If others hold different faith positions, then they must answer equally penetrating questions from their point of view. However, none of us deny the sentiments expressed by robert ross, I think.

    My faith in Jesus demands that I relate to God as one human being to another, and my understanding of the different roles of ordinary men and women, particularly biologically, strengthens my belief that God is the Father of humankind. He therefore came to earth as a man.

    God, of course, is not human in the sense that we normally understand this. He is a spiritual being. He realised that in order for us ordinary humans to relate to Him He had to disclose Himself as a human being, hence the phrase, man-made or not, “Only through Me can you get to know the Father”. For me, Jesus is wholly God, I am not strongly into this Son of God business.

    Concerning the non-Christian religions, none of their stories bring God to earth as a man, therefore I do not find it possible to relate to God through those stories. I realise Feuerbach (God as projection), Marx (God as opium for the masses) and Freud (God as infantile illusion), for instance, have very important critiques to make, but these all help me to pursue the deepening of my (religious) faith, but also they do not compell me to join any Christian church. I would like to think the non-Christian religions do not compell their believers to join their churches.

  10. millertheanunnaki

    @ permres December 28, 2011 at 1:56 pm
    “For me, Jesus is wholly God, I am not strongly into this Son of God business.”
    But you have to be “strongly into the son of God’ business” if you profess to be a “true Christian”. Jesus himself said that he is the Son of God and reinforced this by his various references to the father which is in heaven (sky).
    PS: So, if God is the Father of mankind who is the Mother of mankind? Mother Earth, maybe ?

  11. permres

    I never professed to be a “true” Christian, millertheanunnaki, in fact, I have leanings towards Christian Anarchy. There’s plenty on the web about that, and Greg Boyd runs an interesting site, as well as a mega-church!

    I do not know what Jesus really said, I was not there! I believe in the Word of God, spelt with an upper-case “W”, which is a spiritual thing, often perhaps little to do with the words, of whatever translation, we find in a Bible of our choosing.

    I do not think heaven is in the sky, Robinson dealt with that fairly easily in his little book “Honest to God”. Boyd talks a lot about the Kingdom here on earth, hence my appreciation of robert ross’s sentiments.

    As I have said, God is a spiritual being, perhaps neither male nor female, but to relate to Him, for me, requires me to think masculine. (That may be Freudian, but that’s no problem for me. If others prefer to think feminine, or genderless, then good luck to them, I say).

  12. BadBob

    Moderate and tolerant Muslims don’t dare comment on the atrocities.
    Their co-religionists would kill them.
    Those of us that consider ourselves “Christians” can criticize our fellow nutters and crazies [IRA-for example] but it’s quite unlikely that we will have our throats cut by Duffy at our local. In fact, if the Muslims ever do take over, Duffy & we beer drinkers will all be put down!

  13. hmmmmm...

    @ millertheanunnaki You
    December 28, 2011 at 1:27 pm
    “Barbados: Muslim teenagers at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School are taught that stoning, beating and amputations are okay. We wonder what else they are taught about Christians and Christmas, but the school has never revealed their text books and other materials to either the public or Barbados Ministry of Education.”

    This is a very serious charge and if true is a serious indictment on the chief education officer and reflects badly on the minister.
    Clearly such teachings (if actually practised) are against the Constitution and refusal to be subjected to inspection is in breach of the Education Act.

    Can’t the Barbados Christian Council investigate this matter or are they satisfied with the status quo as long as the material prosperity gospel of “Christianity” is raking in the big bucks.

    I keep asking BFP as to what proof they have of this but as usual no evidence is put forward….. and since they are hiding behind “THE VEIL” wch
    which they are critical of they can’t be invited to see for themselves.

  14. Just want to know

    Look BFP had a muslin on this web a few days ago, ridiculing Christianity, and the birth of Jesus into the world; let any one do the same to their Mohammed and the koran and you will see murder in their hearts & eyes. Isn’t there still a hit for a man in Europe who wrote a book on Mohammed?

  15. millertheanunnaki

    @ permres December 28, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    Thanks for the enlightenment! I can now follow your ‘way of spiritual thinking’.

  16. Newbie

    Can someone explain to me why I cannot enter a bank here with sunglasses or a hat on as stated boldly on notices around the bank? However I can watch as Muslims enter the bank with clothing that can hide weapons and the women can be fully covered from head to foot, whereby they cannot be recognised but they are treated like royalty. I don’t believe that they should be allowed to use religion as an excuse to flout the banks rules.
    Look to our own shores BAJANS, like Hitler their rulers have an aim to take over the ruling of civilization. They will never adapt to another religion on fear of death. They do not accept any criticism of their religion but they feel free to ridicule any other religion and it is sanctioned by their religion. ANYONE NOT OF MUSLIM PERSUASION IS EXPENDABLE TO THEM!!!.
    This is not to build any hatred or dislike towards them but to warn others to be wary of the WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING.

    @ just want to know.
    It is author SALMAN RUSHDIE who incurred their wrath and as such cannot openly lead his life as he may wish because they called for a FATWAH/FATWA on him, calling for this death. “Salman Rushdie was condemned to death by the former Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on February 14, 1989, after publishing Satanic Verses”.
    Also an aide to Khomeini offered a million-dollar reward for Rushdie’s death. FANATICS to say the least.

  17. forreal

    i have never seen a muslim in a bank in Barbados.

  18. millertheanunnaki

    @forreal December 28, 2011 at 8:26 pm
    “i have never seen a muslim in a bank in Barbados.”

    For real? You mean a muslim woman?
    Muslims in Bim are involved big time in business. Legit business dealings involved money and money means dealing with banks.
    Explain to us if this reasoning is flawed.

  19. Britty Brat

    @ millertheanunnaki

    forreal should change his/her handle to “formock” . Which planet does he/she reside? Surely the reasoning is hugely flawed.

  20. robert ross

    For anyone interested in my post (above), may I refer them to ‘The Outsider Church’ which is Barbados based. The email address is
    This has nothing to do with the Christian anarchy movement.

  21. I live in Indonesia, a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Frankly, living in predominantly Muslim environment is not easy. I give you the example of situation like this. About 200 meters from my house, there is a mosque with a tower as high as 40 meters. They put up 10 loudspeakers in all directions of the compass for prayer for about 20 minutes, for at least 5 times a day (Muslims pray 5 times a day). On certain days in the evenings, they also prayed (a kind of recitation) for 1.5 hours at 19:30 to 21:00. At this hour, the loudspeakers is set so hard, until we are around the mosque should be clamoring to talk to each other, very annoying. My friend, who rent a house near the mosque had forced to move. This is really happening.

    I do not mind Muslim to pray. But, they should pray in a voice that does not disturb the surrounding environment. Is the Muslim’s God so deaf so need loudspeakers to listen to their prayers? I don’t think so…

    My advice, if there is a group of people who want to build a mosque, never once in a while they were given the opportunity to put up with loudspeaker. If necessary, do not ever let them build a mosque in your neighborhood. Believe me, the sound of mosque will disrupt your rest time ….from dawn in the morning until at night.

  22. De BagLady

    If every moderate Muslim came out against the ‘Christmas Day’ attacks, would it really make a difference? I am sure that BFP would still manage to exploit the headline, “Nigeria Christmas Day massacre.” It is pure sensationalism. ‘Violent Muslims Attack Christmas Celebrations around the World.’ You’ve missed the bigger picture, so caught up with spouting off these invidious remarks about Muslims and their religion. More of the same from BFP and here I was waiting for insightful, stimulating commentary on this event. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, why I’d be a damn fool.

    I thought I would hear a little bit more about the main actors involved and their agenda – Boko Haram, and how this group is attempting to use religion to advance their political agenda within the state of Nigeria. It is a tactic that is as old and common as prostitution, and as Machiavellian and as felonious as George Bush invoking Christianity and blathering on about civilizing missions to bolster his justification for invading Iraq in 2003.

    I thought you would also note that intense sectarian violence, friction between Muslims and Christians has been a defining feature of Nigerian society, and that there have been grave and numerous atrocities inflicted on both sides… Well, thanks much BFP for your not so objective or fact-based analysis. I am the 22nd response to this post. Good job!

  23. BFP

    Hi DeBagLady

    As we said, if you wish to declare “it takes two to tango” and that there is equivalency between religiously inspired attacks by Muslims and Christians, then we invite you to list the religiously inspired attacks by Christians since 9/11 and the supporting Christian organisations and individuals. The list for the Muslims is now over 19,000 and thousands and thousands of dead bodies around the world.

    Islam has bloody borders, and its holy book and other scriptures direct adherents to kill to advance the religion. So that’s what they do.

  24. BFP

    Hello vivaedmund,

    We see that you are coming to us from Indonesia. From what we read it is dangerous to not be a Muslim in Indonesia. Good luck, friend!

  25. De BagLady

    Hi BFP,

    DIL scores of individuals associated with this blog are obviously not very high. Commitment to integrity and professionalism are also found wanting. You have not seriously addressed any issue raised. What is in it for you? What points are you gaining by perpetuating prejudice towards Muslims? It isn’t enough that since the “terrorist attacks in 9/11” they have been scrutinized and maligned by the Western world and its sympathizers. What are your sources of information? You say 19, 000. Is that an invented figure? You say the Koran encourages its faithfuls to kill in the name of religion. The Holy Bible contains several acts of violence and scriptures which incite violence: “And thine eye shall not pity; but life shall go for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot” is a fairly well known passage of scripture that sanctions retributive justice. Alas, BFP misses the point yet again. This is not about religion. It has never been. This is pure power politics – unabashed and relentless. The theologian and the politician extrapolate from and interpolate religious texts to suit their purposes – to foment wars and to fan the flames of peace. First World nations are desperate to maintain their grip on world affairs. They mete out their power and influence in such a way as to distort facts, intimidate the poor and the powerless, and manipulate the less savvy among us. I have not been bought by anybody’s propaganda machine. Have you?

  26. The Gardener

    BFP is merely highlighting the punishment Christians are getting for their sinfull ways. It is obvious a loving christian God would never punish persons who have sold their souls to a man who apparently died for their sins. I can only conclude that they are involved in false worship. From one extreme to another.

  27. BFP

    Hello Debaglady,

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. Or maybe you are correct: Contemporary adherents of Islam are no more prone to religiously inspired violence than contemporary Christians. And under Islam there is respect for all religions and peoples. Does that sound correct?

    Have a nice day!

  28. De BagLady


    What is right or wrong? This post was bigoted, biased, and unbalanced. Somebody had to say it.

  29. Reasonable Man

    One of the techniques that the jihadists and their leftist supporters use to silence genuine and reasonable concern with the Islamist agenda to dominate every other religion and political system is to cry “racist, biased, bigot and unbalanced reporting.”

    How is it “biased” or “bigoted” to report the truth that Muslims attack Christians every Christmas like clockwork? It is the truth.

    De BagLady wants some “balanced” reporting. Okay, here is a list of religiously motivated attacks by Christians against Muslims during the same time period as BFP’s list:


    You fill them in De BagLady because I couldn’t find any!


  30. De BagLady

    @ Reasonable Man. Stupse back. Be reasonable, I’ve been categorized as a leftist supporter because I’m not riding the Anti-Islam bandwagon. What is right or wrong? Nothing is wrong with reporting the event. It is a fact. However, BFP failed to report on other critical facts related to that event. They told us the what, the where and the when – the Christmas bombings in Nigeria – but they did not mention who and why. However, BFP quickly went on to list the evils that Muslims have been perpetrating all over the world in the name of religion.I am trying to understand BFP’s malice towards this group. Where’s the outcry from BFP when innocent Muslims are massacred? No life is more important than the next. Intolerance and ‘power-fanaticism’ are suffocating the planet. I ain’t fuh dat. I am not Muslim. I am one determined to look beyond superficialities: class; color, creed, country. l, De Bag Lady do/does not condone violence. Boko Haram’s actions on Christmas Day are/were unconscionable and they (Boko Haram and Boko Haram only) should be punished. It was vicious and calculated; aimed at prompting a good ol’ do fuh do. So, retaliatory attacks are more than likely and more innocents (both Christians and Muslims) will be killed. I do not think Boko Haram jihadists are doing the Muslim world any favors. The Christmas massacre surely did not help to improve perceptions of Muslims. But, for those of us who have insights into Nigerian history and society we would understand that this kind of violence is not uncommon or exceptional to the country.Religion, ethnicity and politics are deeply intertwined and unfortunately, clashes between Christians and Muslims has been a prominent feature. The Nigeria Christmas day massacre is not an isolated event. It follows on the trend noted above and BFP should have a done a better job at contextualizing this for readers. Here are a few links to provide a fuller perspective on things, yeah.


  31. 10

    BFP probably drunk by now! Expect comments moderated when they crawl out from under the furniture in the morning NewYear day!

  32. Reasonable Man

    That’s it for the equivalency list DeBagLady? That’s it? The sum total around the world for the same period?

    Where are the supporting Christians for the so-called christians who attacked the Muslims? There are none because Christians do not see violence as part of their religiion and persons who crazily do violence saying it is for Christ are shunned. They are not recognized as Christians. If you can’t see the difference in act and scale and support between your single incident and the worldwide Jihad then you are wilfully blind.

  33. De BagLady

    Unreasonable man, I am not going to allow myself to be drawn into a repartee with you. Your comments thus far reveal that your DIL score is also a little low on the scale, so it would be a waste of time. It is abundantly clear, that you, Unreasonable Man, have not understood a word of what I have said. Given what we know about historical events like the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades, and what we know currently about the wars launched by predominantly ‘Christian nations’ against predominantly Muslim territories – Iraq and Afghanistan – in the early 2000s on the basis of false claims about WMDs, your statement re: ‘Christians do not see violence as part of their religion’ does not compute. Check the body count for Iraqi and Afghan civilians and not to mention the numbers of US/NATO soldiers who have died in the military campaign. I am not trying to make a case for or against Christianity or Islam. But, if you are, I am sorry that I did not provide you with a more comprehensive list. Unreasonable Man is tallying up wrongs in order to determine which religion is superior or more morally grounded. DBL *laughs and sighs*. The world is not zebra-striped.

  34. Bad Bob

    De BagLady, I tried to sign up for the “Crusade,” but was told that I am too old.
    I have to serve with the Home Army & Territorial Forces. I’ll do my part to Bag the Buggers when they attack our shore. Fear Not!
    Captain BadBobby

  35. Dessalines

    @ BFP
    I am no believer in religion and I concur with the Moore and Ross that God like religion is man made so forgive me if I ask who died and gave you the authority to set the date from which blood letting atrocities matter? Why is the date 9/11 given precedence over 1493, or even 1BCE. Is it because 9/11 post dates 1995 when Bosnian Christian Serbs massacred some 8000 Bosnian muslims and expelled another 30000 from their homeland in Srebrenica? Although this genocide was characterized in the media as ethnic cleansing it was a religious crusade.
    As a descendant of the holocaust called slavery I find it despicable and shockingly arrogant that you dare compare the 400 years of continuous genocide, rape, kidnappings, enslavement, dehumanization of an entire people and a singular murderous act and ask for a connection. Obviously you are a product of the European planter class so this comes as no surprise.

  36. Dessalines

    @ de Bag Lady
    Quote:”Unreasonable Man is tallying up wrongs in order to determine which religion is superior or more morally grounded”.
    Do not hold your breath for any insightful replies. BFP and Unreasonable man share the same illusion that one religion holds a higher moral ground than the other. Christianity seemingly benign facade today is a result of them losing the political power they once held. History shows us their true nature when they controlled not only the naive minds but the political and military super structures in Europe – an endless campaign of murderous wars and subjection of weaker nations. In fact this culture has not changed in the Catholic church in particular where the leadership is frantically lobbying governments around the world to give their pedophile priests immunity from prosecution – the implication is that the rape and sodomy of under aged boys in an ‘internal matter’ for the church and not for the meddling law enforcement authorities.
    If the BFP is serious about listing atrocities how about this one – in the US alone aver 10000 minors (this figure does not include women or young girls or young men) were sexually abused by Catholic priest between 1950 and 2002. In France this practice is called ‘libertine’ in the Catholic church this is business as usual.

  37. De BagLady

    Thanks Dessalines. I thought I was all alone in the camp of reason. I didn’t even think to mention the Bosnian genocide. Your point about the flagrant hypocrisy in the Catholic Church and its perpetual impunity for child sex crimes is also well taken.