Founder of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary named Queen’s Counsel in Canada

Peter Allard has been named Queen’s Counsel by the Province of British Columbia. The Canadian businessman, lawyer and philanthropist is the founder and owner of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados.

This is the second time Allard has been in the Canadian news recently. In September the Chief Justice of Canada opened Allard Hall – a new $55 million dollar law school building at the University of British Columbia that was helped along by a huge gift from Allard of 10 million dollars (Canadian). Allard also gave another 2 million to establish an international prize that supports freedom, integrity and human rights, and creates an online historical faculty archive.

As we related in our post The sad tale of a lost friend of Barbados Peter Allard was last in the news in Barbados when he penned an open letter to Bajans explaining why he had to close one of the island’s premier tourist attractions and why he is suing the Barbados government for dumping raw sewerage into the Graeme Hall wetlands and other violations of various treaties and agreements.

Allard explained the situation in a May 6, 2010 press release:

“The investment in the Sanctuary was supposed to be part of a sustainable environmental initiative, dependent on government leadership. As the largest private environmental stakeholder in Barbados, we continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to maintain the Sanctuary, but we all have to face the fact that it’s Government who is killing the wetland.   The study shows that our environmental commitment and investment cannot withstand this assault.”

… Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner Peter Allard in a May 6, 2010 press release.

At one time Allard was in love with Barbados and focused his philanthropic efforts here. Since coming into conflict with the corrupt Bajan elites though, Allard has funded projects in Africa, Canada and elsewhere in the Caribbean including St. Vincent and Dominica where he helped establish a National Park.

Allard’s problem in Barbados is with our corrupt politicians

Barbados politicians and their land developer friends want to profit from the sale and commercial development of environmentally-protected lands, including public lands once designated for two National Parks. Allard opposed this rape of our natural heritage and that was the end of his relationship with the powerful elites.

How much do the corrupt politicians and their land developer friends hate Allard?

Then PM Owen Arthur and Health Minister Liz Thompson denied the people of Barbados a multi-million dollar cancer and AIDS hospice rather than accept it from Peter Allard with no strings attached. Given a choice between accepting philanthropy from Allard or not, the corrupt politicians preferred our loved ones to die in pain in that filthy hole called the Queen Elizabeth Hospital instead of spending their last days well looked after in a beautiful place with their family members.

That, my friends, takes a lot of corruption and hate but Arthur and Thompson had more than enough.

Congratulations to Peter Allard

Congratulations to Peter Allard upon being honoured by the Canadian government. We wish he had had a better experience in Barbados, but if it’s any comfort he’s not the only philanthropist or foreign investor to be set up and taken advantage of ‘pon de rock. The real losers are we Bajans and our children and grand-children who will never know the National Parks and green space that Allard and others fought for.

Here is the press release from the Government of British Columbia, received via Google Alerts….

VICTORIA – Twenty-eight British Columbia lawyers have been appointed Queen’s counsel, Attorney General Shirley Bond announced today.

The Queen’s counsel designation is an honour conferred on members of the legal profession to recognize exceptional merit and contribution. Successful candidates demonstrate professional integrity and good character and must be members of the British Columbia bar for at least five years.

Each September, the attorney general calls for Queen’s counsel nominations from the public. The 2011 deadline for submissions was Oct. 14. All applications were reviewed by an advisory committee, which recommended deserving candidates to the attorney general. The appointments are subsequently made by cabinet through an order-in-council.

The advisory committee includes the chief justice of British Columbia, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the chief judge of the Provincial Court, the president of the Law Society of British Columbia, a Law Society member appointed by the benchers (directors) and the deputy attorney general. The committee also seeks the views of the Canadian Bar Association (B.C. branch).

Dec. 22, 2011
British Columbia
Ministry of Attorney General

B.C.’s 2011 Queen’s counsel appointees

Peter Andrew Allard of Vancouver practiced real estate and business law for 20 years, founding Allard and Company in 1978. Allard has been a supporter of and donor to the UBC faculty of law. He has been active in legal and ethical education for young lawyers. He established the philanthropic Highbury Foundation in 1993.

… read the full press release at the Government of British Columbia: Twenty-eight receive Queen’s counsel honour


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24 responses to “Founder of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary named Queen’s Counsel in Canada

  1. robert ross

    I do not know nor until now know of Peter Allard. But yes, what a wonderful story and how sad that his initiatives have been rejected. It prompts me to say that one hears so much about ‘white elites’ yet ignore so much of what comes from the heart – black or white. I wonder how many other missed opportunities there have been – in the Church, the University and the rest of the public life of this nation.

  2. 113

    Congrats to Mr Allard – He is one amazing man and as I had the pleasure to know him I know he is sincere in what he does – Not something that is constant around here. Well done!

  3. Thank you, Hilary!

    “I wonder how many other missed opportunities there have been
    – in the Church, the University and the rest of the public life of this nation.”
    ….denied this nation, in the name of Black Nationalism.

    We seek to disembowel ourselves of all things White British Colonial
    and to some measure have been successful at doing so.
    Disembowelment is a suicidal act and can only result in the death of the entity
    which some might say is happening right bow, starting with the overpriced tourism sector
    which in turn affects the public purse.
    Work well done!

  4. robert ross

    “Disembowelling” and burning may be a good thing. The Phoenix rises from the ashes. But that will come to nothing if the newborn has the same mindset as the old, rooted still in old conflicts and struggles and ideas with a vision already stagnant. Sure, the human condition is still so very human, ever doing violence to itself, but at times a sacred light is still seen to burn and perhaps here Mr Allard may be seen as its exemplar. So thankyou for this.

  5. St George's Dragon

    Mr Allard has another rather seamier side, which you rather conveniently choose to ignore.
    This Sainted man cannot be the same one who funded a Court case against many of Barbados most prominent people; employed a private investigator to take someone’s shredded documents from Miami in order to take them to Canada to be reconstructed; arranged for surveillance to be carried out on Owen Arthur’s former wife and Mia Mottley’s family; and spied on the Barbados mission in Miami?
    I am afraid he has made himself no friends here and cannot blame others entirely for the consequences that flowed from that.

  6. Anonymous

    I know I will get my ass cut for saying this but black people are there worse enemy and white people continue to ensure that they remain that way

  7. Anonymous

    Where is my comment

  8. 251

    Black people are their own worst enemy
    -and white people continue to ensure that they remain that way!

    Lotta truth in that, unfortunate though it may be.

  9. Vee

    This is a disgrace and those corrupt politicians need to go !
    I would like to make myself available to Mr Allard , both my brother and I are Barbadian ./Canadian and have lived many years in BC , anyone know how i may contact Mr Allard?

  10. We are the 1%

    @St George’s Dragon
    “funded a Court case against many of Barbados most prominent people” etc;
    and you conclude
    “I am afraid he has made himself no friends here”

    For that, he’s my friend. Keep up the good work, Mr Allard, pressuring the corrupt non-entities that insinuate themselves into our government so they can fuck our country and line their pockets.

  11. Vee

    We grew up in Graeme Hall in the days when De Vere Davis (my godfather) was manager of Greame Hall plantation before the government seize it for so called agriculture..They then began to fill it in and ruin it , so a great guy from Canada comes along to preserve it and this is what happens !!!

  12. St George's Dragon

    In the interests of truth and transparency, is it true that BFP accepted money from Mr Allard?

  13. Vee

    If one is against CORRUPTION ! then it would make sense to do what Mr. Allard did and does ! Would it NOT?

  14. what will they think of next

    Beware Greeks bearing gifts.

  15. BFP

    Hello St George’s Dragon

    In the interests of truth and transparency, BFP has never taken a dollar from anyone.

    The same cannot be said for the Nation, The Barbados Advocate, the CBC or Barbados Today… each takes government advertising.

    Similarly the DLP and BLP have received millions in secret donations from people and corporations that expect their interests to be pushed in return. That’s why the DLP and BLP have not and will not implement integrity legislation or transparency rules for political funding.

    Next question, please?

  16. Joe Itellit.

    Allard is known to me…he is someone who prefers to fight than reason and boasts of all the ligation lawsuits he has in play at any one time…he will never understand than honey gets bees, not vinegar…he believes that because he has money all must genuflect before him and do his bidding unquestioningly…it is his way or the highway always and he manipulates matters so it HAS to be a fight. Its how he gets his jollies. Rich asshole.

  17. Newbie

    What was the court case against prominent people in BARBADOS concerning. i BELIEVE it takes a lot of GUTS and MONEY to fight any big-ups here legally.

  18. St George's Dragon

    @ Newbie
    The background is that there were a series of court cases in Barbados in which it was alleged that a company shareholder had been defrauded. The shareholder lost all those cases including at appeal.

    Mr Allard secretly funded a court case in Canada which attempted to have a court outside Barbados “reopen” those cases.
    The court in Canada was faced with a case which alleged corruption and conspiracy between about 60 people in Barbados from the Prime Minister and Chief Justice down.

    Initially, the Canadian court looked whether it had jurisdiction over an action which must have appeared to be mostly rooted in Barbados.

    The Canadian court case fell apart when for, amongst other reasons, it was found that the lawyer in charge of it had lied on a number of issues including whether he had set up the company which was pursuing the case, also whether he had released information related to the case on internet blogs. That might not sound like much, but it caused the lawyers involved in the case to say they would report him to the Law Society of Canada for his conduct. The Judge was quite scathing in his comments on the conduct of the case, see:

    Click to access transcript-of-appearance-before-shaughnessy-j-june-8-2010.pdf

    Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground were both involved in background blogging on the case (as was Kelthruth but that was quite blatantly funded by the aggrieved shareholders and/or Allard).

    BFP was alleged to have included amongst its founders/supporters Jane Goddard, who was one of the family members who stood to gain from the case, if they had won. She was stated in the court papers to have been paid money by Mr Allard.
    All this is in the public domain. BFP may therefore have a conflict of interest in this matter.

  19. BFP

    Now, now, now… St. George’s Dragon…

    If you’re going to tell a story you should get your facts straight.

    Unless it is your intent to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt against BFP simply because you are a DLP supporter and we’ve been very tough on the DLP for lying to Bajans and totally surrendering to unethical activities and agendas.

    But that is the plan, isn’t it?

    First, BFP has been accused of being DLP, BLP, Ian Bourne, Desmond Bourne, Peter Wickham, Hartley Henry, Adrian Loveridge and a host of others, but we’ve never been accused of being Jane Goddard. Who alleged this? Because it’s not true.

    Of course, by throwing unsupported false allegations against BFP you seek to reduce our credibility in the coming elections because you know that your DLP is in big trouble.

    It’s the old “soil the messenger so they won’t pay attention to the message” strategy. Fine. That’s politics in Barbados and we understand that.

    Just tell us why the DLP didn’t keep any of their promises made four years ago!

    As to the whole Kingsland matter, you are incorrect when you say that the case has been heard. The substantive case has never been heard before any court because the crooks involved in Barbados have been successful for 20 years in delaying, obfuscating and lawyering to death. If you want to talk about the Canadian case, you should mention that the former Chief Justice, SIR David Simmons, had a piece of the action at Kingsland and that he was caught in the Canadian testimony having to admit that he burned the business records in his possession. Nice touch!

    Also the death threats against all manner of persons on side of the Knox family is standard operating procedure in Barbados when you go against the big-ups. Everybody know this.

    If Allard financed the old lady to some extent, we say we wish we had more like him. More honest people willing to advance human rights issues in Barbados. The cartels that run everything here are vicious. Rule of Law? HA!!!! Where else is a man Attorney General and Deputy Prime Minister one day, and Chief Justice the next day in charge of the courts that are supposed to judge the cases of citizens suing the Attorney General? HA HA HA HA!!!

    But peoples get wise and now the international investors and philanthropists know that Bim is not all that it pretends to be.

    And the citizens are waking up too. (As compared with wuking up that is what they keep us amused with.)


  20. repeat visitor

    Fact is Graeme Hall is closed and it could be a great tourist attraction. I only visited it for the first time earlier this year when it was open for only one day. It seems to be that this is the kind of low-key family-geared activity that Barbados could see more of and could better promote. As a Canadian, I don’t get all the undertones of the above comments I guess — but I can say that few of these would be allowed on a Canadian blog due to their possibly libelous content…

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  22. If you wanted to find the worst Press you could possibly find about Barbados, you would be hard pressed to find one worse than the way Peter Allard has been treated by the hoy palloy of this island.

  23. Joe Itellit

    Beadon, its “hoi polloi”…we’re particular about our spelling we are.

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