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Founder of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary named Queen’s Counsel in Canada

Peter Allard has been named Queen’s Counsel by the Province of British Columbia. The Canadian businessman, lawyer and philanthropist is the founder and owner of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados.

This is the second time Allard has been in the Canadian news recently. In September the Chief Justice of Canada opened Allard Hall – a new $55 million dollar law school building at the University of British Columbia that was helped along by a huge gift from Allard of 10 million dollars (Canadian). Allard also gave another 2 million to establish an international prize that supports freedom, integrity and human rights, and creates an online historical faculty archive.

As we related in our post The sad tale of a lost friend of Barbados Peter Allard was last in the news in Barbados when he penned an open letter to Bajans explaining why he had to close one of the island’s premier tourist attractions and why he is suing the Barbados government for dumping raw sewerage into the Graeme Hall wetlands and other violations of various treaties and agreements.

Allard explained the situation in a May 6, 2010 press release:

“The investment in the Sanctuary was supposed to be part of a sustainable environmental initiative, dependent on government leadership. As the largest private environmental stakeholder in Barbados, we continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to maintain the Sanctuary, but we all have to face the fact that it’s Government who is killing the wetland.   The study shows that our environmental commitment and investment cannot withstand this assault.”

… Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner Peter Allard in a May 6, 2010 press release.

At one time Allard was in love with Barbados and focused his philanthropic efforts here. Since coming into conflict with the corrupt Bajan elites though, Allard has funded projects in Africa, Canada and elsewhere in the Caribbean including St. Vincent and Dominica where he helped establish a National Park.

Allard’s problem in Barbados is with our corrupt politicians

Barbados politicians and their land developer friends want to profit from the sale and commercial development of environmentally-protected lands, including public lands once designated for two National Parks. Allard opposed this rape of our natural heritage and that was the end of his relationship with the powerful elites.

How much do the corrupt politicians and their land developer friends hate Allard?

Then PM Owen Arthur and Health Minister Liz Thompson denied the people of Barbados a multi-million dollar cancer and AIDS hospice rather than accept it from Peter Allard with no strings attached. Given a choice between accepting philanthropy from Allard or not, the corrupt politicians preferred our loved ones to die in pain in that filthy hole called the Queen Elizabeth Hospital instead of spending their last days well looked after in a beautiful place with their family members.

That, my friends, takes a lot of corruption and hate but Arthur and Thompson had more than enough.

Congratulations to Peter Allard

Congratulations to Peter Allard upon being honoured by the Canadian government. We wish he had had a better experience in Barbados, but if it’s any comfort he’s not the only philanthropist or foreign investor to be set up and taken advantage of ‘pon de rock. The real losers are we Bajans and our children and grand-children who will never know the National Parks and green space that Allard and others fought for.

Here is the press release from the Government of British Columbia, received via Google Alerts…. Continue reading


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DLP damage control in high gear

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There’s only one thing worse than trying to depose the leader of a government – and that is to try and fail.

The Barbados Labour Party had their leadership coup over a year ago when Owen Arthur decided he was finished sulking and wanted his toy back. Quicker than you could say “Pass the rum”, Mottley was out and Goin’ wid Owen was in control again. Regardless of what the reality is inside the BLP, on the outside a year later the party looks stable and ready to fight the next election. And that’s all that counts with the majority of voters.

We’re all about image here in Barbados… nevermind that Arthur has a track record of 15 years of thiefing, abuse of power and negligence about the environment, public health and safety issues. The man is a leader, and the leader is in control.

On the other hand, as we approach the next election the Democratic Labour Party leadership is in disarray and appears factionalized as a result of the recent “letter coup”. Prime Minister Stuart came away still in power but weakened – and worse, he’s taken no action to demote or otherwise deal with the coup leaders. Is he weak? Is he fearful that the party’s foundation is not strong enough to allow him to publicly affirm his leadership? How will such weakness and instability be viewed by the swing voters? Or is it just more of the same hands-off “leadership” style that we’ve grown accustomed to from our “invisible” Prime Minister?

Bajans like leaders with strong public personas. Arthur has it. Mottley has it. Frundel Stuart does not. As a leader PM Stuart is about as appetizing to voters as porridge left out overnight and cooked up again the next morning.

Nothing wrong here! (cough, cough)

That doesn’t matter to the DLP spin machine though: the party has decided that Stuart will lead them into the next election which, according to some, will be called sooner rather than later. So the DLP media puppeteers arranged for photos of coup leader Chris Sinckler and PM Stuart to appear together in the papers.

Just look at the photos: Nothing wrong here, folks – everything be just fine, so fine!

And if you believe that, I have some excellent vacant building lots to sell you near the Arch Cot caves.

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