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Environment Minister Lowe surprised that environmental laws are needed

It cost us how much to send Dr. Lowe to South Africa?

by WSD

Should Bajans laugh or cry about Minister Lowe’s recent press conference? Maybe we should do both.

Doctor Lowe just returned from a junket to an environmental conference in Durban, South Africa and appears to have come to some great new understanding of what he and his DLP government should have been doing for the past four years:

“Can you imagine the kind of work that needs to be done to put legislation in place, because all of these things need to be governed under legislative frameworks?”

Environment Minister Denis Lowe speaks to the Barbados Advocate in Harsher Penalties!

Why yes; Bajans CAN imagine that laws are needed. As a matter of fact that’s one of the reasons why we elected Dr. Lowe and the DLP four years ago: they promised to deliver on much-needed environmental legislation that the BLP failed to put in place in their 14 years in government.

What did we get for our vote? Four years later Environment Minister Denis Lowe returns from a conference and says “Whoaloss! We have to make environmental legislation! Who could have known that?”

Lowe also called for “tougher penalties”.

Mr. Lowe should ask the man in the mirror about those penalties because it was Environment Minister Lowe himself who failed to implement any new environmental laws, penalties or enforcement for the past four years.

The Dees want my vote again? Not until Hell freezes over.


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Goodbye to Desmond Bourne “The voice”

Our heartfelt condolences to our friend Ian Bourne and family upon the passing of Ian’s father, Desmond Bourne, at the age of 79.

Desmond Bourne’s deep authoritative voice is what we immediately remember, but what causes us to smile are the memories of Desmond saying so many things that needed to be said – but that no one would say except him.

Head over to The Bajan Reporter to read Ian’s tribute: Desmond MacDonald Bourne – 1932 to 2011: R.I.P my crazy Dad

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Desmond Bourne dies at 79


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