The Story of Lover’s Rock

What is there to say about Lover’s Rock except – if you haven’t made it doing the Lover’s Rock, then you really haven’t done the lover’s rock.

Barbados-born Menelik Shabbaz

Whether you’re smiling at that, or you don’t know what I mean, have a watch of the trailer for Menelik Shabbaz’s new documentary The Story of Lover’s Rock. Contrast Lover’s Rock with some of the things you see happening at Crop Over and you’ll understand the difference between class and crass – between love and something else. I won’t go into the memories because I don’t want to be too self-indulgent, but oh the memories!

Shabbaz, rightly called the Godfather of Black British Film, was born Bajan and left for the U.K. at six years old. His filmography is not as extensive as fans would like it to be, but as he explained in this interview at, in the 80’s and 90’s it was difficult to get backing for films outside of the Eurocentric worldview.

History, music, racism and West Indians making their stand in the UK

The Story of Lover’s Rock sold out on opening last August. When was the last time you saw a documentary do that? I haven’t seen the film, but after seeing the trailer it’s number one on my list.


Film website: The Story of Lover’s Rock


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3 responses to “The Story of Lover’s Rock

  1. Alice in Dreadland

    The memories just flood back. Victor Romeo Evans, Carol Thompson, Janet Kay….Blues parties, heading home at 5am in the growing daylight. Life felt kinda sweet & easy. The music was ours & the dancing was slow, intimate & HOT….These were good, simple times in my life…Thanks for the heads up BFP I will put my order in with Amazon directly & wait for a DVD release date for this documentary.

  2. Newbie

    Please don’t even mention LOVERS ROCK and CROP OVER in the same breath. The two styles of dancing are worlds apart. It would take much too much time and space to mention all the proponents of lovers rock and appreciation of the music but it was a great era to be courting in. The music did it all for you and the dancing though not appreciated by our stick in the mud parents was oh so sensual.

  3. See Menelik Shabazz interview on US TV -ABC
    Here And Now on Dec. 11, 2011: Part 6