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What if Owen Arthur was a homosexual instead of an adulterer?

Question for Bishop Seale: Why should Owen Arthur’s sin of adultery not be against the law like the sin of buggery?

by Marcus

Bajan opinion columns of late are full of righteous calls to hurl fire and brimstone down upon anyone suggesting that Barbados should remove the offense of buggery from the law. I’ll have to watch for the fire coming from above because a few years ago I decided that the views I’ve held all my life were incorrect. I was wrong. I now believe that our laws against buggery should be repealed.

The latest Bajan public focus on gay rights started with UK Prime Minister Cameron’s call to withhold foreign aid from countries like Barbados that have laws on the books against physical love between men.

After Cameron (and to the horror of righteous Bajans), Hillary Clinton then piled on like a mad woman in rugby scrum and announced that gay rights are human rights.

(On the other hand, Hillary never mentioned the sexual predation of young female interns by older males in positions of power or the abuse of good cigars, but who can blame her?)

To the far North, Canada already knows about homosexual oppression in Barbados because gay Bajans have been trying to claim refugee status in the land of snow for years – and in the USA.

People like Bishop Gerald Seale responded to calls for the legalization of buggery with arguments ranging from GOD SAYS gay love is a sin to HOW DARE Britain tell us what to do because they were involved in slavery. (Barbados Advocate: Dear PM Cameron)

I see a connection between slavery and gay rights, but probably not the one seen by the well-meaning but mistaken Bishop Seale. It is also interesting that folks are outraged about Britain and the USA proposing withholding foreign aid over a human rights issue when they were all for economic sanctions against racist apartheid South Africa.

Ahh… but those sanctions against South Africa were about black people – real human beings – not queers or “slitty-eyed” people as the Duke of Edinburgh once infamously described Chinese.

Queers, slitty-eyed Chinese – aren’t real people worthy of protection. As we’ve said before at BFP, you have to dehumanize people before you can abuse them.

That’s why Barbados supported the right of Iran to hang homosexuals and teenaged girls for having sex – homosexuals and Muslim women aren’t real people worthy of protection.

That’s why Barbados supported the right of Communists in China to slaughter tens of thousands, imprison Christians in slave camps and to kidnap pregnant women off the street, hold them down and force mothers to abort the living children in their wombs.

Human rights abuses against Slitty-eyed Chinese are fine. They are a lesser race, not fully human, so it’s okay. Besides, we need their tourism dollars.

Those Iranian homosexual teens and the Chinese women and their babies in the womb aren’t real people. Not like us. Not real human beings deserving of human rights.

Remove the law against buggery? NO WAY!

Buggery is a sin, don’t you know!

But what about Owen Arthur’s adultery?

What about adultery? Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur is a famous adulterer. I’ve lost count of the wives, mistresses and children. In truth, he’s probably lost count too. There might even be one or two women and children out there that we haven’t heard about yet. But that’s Barbados and don’t say it isn’t so! Continue reading


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