BFP says Merry Christmas to popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab!

Popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab: “Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ most evil of things… worse than fornication, and drinking alcohol and killing someone…”

“You are congratulating them (Christians) on the most evil of shirk (the Muslim sin of idolatry)…”

Hey, Abu? Our family is going to pray for you tonight at dinner. We hope and pray that someday you’ll know the joy of proclaiming Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Abu, to you and your family.



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10 responses to “BFP says Merry Christmas to popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab!

  1. jrjrjrjr

    I know lots of muslim men who frequent brothels. Not a case of do as I say then !!! Hypocritical to say the least

  2. Sebastian

    I wonder what will happen when the Christians and Muslims eventually discover that the God that they worship was invented by the Jews ?

  3. slam d slam

    EXCELLENT question!
    Particularly the “invented-by” bit…..


    Good point.
    Obviously these more-progressive dudes intend to get their share
    without the idiot need to commit suicide “dying for allah”
    and then the remote possibility of having to deal with seventy-two freakin virgins
    -a fate worse than death itself.

  4. The Moore

    I would be interested to hear people points on the following: god is a man made construct. Without man god would not exist and if god did exist what difference would it make and to whom? Just a thought.

    Other musings
    The apocalypse in reality means the lifting of the veil rather like pulling the wool from ones eyes, and the religious nut walking around proclaiming the end of the world is nigh is only appropriate at the gates of a hospice.

    If there is an afterlife the only thing we will take with us is the experience so live your own lives and stop screwing around with others and if people disagree with you be kind and try to find out why.

    So why spread religious intolerance and hatred wrapped up as entertainment and information? In history we see where this leads and we all should know better. Is it appropriate to lead the manipulated with ignorance and fear? The wool is being removed.

    There are so many people believing that they are the chosen one doing god’s work by pointing the finger at the failing of others.Why do they do that god already knows, don’t they trust god? Why do all churches have lightening conductors don’t they trust god. Why do churches carry insurance don’t they trust god?

  5. The Sanctification of Insanity

    Why do people listen to such utter religious morons who spout such intolerance and complete nonsense in order to control others?

    Let them get a real job instead of fomenting hatred for their own sense of power and fake righteousness!

  6. Adam

    it’s evil of shirk not shit…get educated

  7. BFP

    Hi Adam,

    Darned if you aren’t correct after I listened to it another few times. We’ll correct it. Thanks!

  8. 5q35436450-grty/66-g

    eff yuh axe me, de whole of mankind want re-educating
    so dum cud stop foolin duhself about death,afterlife,god,hell,heaven,santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny allah, prophet, profit, barbados shipping and trading and any number of other silly things.

  9. Sebastian

    Ya en lie !

  10. Anonymous

    erm…..popular?? really?