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BFP says Merry Christmas to popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab!

Popular Islamic scholar Abu Mussab: “Saying ‘Merry Christmas’ most evil of things… worse than fornication, and drinking alcohol and killing someone…”

“You are congratulating them (Christians) on the most evil of shirk (the Muslim sin of idolatry)…”

Hey, Abu? Our family is going to pray for you tonight at dinner. We hope and pray that someday you’ll know the joy of proclaiming Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Abu, to you and your family.



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Repeat visitor has “a blast” in Barbados, offers suggestions

Barbados needs lots of middle-of-the-road tourists

by Netta 1465

Niche markets are all well and fine but the super-rich are not going to keep an entire island afloat. For tourism to flourish, Barbados needs middle of the road tourists and lots of them. The type of people who come often and talk it up with their middle of the road friends.

Other islands have what they are known for. Right now, even though I think (I am biased) that Barbados is hands down the best island in the Caribbean, only people who have been here actually know this. Gotta sell it to regular folks who spend US$2-3,000 on a 4 night all inclusive locked up on a prison resort in Jamaica.

I think Barbados needs to open up itself to more mass tourism and not concentrate on the small small market of people who can afford to vacation a different place every other month. These people, when they come, will spend many $$ on grand lodging but because they can, they will not come often enough to keep any island afloat.

I still say reign in the taxation and spend some money on the smaller hotels and restaurant’s and getting the word out that Barbados is another island with great beaches for the day and loads of nightlife only much classier than Cancun.

Condos and their lesser cousins, timeshares, will wreck the economy of your island because too much property will sit empty. All-inclusives are also devil’s work to an island’s economy.

I believe Barbados’ smaller lodging options and intimate, local-owned eateries are what vacationers would fall in love with and return over and over and over again.

Short story: I came in May, 2009. I had a blast. Small hotel, small restaurants, great nightlife and beautiful beaches. That was the extent of my visit. To date, I have been back to Barbados 6 times since May, 2009. The intimacy of the island is what I can’t get enough of. I feel like I am home when my plane lands. I have at least two trips planned for 2012. I can’t stand the thought of an all-inclusive or a large resort. Who needs them?

That is what Barbados wants and needs. Get the little guy and get him hooked. . . . He will come, come often and bring loads of friends and family.

Taxation in Barbados is way over the top.  Continue reading


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