Question for a Green Monkey… about sovereign debts

Trying to explain the unexplainable!

I wonder if Green Monkey is aware of any of sovereign debts being used that would apply to Barbados and Trinidad Sovereign debt and if so which Banks would be fronting these Sovereign swaps and for how much?

If the answer is yes, this could explain a lot of things which remain unexplainable!


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  1. Green Monkey

    This Green Monkey doesn’t have any inside info on any of this stuff. By “Sovereign Swaps” are you referring to Credit Default Swaps? As explained here:

    Financial institutions enter into contracts called credit default swaps (CDS) that result in payment or receipt of funds should default occur on a particular debt instrument or security, such as a government bond. Since multiple CDS can be purchased on the same security, the value of money changing hands can be many times larger than the amount of debt itself. It is unclear what exposure each country’s banking system has to CDS, which creates another type of uncertainty.[21]

    This sounds like if you could take out fire insurance on your $200,000 house with 5 different insurance companies and then when the house burns down collect a cool $1,000,000. Such a scheme would be illegal when you’re dealing with house insurance, but apparently not so when you are insuring sovereign debt.

  2. Weapons of Mass Destruction

    These CDS seem to be part and parcel of the unregulated derivatives market which Warren Buffet described many years ago as Weapons of Mass Destruction and a giant casino game.

    While we may never know for sure, if Trinidad and Barbados Sovereign debt were used in these fraudulent CDS transactions, then the horror of these international Bank scams are raised to a new level.If so did any of the Barbadian banks or government participate in these CDS paper transactions?

    A Barbadian fruit and vegetable seller has more credit worthiness than the government of Barbados. Barbadians have to live within their means unlike government which is accountable to no one, least of all the voters

    The Keiser reports are a breath of fresh air but even so parts of their video feed seem to disappear from time to time such as the last episode 221 ( )

  3. Alternative

    try You Tube Keiser report 221