Kid Nepro broadcasts Christmas to the world

Long time readers know that I, Cliverton, once went to school in Ohio. I am reminded of one brutal winter where I stayed indoors for three months and relied upon my girlfriend to bring the necessities to the dorm. She smuggled in the rum and herself. What a girl! She’s probably respectably married with children by now and good for her.

She loved to skate but I couldn’t do so much as stand up on the ice for more than a few seconds. That’s probably why we didn’t work out. 😉

My memories of freezing in the dorm were triggered by receiving Steve Proto’s Christmas YouTube broadcast. Steve is a professional musician and producer who moved to Barbados from New York City ten years ago. He works with local talent on a volunteer basis and as Marcus said of him in a 2006 post It is always inspiring to see somebody helping others from the simple goodness of their heart.

Merry Christmas to you too, Kid Nepro!

Some Kid Nepro links… (kid nepro homepage) (blog and podcast)


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