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Testimony in New York: American Airlines Barbados flight “primary drug-ferrying route”

American Airlines Flight 1384, the “Cocaine Express”

Who are Victor Bourne’s “criminal connections” in Barbados?

This probably explains why the US Attorney General Eric Holder and a host of other US law enforcement personnel started invading our island in Summer of 2010. Many are still here. They try and act like tourists at Oistins but they stand out like sore thumbs…

Much of the action at Kennedy was centered on American Airlines flights from some warm-weather location, and the primary drug-ferrying route was Flight 1384, a daily flight from Barbados, which for much of the year arrives after dark.

Bourne, a native of Barbados who prosecutors say had criminal connections there, bought cocaine in bulk and arranged for baggage handlers in Barbados to hide it on New York-bound planes, several American Airlines employees testified.

On Boeing 757s, the Barbadian handlers hid the bricks of cocaine among loose bags and freight. On larger 767s, they stowed the drugs in giant containers that were filled with luggage at the terminal and then loaded onto the planes. On Airbus A300s, they found hidden spaces behind the wall and ceiling panels in the cargo hold.

from the San Antonio news article Airline baggage ripe for rifling, and smuggling

Authorities seized US$300 million dollars in profits!

For more background, check out our October 17, 2010 post: Breaking News: Barbadian Victor Bourne, mother Maria Alleyne Bourne, charged in massive cocaine smuggling via American Airlines


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Continued mismanagement of CLICO – CL Financial “devastating” to policy holders

Policy holders: Your Country Needs You

by David Walker of Santa Rosa Team

  • The realities of the “offer” are not as described by the Minister and others.
  • Once you sign, you have given up all rights, even if they don’t honour the stated terms.
  • The “offer” is open until June 2012, so only your financial circumstances should force you to sign now.

While the happenings at CLICO and CL Financial have already had a devastating effect on your lives, it pains me to say that the continued mismanagement of the companies is about to hit you even harder. Like every other taxpayer and citizen, you will suffer from both the immediate financial impact, and the long term destruction of our investment and business climate. And YOU are the only ones standing in the way of the impending catastrophe.

“When a nation abandons the rule of law, when there is no attempt at regulatory oversight, when accountability and transparency are non-existent, and when any pretense of equity is openly shunned by authority, the inevitable result will be economic decline.

Who would invest in a country where you cannot enforce contracts against a company? Who would leave their money in companies that do not offer audited statements for over five years, with evident impunity? The answer is obvious.”

Recently, the authorities took legal action against directors of e-Teck for failures far less severe and with much milder consequences than what happened at CLICO/CLF. No authority has seen it fit to take similar action against the directors of CLICO/CLF. The nation needs to cleanse itself of these heinous acts. YOU are the only ones who will take the necessary action against both former and present directors of CLICO/CLF.

The Regulators failed disastrously at CLICO/CLF. Rather than punishment and condemnation, they have been handed the reins at CLICO.

There is now no Regulator at CLICO as a result. The ills that the Regulator identified as causes of the collapse have been continued, even accelerated under his stewardship. We still see interlocking directorships and related party transactions at the expense of policyholders. Only YOU and your actions can force the Governor of the Central Bank to honour his role as Regulator, and look after the interests of policyholders. Continue reading


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Kid Nepro broadcasts Christmas to the world

Long time readers know that I, Cliverton, once went to school in Ohio. I am reminded of one brutal winter where I stayed indoors for three months and relied upon my girlfriend to bring the necessities to the dorm. She smuggled in the rum and herself. What a girl! She’s probably respectably married with children by now and good for her.

She loved to skate but I couldn’t do so much as stand up on the ice for more than a few seconds. That’s probably why we didn’t work out. 😉

My memories of freezing in the dorm were triggered by receiving Steve Proto’s Christmas YouTube broadcast. Steve is a professional musician and producer who moved to Barbados from New York City ten years ago. He works with local talent on a volunteer basis and as Marcus said of him in a 2006 post It is always inspiring to see somebody helping others from the simple goodness of their heart.

Merry Christmas to you too, Kid Nepro!

Some Kid Nepro links…

http://www.kidnepro.com (kid nepro homepage)

http://www.kidnepro.com/blog (blog and podcast)

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Barbados Tourism needs more than hype

Worth repeating…

“This is again more management of our tourism assets by hype, rather than by focusing on the quality of the tourism assets themselves. Barbados needs the hype, but we desperately need tourism management and a government that realize our product is falling short of what it used to be. Our tourism industry long ago forgot that it is better to have repeat customers who return year after year for the quality, than to spend our resources continually chasing new business for one trip to Barbados.”

BFP’s Nevermind Kurt talks about Rihanna as Tourism Ambassador


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