Four years ago, DLP Communications Director said THIS about Integrity Legislation

Reudon Eversley’s message to Barbados Free Press

March 8, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Reudon Eversley’s assurances on March 8, 2008

In response to the issues you raised (about the lack of follow-through on the DLP’s promised Integrity and Freedom of Information laws), let me say I believe Prime Minister David Thompson is most sincere about honouring the promises that were made during the last election. I have had no reason to doubt Mr Thompson in the past and he has given me no reason to do so now.

As I said in a previous intervention, Rome was not built in a day. PM Thompson may not be moving with the speed that you would like but, having known him for many years, I can tell you he is a man of honour and integrity and will keep his word.

He has been exceptionally busy since the election addressing a lot of the problems left by the former “highly competent” BLP government. As I have spent considerable time away from Barbados since the election, I am not fully up to date on where the administration is on the issues in question but rest assured you will be informed in due course.

Reudon: What do you and the DLP have to say now about your promised Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information?


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7 responses to “Four years ago, DLP Communications Director said THIS about Integrity Legislation

  1. just want to know

    David Thompson is dead and so is The integrity legislation. The only thing the last administration did wrong was to leave 2.3 billion dollars surplus in the Central Bank to be squandered by the present administration.

  2. ZORRO

    This will never happen Bees or Dees all rotten to the core. It is alledged that the Elite (LP,PT, SI, AM, SH, KS, BB, RW, CW, etc..) is controlling everything with help of greasemen (AN, DL,…etc…).
    The only diffrence is that the Bees are more competent.


  3. interesting

    okay Zorro

    in the interests of saving the poor people ( all Barbadians except the elite )
    please advise who the initials belong to and how they fit in the scheme of corrupting the system?

    one who wants to know

  4. Alice in Dreadland


    I am with you in wanting to know who these elites are. Heck for all I know Zorro could be talking about me as one of those initials matches my own (it would be the first time that anybody ever linked me to ‘elites’ but who knows!)…Call the names Zorro.

  5. 127

    Just like the breathalyser issue
    this.ll never happen here.
    Pols see no real need for it, and knowing (like I done figure out decades ago!)
    that Bajans will put up with amazing amounts of crapola and yet do nothing substantial about it
    (beyond the usual grumbling and throwing dust in the air) -why should they?

    All will boil down nicely like a good callallou!
    Give ANY issue on this tiny rock two weeks and it done -it dead.


  6. Reudon is on Study Leave, Freundel makes Silent Cal look effusive and CBC at war with itself (in the open) – you really feel anyone who COULD do something about FOI gives a flip flang doodle?

  7. Newbie

    Boycott all elections and let them (THE ELITES) fight with each other for supremacy. It does not seem to matter who is in power the Corruption is already ingrained in the system. 30 years plus (I was told by BARBADOS BUILDING STANDARDS AUTHORITY) working on building legislation and still no CONCRETE LAWS (pardon the pun). My advice to any young students out there, become a Lawyer or a Politician (whats the difference in Barbados?) you can’t go wrong as long as you jump on the band wagon and treat everyone except family like they are insignificant bothersome pest.
    I would also like to know who those initials belong to.
    Does F. Stuart have the same honour and integrity that DT supposedly had and will he keep his party’s word? We may find out in another 30 years. When a nasty issue raises it head here in Barbados the bulk of the population are like RABBITS IN HEADLIGHTS, stand still, do nothing and hope to not get RUNOVER.