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Four years ago, DLP Communications Director said THIS about Integrity Legislation

Reudon Eversley’s message to Barbados Free Press

March 8, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Reudon Eversley’s assurances on March 8, 2008

In response to the issues you raised (about the lack of follow-through on the DLP’s promised Integrity and Freedom of Information laws), let me say I believe Prime Minister David Thompson is most sincere about honouring the promises that were made during the last election. I have had no reason to doubt Mr Thompson in the past and he has given me no reason to do so now.

As I said in a previous intervention, Rome was not built in a day. PM Thompson may not be moving with the speed that you would like but, having known him for many years, I can tell you he is a man of honour and integrity and will keep his word.

He has been exceptionally busy since the election addressing a lot of the problems left by the former “highly competent” BLP government. As I have spent considerable time away from Barbados since the election, I am not fully up to date on where the administration is on the issues in question but rest assured you will be informed in due course.

Reudon: What do you and the DLP have to say now about your promised Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information?


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