Barbados Police Officer wanted for rape fled island

Missing police officer not on Barbados Most Wanted List

No International Alert issued! Why not?

by WSD

While researching the death of Curtis Callender last week in custody of the Barbados Police, I came across a column in Sunday’s Jamaica Observer reporting that a third police officer fled Barbados in the “Immigration Rape” case that saw two Barbados Police officers charged earlier this year.

The “Immigration Rape” case is unusual because one of the police officers is a female who is alleged to have assisted in the rape. According to the Nation News at the time, Jonathon Birchmore Richard Barrow, 32, of Pasture Road, Haggatt Hall, St Michael, and Melanie Shantelle Lakeisha Denny, 25, of Golden Mile, St Peter, are the two police officers charged. (photos above)

Somehow at the time I missed the news that a third police officer fled Barbados. I couldn’t find anything about the third police officer in the Barbados news media from the time, and I don’t see any police officers on the Barbados “Most Wanted” list. A friend of a friend says the Barbados police didn’t put out an arrest warrant for the missing police officer. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I can’t find anything about the officer.

Why isn’t the missing Barbados Police Officer on the ‘Most Wanted’ list?

Why isn’t there an international alert? Could it be that the Barbados Police don’t want to arrest their fellow officer? Who is he?

How about it, BFP readers… Did you hear about the third officer leaving the island? Does anyone know his name? Why is the man not on the Most Wanted list?

Here is the passage in the Jamaica Observer that alerted me to the missing Barbados police officer who fled the country…

The media also highlighted the case of Shanique Myrie, who was indecently violated in Barbados and another Jamaican woman, who although nabbed with contraband at the Grantley Adams Airport, was allegedly raped and sexually violated while incarcerated in that country.

These stories threw the spotlight on the way Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals are treated in that sister Caricom country and have forced the Barbadian authorities to act while the world has taken notice of the violations.

In the case of the alleged rape, two Barbadian police officers were arrested and charged and a third has fled that island.

From Observer Online News Editor Karyl Walker’s presentation to this year’s National Journalism Awards ceremony in Kingston, Jamaica

Photo of Barbados Police courtesy of The Nation / Heather-Lynn Evanson


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7 responses to “Barbados Police Officer wanted for rape fled island

  1. Sayed

    You are misinformed and dumb and silly for posting this crap, I know it’s a blog but have some standards and scruples. There were three people of interest, the third was cleared of wrong doing and the other two were charged.

    Theres no escaped third police.

  2. RLL

    Sayed ddidn’t read this story very well. It is the Jamaica Observer that says one police fled the island.

    Where is the information in the press that they third officer was “cleared” as Mr. Sayed says so? Why did the Jamaican journalist say that the officer fled the island?

    Just once I wish the authorities would be up front with the public. Mr. Sayed, please post the sources for your claim.

  3. Anonymous

    I dint rape she -I only help to hold she down fuh de res to ‘mek some sport’ wid she

  4. Seeker

    Sayed seems to rush a lot…take some time, boy! You’re not dead yet…why the rush?

  5. Sayed

    Yes the jamaica observer is very credible…

  6. what did jesus say about throwing stones

    wait so police officers does rape in barbados and get away with it? i thought it was a christian society where women had nuff rights.
    nothing that bfp does be talking bout on this blog correlates with a christian barbadian society that de same blp always on about.

    bunch of contradictory small minded fools.

  7. to right the wrong

    I more want to know bout the man that pelt gasoline pon e’ wife an went to she work place an share some licks for all holetown to see, he got an arrest warrant out for he an he supposed to left the island an come back a few weeks ago an ent get arrested at the airport on return, how wrong can you be with a restraining order issued to keep away from your wife and how bold can you get pulling this act just a stones throw from the police station.