Everything prospective tourists need to know about Dubai sanitation

I’d rather visit Barbados, thank you!

“It’s amazing to understand. They have the biggest mall in the world and the most modern rapid transit system fully automated, one of the largest office towers in the world and no sewer structure. C’est incredible !”

BFP reader comments on the video

Dubai doesn’t have sanitation infrastructure. All buildings including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, collect their sewage in tanks. Trucks come and haul it away to the sole sewage treatment plant.

Each truck has a 10,000 gallon capacity, but the quicker they can unload, the quicker they can return for another load of poop. With the lineup for legal unloading being hundreds of trucks waiting three or four days, many drivers dump into the storm drains (that go into the ocean) or in the dunes (pushing the poop into the water table).

Going swimming or scuba diving in the Dubai ocean front? Heh heh… make sure all your shots are up to date and keep that mask on all the time. Better yet, don’t go into the ocean. Tourists are warned about typhoid and hepatitis if swimming on Dubai beaches.

Wikipedia: Sanitation in Dubai

(Thanks to an old friend for this tip. Who’d have thought?)


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11 responses to “Everything prospective tourists need to know about Dubai sanitation

  1. X

    without a west coast sewage project where does all the human excrement from the houses in sunset crest, and all the neighborhoods up to highway 2A go?

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Unbelievable. With all that money and this is the best they can do?
    I wonder who is Number 1 in the Number 2 business in Dubai.

  3. The West Coast project will make the S.Coast project look like a picnic!

    Dear X
    I’m sure if we had Dubai money we woulda had a West Coast sewerage system by now.

    But consider the horrors and disruption the SOUTH coast suffered when the S.Coast sewer system was being laid down, a few yrs. ago.

    Ah yes it was not cute,
    but at least traffic could be re-routed along the several coast-parallel roads along its length (Dayrells Rd., Golf Club Rd. etc)

    Where are the like parallel roads along the West Coast?
    There is only one -and its name is Hiway 2A -it’s about 2 miles inland.
    Can you say HUUUGE traffic disruption?
    Can’t help but feel this is a major sore point re. logictics…
    (not to mention the negative-millions just waiting in the Treasury!)

    You don’t wanna be living anywhere Up North when the West Coast Sewer Project gets going.
    I went thru the one on the South -it wasn’t easy…

  4. X

    I didn’t ask anything about traffic

  5. The West

    I know.

    I decided to tell you.

  6. Talking about Hwy 2A and sewage, is there any update on the status of the driver of the septic tanker which took out a utility pole and landed on the playing field of the Gordon Greenidge School in Rock Dundo, St. James last week?

  7. The Gardener

    To the above post….. Yeah, he’s in deep shit !

  8. LoveUAE

    If this was such a big problem then why on earth is 90% of the population in Dubai are foreigners?!!
    Most importantly all their engineers are Americans and British, hence the issue above is now understandable

  9. Your information is wrong and out of date. Please check the details in the wiki page you link to above and revise your entry. There is more information here:


  10. Complete Rubbish ! As Danni says, this info is completely out of date !

    In 2009, due to the massive influx of itinerant workers to the industrial city

    there was a brief period where the capacity of treatment plants did not cope.

    ( only 7 percent of Dubai population is Emiraati, the rest being made up of

    Indian construction workers, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and North Africans)

    The Al Awir and Jebel Ali are state of the art treatment plants which have

    more than adequate capacity!

    You do the American construction companies a disservice by suggesting

    they might build trillions of dollars worth of building projects without the

    necessary infrastructure!

  11. Smelly

    They water all the nice green lush vegetation, with shit! That’s 100% true my brother has lived there for 30 Years/