Oistins: Death in police custody?

CONFIRMED: 30 year old Curtis Callender is the latest to die in police custody.

The Nation newspaper is describing the death as “unnatural”. Well, there’s lots ’bout hey who would call Mr. Callender’s death the most natural thing in Barbados. You don’t want to be arrested for drugs and taken to Oistins drug interview room. No, sir… that’s one place you don’t want to be.

Don’t worry though: the death is being investigated by the Royal Barbados Police Force, so we’re sure to get the truth. (cough, cough) Don’t forget, the RBPF investigates itself all the time and it works out just fine, so fine, fine, fine…

Original Story first published December 2, 2011 @ 3:58am…

No confirmation on this yet folks, so take it with a grain of salt until we have more information. We’re posting it because a few little birdies told us and we know “we” have a problem with unexplained deaths in police custody, unarmed persons shot in the back of the head etc etc etc…

Hello Barbados Free Press,

Apologies for the anonymity, but you know how it is.

I have it on good authority that a man was found dead in the Drug “interview” room at Oistins Police Station yesterday.

Obviously this is not going to make it into the national press – but, seriously, when are the police here going to be held accountable for their actions.  

I have heard quite a bit about their “interview” methods….. seems to be common knowledge – when will they be exposed???


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  1. Actually there was an item as a slim, vertical tower on Pg 3 of Nation – Wed or Thu promising an investigation, the family said the victim was a good man… Have you ever heard when a person was a wicked brute and deserved the blows or articulated interrogation he got? Even the (in)famous Tone had sympathisers I think?

  2. 146

    what a shame yet another man killed at the hands of the police.

  3. yatinkiteasy

    Tonton Maquotes!

  4. The writer asked, ” when are the police here going to be held accountable for their actions.” One respondent intimated that’s ok to have extrajudicial punishment carried out by the cops so long as you are a wicked brute.
    In a society where most of the population thinks like this, isn’t a wonder why more of you aren’t dead at the hands of cops and still no one is held accountable. It’s this same attitude from the populace that has allowed the
    DLP/BLP to fuh cup on that transparency legislation.

  5. ‘One respondent’? Call my name, and be accurate, I never hinted it’s ok for “extrajudicial punishment” is ok if you are suspected guilty, I merely made a commentary how everyone in these situations appears good no matter what… But I do think I am wrong, I believe there was a priest who at the graveside here in Barbados who once gave a eulogy as to what an SOB the deceased was? I may be wrong and according to “Whitehill” I am indeed?

  6. Anonymous

    What happened to CC will not go unpunished. I am going to see that heads will roll in this case. I saw CC alive and well 1 DEC 2011. Within 6 hours the man died while in police custody. An independent inquiry into his death needs to be performed. I will make sure that that CC international human rights were not violated. Our public officials Freundel Stuart, Elliot Belgrave and the Queen of England are accountable for actions or inactions of the Royal Barbados Police Force. Barbados the world is watching. I respectfully request that the above mentioned public officials seek the truth about Curtis
    Chandler’s death and appropriate action be taken.

  7. The Queen of England

    How I get in wunnuh bidness again,den?


    Comment from on High:

    “I will make sure that that CC international human rights were not violated.”
    Sir! I rather think that CC’s human rights were royally abused!
    -that is why he is now dead, Sir.

    I personally detest such abhorent acts of undemocratic barbarism
    but alas that’s life in the Colonies, innit?
    That’s why we gave you lot your freedom.


    Lizzy R.

  8. Sayed

    Contrary to your world is watching, no one is watching compared to other world events.

    There are probably more watching how many people are robbed raped and killed each year at the hands of criminals and receive light sentences. Law abiding citizens do not fear the police.

    I bet CC had a record as long as my table.

  9. 32535834/24346-C66

    I too am willing to bet that CC had a record as long as my table!

  10. They came for CC and I did not speak out because, I had no criminal records. Then, they came for those we were willing to bet that CC had a criminal record as long as their table.

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  12. Sayed

    Yeah I remember that one, that was written by a criminal too.

    They’ll say anything and do anything to avoid capture and successful prosecution. Quite warm and fluffy cuddly feeling your quote gives.

    The fact is CC has probably made so many lives so miserable as a result of his numerous crimes, and inflicted so much trauma that he deserved his fate.

    I bet you wouldn’t have a bleeding heart if someone had died in police custody if they had raped your mother.

    If the shoe fits wear it. Until you’ve been a victim of a serious horrible crime, you will never know what it’s like.

    May CC contribute more in his after life than he ever did in this life.

  13. Nostradamus

    What about if the police thought you had raped someone’s mother and you died in custody? How would your family feel?

  14. CCmudder

    I glad iz RH dat CC dead. he never did nuh nuse!

  15. Seeker


    And Nostradamus is always on the ball with reasoning…point!

  16. Regardless of HOW LONG his record was, this does not justify him being killed, if that is indeed what happened. Extremely intelligent people…if his record was indeed “as long as your table”, wouldn’t he then be put in jail to serve time for whatever crimes he committed. Are you trying to say that criminals deserve to be killed. Especially in a society that breeds more criminals. How sick can you be?

  17. Anonymous

    Isn’t there a judicial process where a person has a trial and then sentenced to prison. Even if his record is as long as the road from St. Lucy to St .Phillip everyone has the basic right to life.

  18. Anonymous

    What about the persons who had no records at all and yet died whilst in the presence of police.

  19. @ Sayed, by your name i speculate that you commit islam, if so you are grossly violating the teachings of the Messenger (SAW). if you were a victim of violence, pronounce your dislike to those who offend you. A life is precious be the person good or bad in whos eyes. The crust of the matter here is about persons dying in Police custody. Clearly all Corporate Ward State Security Officers known as police are not violaters, however, we have to address those of them who are. A member of your family Mr. Sayed can become a victim of such, and you would be quick to say how good your family was, maybe that family memeber would have violated someone you know nothing about, becareful. If you do not commit islam, this statement still applies to you.

    Now, to the person who is CCMUDDAH. How disrespectfull you are, have you considered his young children that are fatherless or, are you among the grossly self centered.

    My name is Shammua Mekonnen, target me at truthorganization1027@gmail.com

  20. neversaynever2007

    It is widely held that a country has the police force it deserves, and much has been written in support of this argument, ie that the police, like laws, reflect the nature of the society which they serve. Whether this is true in the case of Barbados…..I’m not so sure……I believe, rather, the problem lies with the history of the force and how it evolved. Barbados’ police doctrine emerged during colonialism when it was created as a military-style oppressive force. Not much has changed, not will it, until people, in numbers, voice their concerns.

  21. Sayed

    Barbados is a culture of thieves. Statistics show that apart from drugs, the next crime most committed is burglary, theft and robbery. You can not put anything down anywhere and return and find it.

    I believe there is something called a bandwagon and people love to jump on it, especially when it comes to the Police. The police are not a seperate breed of people with their own agenda. The police appeal to the public for help, for solving crimes committed against the same public. So failing to help them does not hurt the police, it hurts victims.

    I am not saying there should be no investigation, you think really that there wouldn’t be? I am seeing people here jump straight to wrong done conclusions.

    Let me ask you this, there is all this talk of bringing in internetional investigators and the police can’t investigate their own, but as I have seen recently and over the years, a lot of police found doing wrong are suspended or dismissed.

    What other organization can you remember complaining for and you were satisfied that action was taken? When was the last time of all the crap immigration does, customs, and treats people, were any of them ever investigated and dismissed? Never. So I wouldn’t worry about the inability of the police to investigate their own, they seem to weed out the bad ones very good on their own.

  22. equalrights

    noone deserves to die at the hands of the police, good or bad we all have rights. Sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last instance of unnatural deaths whilst in police custody.

  23. brina

    lololol @sayed clearly you are a police, have dealing with a police, or are friends with a police….nevertheless that does not excuse what you are saying, because the police suspect that a person committed a crime does not mean that they actually did :s some people are wrongly accused :s and for you to make it seem like police are “perfect” is ridiculous :s no1 is perfect and because you made a mistake at one point in time in your life does not make it right for a “police” who is to be a symbol of the “law” and one who sets an example for society to brutally kill a person! ppl can change can they not? I am sure that you also have done something wrong in your life that you may not be proud of however thar does not mean that you are a horrible person…however I dont care if that person killed 500 people! as e member of the police force you “should” act with integrity and never allow your emotions to get the better of you :s their are doctors who have to carry out surgery on criminals etc does that mean that because they are criminals they are suppose to just let them die? yes as a member of society you will have your personal feelings on what should be done to a person that is said to have committed a serious and brutal crime but as a police, judge etc you “should” have the mind set to treat every person with respect and “fairly”…..and yes society is not perfect….but that still will never justify a person stating that a person deserved to die at the hands of police….

  24. Posh

    You still didn’t answer his question in your rant, what other organization can you complain for in this island and get satisfaction? Btw CC seems to have died of a brain clot. The police must have new weapons in their arsenal now to cause clots.

    I can imagine someone with his condition, feeling under pressure being arrested for various crimes and his brain clot giving out and bleeding out.

  25. rastaman

    Am not a doctor ,but I am pretty sure a clot can be caused by a beating to the head.

  26. crabbie

    Mr. Bertie Hinds Deputy COP of the Police was in large and in chargew for this is going to continue to happen IF we in this country ever let Bertie Hinds become the COP of Barbados our brother sons fathers uncles cousins are going to get picked up in the night and be beaten and nothing will be explain to us cause we going to hear the dead from natural causes while the necks swell or look as if the was fighting for the lives this is what will happen if he ever get that COP position,by the way is he not at the age for retirement or has that past already somebody check his birth date that kind of policing done with long time and he still letting it continue on his watch cause that man dead when he was in CHARGE. ANSWERS Mr. Bertie Hinds ANSWERS……………………

  27. Climbing the wals

    The police are paid so little its like if you can’t get a better job join the police. We have the police organisation that we paid for: no less and no more. I saw a police officer net fishing near Holetown and I asked him why did he enjoy it he said ‘no. have to eat’

  28. haterofthoseswhoabusethepeople

    December 8, 2011 at 6:01 pm
    “@sayed clearly you are a police, have dealing with a police, or are friends with a police….” what that idiot sayed said was spoken from the mouth of a police i posit. but God alone knows what went wrong and he will bring justice. for all we know he could have been killed because he saw something on a cell phone which would incriminate one of the same police who beat him…u just don’t know.

    December 9, 2011 at 7:08 pm
    seems to have died of a brain clot. The police must have new weapons in their arsenal now to cause clots.” are u a retarded fool? many people who die in police custody die from brain clots. why? because any kind of beating could cause pressure on the brain causing the vessel to burst Jackass. a brain clot is probably the surest evidence that someone body was under intense pressure.


    @SAYED & CCMUDDER: You both are ranting and raving about this young man do you know him personally, well I do. He does not have a record as long as a “table” as you would like to believe, he got in trouble with the law when he was a teenager since then he has been living an exemplary life. He has 3 children from 1 woman, he was dedicated and loyal to his family and fiends, he used to hang out with a cousin that is his life in a nutshell. However most of us “perfect” people only get vex with someone when they someone sins different than us. You both are sinners we can see that, God knows and sees all things and there is no little sin or big sin to Him. We should right now ask for justice for this man.I do not believe he will get it from the Law since whenever someone dies in police custody it some how ends up being natural causes. But this is a message to the policemen who kill these people and BELIEVE that they got away with it, and also for those of you who believe that the police have a right to kill these “criminals” VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYS GOD. you will never get away from God’s law court, you and your family will certainly pay from the crime, even if you were not part of it bt definietly condone it you will also pay for that, you and your children and your children’s children, no doubts about that.

  30. haterofthoseswhoabusethepeople

    stop ranting and raving like a madman. leave it to God. your are emotional ’cause u knew ok, we understand that. and you are correct, people only become vex when it’s their blood or someone they knew. but those same people are also ready to determine whom God can or will forgive. God sees all. nothing on these blogs will change his fate, nothing also will cause any police in barbados to say ‘yes, we killed him’. you should know that by now, Ask God for comfort and leave Him to do his task.

  31. Anonymous

    I believe in God the most high. We can not have a society were we leave everything up to God. God also directed us to form laws and the judicial system. We have to move ahead from that thinking that God will help us when ever our public officials fail us. There must be a way where we can get rid of all the cancers within the RBPF. Dottin must go.

  32. gee

    I love Barbados, but think it it should have a body of citizens totally independant from the RBPF who investigate accusations of police brutality against the police and deaths in custody. Regardless of a suspects criminal record they should be dealt with within the boundaries of the law, police brutality is a crime in the UK, and an idependant panel investigate all allegations not police officers.I think it is common knowledge that some barbadian police officers use unecessary force and violence when dealing with suspects, Barbadian citizens should not accept this and the goverment should be held accountable. speak up Barbarbadians you elect goverments.

  33. unseen eye

    what goes around certainly comes around

  34. makiala

    for real what goes around certainly comes around whatever you do returns to you seven fold , you bless your get blessing you curse unjustly you get curse Elohim is just
    makiala from unseen eye

  35. makiala

    In my vision there was a small man like HIM statue but his face was not clear like it was covered in a mist, he was riding on a white horse on the water towards the east the islands covered in water seemed to follow after him but only the first one had some land mass top the to the rest were island tops just fallen trees floating in the water that covered the islands. I awoke , hmmmm what a strange vision.
    I am not saying anymore just that something serious seems ahead.

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  37. Anonymous

    I cannot believe some of the remarks above, so haneous. Barbados is a democratic country not communist and therefore must have human rights laws. I no longer live in Barbados but i love my country and has always love the fact i had a voice. To read some of the igorance above, truly angers me. Wake-up. we are not in Africa and the fact that some of you seems to buy into the stupid idea of “Third World Country” is more appauling. What happened to the country! Barbados, stood in world with the number 1 in literacy. I do believe in the death penalty but when a person is taken into police custody to be questioned for whatever reasons, that person should not be dead in the police custody. Barbados needs to get itself together and don’t fall into the recklessness I have read about in other country. We are known for our humble ways and the fact that we can manage our country without fear. The police is not god, so therefore they cannot be given the green to kill anyone they think is a criminal that’s why we have courts. We all may dislike an outcome of case before the courts but we must move on and make better laws to ensure it doesn’t happened again. My advice to the family is to contact the world organisation should the police officer(s) is not brought to justice. No Barbadian should be afraid of the police. Too many people died so that Barbados coudl become it’s own country and makes it own rules without slavery or precudice. BARBADIAN WAIT UP AND STOP THIS GARBAGE. I also must add that there’s one person continue to justify the actions of the police. Sir, you cannot justify a beating or killing of an unarm man no matter his criminal background. When Rodney King was beaten did you believe the white officers was correct(I bet you didn’t). I just watch on CNN a black lady walking a high in L.A. and a white-officer stop her and just pound the crap out of this lady and i can bet you didn’t that’s was right. So how in the world you can justify a Bajan Police killing unarm citizens (this is black on Black crime, we have no place in the world for this.) COME ON.
    If the person is not being paid enough or not up to standard then the police themselves should take this to their board or union, whichever they have to represent them, what on earth does this have to do with killing a citizen. PLEASE!