Owen Arthur’s legacy of High Debt killing Barbados.

Contributed by an anonymous DLP supporter

As Barbados celebrates its 45th birthday of Independence, it is clear that Owen Arthur’s legacy of high debt, accumulated during times of plenty – is now killing our country. That explains why the announcement from the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) that he (Opposition Leader Owen Arthur) would have been addressing its luncheon on November 24th – became “big new” and for a number of reasons. That announcement was coming less than a month after Owen Arthur had spoken at his Party’s Annual Conference.

Pray tell: what new or important could he possibly have had to say?

Secondly, given the topic he was expected to speak on, it would have been bizarre, to say the least, for a man who was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Barbados for fourteen years, to be now talking about “change” or the need to implement anything, especially when he would have had more than amply time and more time than anybody else in the history of this country, to restructure the Barbados economy; find new economic sectors as well as a new development model – but did not.

Thirdly, his address was coming within days of what would be his Independence Address but since Mia Mottley (as a former Opposition Leader) would have significantly raised the bar, as regards, presentations by BLP politicians at such BCCI luncheons (September 29th 2010 being the new standard) it was foreseeable that Owen Arthur would have been under tremendous pressure to even come close, far less – better Mia Mottley’s performance, which for him, would have been: “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!”

This is significant because, after he and his “gang of 5″ had ousted her, it would be only reasonable for Barbadians to expect much better or even better! Unfortunately, it just is not happening, simply because it is not possible! Owen Arthur spoke for a considerable amount of time at that BCCI luncheon but by the end of his presentation – those looking for freshness or credible ideas how the country would advance under him – got absolutely nothing, except Arthur again telling the DLP to cut and impose austerity on Barbadians.

At the end of his “warm-over-cold-soup-talk,” local academics were not impressed, neither were Talk Show Hosts. But they were when Mia Mottley spoke and they said so publicly! No Senior Reporter from the London Times was impressed when Owen Arthur spoke, either! Frankly, there has simply been no buzz, as was the case when Mia Mottley addressed the BCCI.

Whether you are on-board the Owen Arthur geriatric brigade or the George Payne gravy-train, it is not difficult to notice that the BLP veered off-course some time ago and has since come to an abrupt halt. In August this year, Owen Arthur promised public meetings that ought to have started in September but have not. He had earlier, officially launched the BLP’s general election campaign but that too has been a false start. One can therefore expect a re-launch of the launch because the alleged launch – never got off the ground. What could it be that he wants to say, that CBC is preventing him?

Since becoming Leader of the Opposition, Owen Arthur has been using that position to encourage the Freundel Stuart administration to introduce austerity measures and impose pain on Barbadians. He has suggested to the DLP that it should cause Barbadians to pay for health care, to even telling the DLP that it is spending too much on poor people. But week-after-week, Arthur keeps getting it wrong.

Owen Arthur does not bother to go to Parliament now!

He tables no Resolutions, he does not ask any Parliamentary Questions and yet he plays the role of victim (which he does well) by blaming CBC for not letting the public hear him speak. However, the high-point of his recent speech to the BCCI’s Luncheon was that the NIS Board should not invest the savings of Barbadian in Barbados to build productive capacity at Four Seasons. But no sooner had he said that than respected Ratings Agency, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) stated publicly that investing NIS Funds in that project is a good idea for the economy.

Once again, Owen Arthur has found himself on the wrong side if the fence. But for him, this is the norm! He is against football, which he labels: “a distraction.” Yet the Stadium is packed nightly with paying patrons. He said Mara was “an affront” but she got the most votes ever, in any Barbadian political election. Owen Arthur is a very lonely man who is bored with himself.

All over the world, there is overwhelming evidence that the gold or first-place, sometimes goes to the less deserving contestant. Mia Mottley, as former Leader of the Opposition – is therefore a constant reminder to Barbados Labour Party supporters that – banking on a 3% swing to topple the DLP will not be enough, hence they must not settle for less than the gold, especially when (WITH MIA MOTTLEY) much better is possible; much better has been placed on the table for national discussion and Barbados can be a winner!

How can the man who ran-up millions in debt during times of plenty, be now calling on the DLP, in the worst recession in our life-time, to reduce his debt?

Call us “wild boys!” Allege that we “do not know what we are doing” but we will not send home Barbadians from the Public Service, neither will we cut spending on poor people.


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15 responses to “Owen Arthur’s legacy of High Debt killing Barbados.

  1. what will they think of next

    The Barbados Labour Party and its leader has no shame at all.

  2. watcher

    While excessive debt iis not a good thing the decline is advanced by

    -the Clico mess
    -lack of integrity legislation
    -excessive taxes
    -tired tourism product
    -too many cars
    -fixed currency

    ….and competitors who recognize the above and are taking advantage of it by taking away tourists.

  3. Newbie

    Is it only high debt that is killing Barbados, I don’t think so. The whole place stinks of CORRUPTION and that is what is killing Barbados. We the unworthy are breaking our backs to make a living while the politicians and the courts sit back and let anyone with the right MONETARY GIFT rape the country and its people, then get on a plane and FLY HOME!!

  4. what will they think of next

    Don’t forget only two days ago the world corruption index has Barbados as the least corrupt in the entire Caribbean, so wheel and come again Newbie!

  5. Papa

    Barbados the least corrupt place??? That is a big joke!!! Just look at how the Tenders are processed !!! Everything is secret!!! There is no public opening so you will never know what is what?? And the institutions do not even let you know when you have not been awarded and if ever you call to ask a question no one can give you an answer!!! Just have a look at the trucks, the equipment, the buses etc… The government is buying and you should start to understand!!! The whole place is completely corrupted and sadly it is a fact!!!

  6. Wily Coyote

    @ what will they think of next

    “Barbados is the least corrupt in the entire Caribbean” TRUE STATEMENT however this just means it’s less corrupt than St Kitts/Nevis, Turks & Caicos, Trinidad and numerous other Caribbean countries. A murder of 5 people is less murderous than one who killed 6 people, she’s only slightly pregnant, a rotten apple is a rotten apple and the whole bunch eventually goes rotten.

  7. Wily Coyote

    The author of the article has obvious stated political associations, however he/she does point out a numerous creditable facts.
    The following statement “Standard & Poor’s (S&P) stated publicly that investing NIS Funds in that project is a good idea for the economy.” I have some concern about the authors take on this. S&P did not in fact say they supported NIS investment in the Four Seasons project, but were saying that government investments in appropriate infrastructure projects that promoted economical stability for the country would be a means to get the Barbadian economy back on track.

  8. just want to know

    The BLP government must have done a good job with the money they borrowed, the present administration whenever they borrow money the first thing one sees is the champagne being opened & big grins on the minister / or ministers with friends , & no one know anything of what the money is being spent on or for. And another thing each and every one of the MP’s both government & opposition drink alcohol, and that is a fact my friend, so putting that whiskey bottle their you should be really putting one also on one of the MP in ST. Philip, and another thing Owen Seymour Arthur and his party will win the next general election. We want some relief from what we are going through right now.

  9. Mike

    Owen should be the last to criticize the Government on anything. He is the only person who said the money he received which Thompson spoke about during the last election was paid to the Labour Party. No other person has said the money was paid and no receipt was produced to show that he paid it. The party should produce the evidence of payment. Where is the proof Owen?

    Where is the proof?????

  10. BCCI Member

    That’s nothing, when Arthur spoke at Hilton late last month, Ian Bourne asked him why no Public Meetings? I made it my business to get close by the two of them after the lecture, I heard Owen admitting to Bourne how the BLP has no money for Public Meetings, so what I want to know then, why not sell his SUV? Or give back the $75,000 he got from CLICO?

  11. true to form

    The time has come to walrus said to speak of many things .

    Of shoes of ships of sealing wax of cabbages and Owen.

    Owen legacy of debt is a myth and a nonscencial tirade by silly and inane people in the DLP. Te past government had a total of about 2 billion dollars in debt in 14 years and the present government has about 1.4 billion dollars in 4 years.But that is not the point . Debt has really to do with what you have borrowed to do. In the case of Owen we can see the prison, roads in St Philip, The ABC high way , the broadwalks, the improvemnts in housing, the airport and the seaport Kensington UWI and many things too numerous to mention.. I challenge anyone in the DLP to walk a mile anywhere in Barbados and tell me if they cannot see the hand of Owen on the landscape of Barbados. So the money spent by the last govermnment was to build out barbados and to create jobs and infrastructural delelopment in this country. It is pathetic and patent nonsense to suggest anything about debt which is killling this country under Owen. In a country where we expect people to think , we must see this as crassness and stupiity in the highest order. Under the DLP we have borrowied to pay salaries . Do you believe this ?

    We are mortgaging the future of Barbados to pay for the uniniatiated programmes of the DLP. This government is recklless and without any policy to get this economy moving and no investor is prepared to lend thiem a cent. Now tell me dont you see this as despiciable. When the BLP was in power ,investors were falling over theselves imploring Barbados to borrow from them and they were willing to come to Barbados,\ There is is a word for that, that word is confidence. Let me repeat it the word is confidence. That confidence comes from the head and font of governemnt.That confidence was engendered by Owen Seymour Arthur.. It is not given because you curse Arthur. It is given when you know what you are doing and when you know what to do..

    Just let me say the Dems are running scared and must be wondering why their castle is falling around them. Simple they are incompetent and unfit to goivern.Their supporters are saying so, The business people are saying so
    and the electorate will be drilling the final nail in their coffin. Without the handling of the economy between 94 and 07 where would be now? Think on these things

  12. just want to know

    People with no shame always talking about $75,000:00 our former P.M. got from CLICO, how come no one know or talking about the thousands David Thompson got from the same CLICO for personal use, and to win the last general election. He was the lawyer for CLICO and it’s subsidiary
    for years, even when he became Prime Minister he did not give up the lucrative post, so get past this, and let your Government stop wasting tax payers monies on non entity programmes and get the of of this island to the standard they became accustomed under the BLP Government.

  13. yatinkiteasy

    The “world corruption Index” by Transparency International, referred to by some bloggers is missing the word “Perception”.
    If public corruption is so rampant in Barbados, we must therefore be doing a darn good job hiding it, as we are ranked very high on the list.(Least corrupt)

  14. @yatinkiteasy – U only now realise? Barbados hides corruption better than Caymans & Swiss hide Krugerrands

  15. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    To those who wrote on Barbados being least corrupt can any of you tell me what was the “yard stick” used to arrive at this hypothesis? I ask because it is quite obvious that the corruption that prevails in Barbados is very surreptitious and well hidden. We all know this to be true. The reporting of facts to let us say regulatory bodies (because I do not know who monitors Barbados on these matters) are facts that I believe to be ‘doctored’ or even ‘tailor made.’ Surely the ‘agency’ of proof or goof just did not do a thorough job of analysis or just simply did not bother to dig deeper to harness the real hardcore facts of this ‘least corrupt nation’ proclamation. Was there some type of audit used in this determination?

    The other day some agency declared Barbados infrastructure as better than the US. To bring clarity to myself I looked up the word infrastructure, which was defined as:
    1. An underlying base or foundation especially for an organization or system.
    2. The basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of a community or society, such as transportation and communications systems, water and power lines, and public institutions including schools, post offices, and prisons etc etc etc….

    Now I do not know what gave rise to the comparison. Maybe it was used as a propanganda tool to stir much controversy in the US; probably more political than social or maybe segments of the US infrastructure are so bad that those segments warranted a comparison with a lesser country (whose GDP aint even a fraction what the US GDP is), just to prove a point.
    In Barbados we have a very good educational system i.e. from Primary to Secondary is quite good. Tertiary has always left me wondering how good it really is and I care not to provide my reasons why I think so. If a comparisono between the US and Barbados tertiary infrastructure is being made I would have to say that we are comparing “chalk to cheese.” However I do believe that our system of Primary to Secondary to be better or just as good as the US.

    Now if we talk about roads or road networks are we really better than the US? Let us talk about the many potholes in our secondary roads. I believe that the US have their share of bad roads like Barbados but to what extent. Most of Barbados roads flood at the slightest fall of rain (examble Maxell coast road and many parts of the ABC highway along with Holetown and countless other places to much to mention. is the infrasture comparison base on aesthetics, functionality or soundness? What makes our road infrstructure better than the US is question I beg to differ. Surely every country has their share of bad roads but to say that our road infrastructure is better leaves me bemused. I hope that we are not going to say that the US is better because the road design systems are very pretty and pleasing to the eye because topography and settlement plays an active role in that. So the question I would ask is: are our roads constructed in a superior way than the US. We all know that the roads in Barbados have an expiry date, maybe the ones in the US too. But I say that because you would think that the layers of compress marl fill, two down (if they used that) and then asphalt is enough to prolong maintainance for a few years. But then when you look closely to how thin these layers are especially the asphalt you really have to wonder. Now I am no expert, maybe there is a reason but for now I have to question how thin these layers are until an engineering explanation is forthcoming. So for me, in my reasoning, the shelve life of a new road is one year plus. Reason: after a few industrial trucks and heavy duty equipment pass over those thin asphalt layers a few times you start to see depressions with obvious pits, which sink deeper until it cracks and chips leaving the rain then to rip into the asphalt further until a pot-hole develops. Notwithstanding that a new paved road is subjected to post-paving-excavation by utility companies and wallah, your new road looks like an old patched filled road. Sometimes I wonder if this is not purposely done to ensure that a steady flow of road maintenance is available for contractors with big names to benefit from. Now I really did not want to write so much but I just need some one to provide me with some clarity so I will write on more thing and then close here because some of us like to keep these messages short and to the point.

    The next highligt is our health care system; one in which I believe to be quite sound because its free and that freeness has helped tremendously in our little island’s development. Now can any of us during the days when we were not so comfortable imagine what the consequences would be like if we did not have free health care or educatio?. Whoooaaa I shudder to think. What a very scary thought. Even now there are some who are still yet not comfortable and are struggling to make ends meet. Right now that freeness is very beneficial to them in the midst of their hardships. However there are those who have benefitte and are prospering who would like to close the door to those who have not yet benefitted and who have not yet prosper in what I consider to be selfish and nefarious thinking. But getting back to the point what is the comparison being made in terms of our health care infrasture. The American system is not free so are we comparing on the basis of freeness vs not free? Well the definition gaves us some idea. So if we are talking building wise, technology wise or the level of professional discourse or treatment I am wondering if really we are better than the US. The QEH and all our polyclinics serves a useful purpose but are they state of the art. Are the professional care givers that professional in their discourse and treatment applications that we can truly say we are better than the US? Has these institutions been truly tested and found to be accreditable?I do not know but for I would say Nahhhh. Are our health services aesthetically pleasing and impeccably clean under health care standards.I would say Nahhhhh. Is the US better. When they certainly have more health care facilities than us and thus presents more choices than us. So for me I would have to say yes. We have failed in the continuation of good health care in Barbados by letting our infrastruture run down. This can be said for many government buildings as well. Our track record under government maintained facilities is very poor. So in that regard the US has to be better than us. Any way I think I have written a bit here so I will close and hopefull let someone provide me with the clarity I need.