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Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Have you remembered to say a pray
Amidst the troubles of the day
Praising our Saviour for your health
Putting this before pursuits of wealth
Your health is His Blessings bestowed on you

Not mere chance, luck or a fate you drew
Exalt Him dear friend for the grace of life
When even your days seem bombarded with strife

You are Blessed with His gift so use it wisely
Enjoy each day, eat, drink and be merry
A time might come when joy turns to sorrow
Remember His promises will come through tomorrow!



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Did former T&T Finance Minister break her oath over CLICO insider trading?

CL Financial bailout – Swearing an Oath

by Afra Raymond

The former Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Finance, Karen Nunez-Tesheira (photo above), is once again in the news, due to her dispute with the Integrity Commission as well as her expected testimony at the next session of the Colman Commission.

The former Minister has had to defend against allegations of insider trading related to her early withdrawals from CLICO Investment Bank (CIB). There was a lengthy address to the Parliament on Wednesday 4th February 2009. The March 2009 revelation in the Guardian newspaper, that Nunez-Tesheira was a CL Financial shareholder was also the cause of further defensive statements (PDF) to Parliament on 27th March 2009. In the first wave of defense, there was silence as to the fact of Nunez-Tesheira’s shareholdings in CLF.

In November, her attorney attempted to challenge my position on this at the Colman Commission, but I maintained that ‘If the genuine attempt was to address the perception of corruption in a forthright fashion, all the information should have been given’.

In the second wave of defense, there was no mention of the fact that the insolvent CL Financial group paid a dividend to its shareholders after writing that fateful letter to the Central Bank for financial assistance. Again, through the unfolding scandal we are witness to responsible officials who chose to be selective in making the required full and frank disclosure.  All to the detriment of the tax payer.

Those attempts to defend against the allegations were only partially successful, since there is little doubt that Nunez-Tesheira’s reputation has been damaged by the entire episode.  Continue reading


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How the DLP and BLP plunged your children into debt

What Owen Arthur, David Thompson and Freudel Stuart did to you and your children is pretty well as simple as the scenario shown in this excellent little satirical short.


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We’ve noticed that not a new word has been published on the controversial blog in over three weeks, and there hasn’t been an original post in almost a month.

Have the authors of made their point? Is there nothing left to tell? Are the whispers of lawsuits in the works giving pause? Or… is it simply the end of the year and everyone has a martini in their hand?

Whatever the reasons, is as lifeless as the ex-wife of my old African Studies professor. I know about her because Professor “K” made her the butt of numerous jokes every class.

Harlecon: Where are you?



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Why was a profitable division of CLICO sold off?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable about high finance or corporate affairs, and therefore I have to look at situations on a simple level. I’m having difficulty understanding something about how the powers that be handled the CLICO debacle. Here is my observation and questions:

In the current issue of Barbados Today, the news article “Upturn” says,

“One year after being rescued from under the beleaguered CLICO Holdings umbrella, Capita Financial Services, formerly CLICO Mortgage and Finance Company, is projecting a profit of just over one million dollars at March next year.”

Barbados Today Upturn

Why would the trustees of the CLICO mess sell off a profitable operation?

To my mind it would make more sense to hang onto it. The profit from this successful operation could have been used to shore up the rest or at least reduce the damage to policy holders who were ripped off.

That is unless the vultures saw an opportunity to grab a profitable piece of the company at the expense of the already-victimized policy holders.

Can someone please explain why this selling off of a profitable piece of CLICO was necessary and how it was good for the victims of Mr. Leroy Parris and Mr. Lawrence Duprey?

Thank you,

A fellow victim


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Live in New York, born in Panama – Looking for relations in Barbados

Bajans On Their Way To Panama in another era

Roots Search

Dear Barbados Free Press readers,

I live in New York but was born in Panama. I am trying to find some background on my grand-father George Coulthrust who was married to Benita Walker Coulthrust. My real fathers name is Jorge Coulthrust son of George Coulthrust. Is there an administrative office I can contact to get historical (archived) information?

Marcelino Campbell,

New York



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Violent Muslims attack Christmas celebrations around the world

Where is the outcry from the “moderate” and “tolerant” Muslims about the annual Christmas slaughter?

Christmas is a special time for violent Muslims. It’s the same every year as Muslims murder dozens and sometimes hundreds of Christians at Christmas. Christians around the world have to be extra vigilant at Christmas time. Remember the underwear bomber taken down by the passengers over Chicago two years ago? That was a Christmas Day flight, and the day was chosen by violent Muslims for a reason.

Here’s how violent Muslims celebrated Christmas in 2011…

Nigeria: Church bombs massacre. Violent Muslims exploded bombs at five churches on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Over 100 people were killed in Nigeria in the bombings and other Christmas attacks.

Uganda: Christmas Eve service Muslim acid attack blinds pastor. Christian Pastor (and former Muslim) Umar Mulinde of Gospel Life Church was blinded and disfigured in an acid attack. His assailants shouted “Allah Akbar” as they ran from the scene.

Indonesia: Christmas service was banned at church after Muslim authorities cancelled the permit to worship. Threats from violent Muslims against all Christian services.

The congregation of the embattled GKI Yasmin church in Bogor was forced to move its Christmas prayers to a member’s house after Islamic groups assembled at the disputed site and threatened to challenge the sermon on Sunday.

Islamic fundamentalist groups in Parung, Bogor regency, West Java province, are threatening and “warning” the local Catholic community, victims of attacks in anticipation of the holiday season.

Pakistan: Asia Bibi, a Christian mother of five sentenced to death on charges of “blasphemy” against Islam and over a dozen other Christians held in Pakistani jails spent Christmas Day without their families, after authorities refused requests to allow prison visits,

Sri Lanka Christmas honour killing: Muslim father beat his 17-year-old daughter to death on Christmas Eve for dating a Christian.

Iraq: Two thirds of the country’s remaining 1.4 million Christians have fled. Merry Christmas infidels!

Iraq: Sniper shoots Christian to death outside his home on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas, Infidel!

Iran: Tolerant Muslim authorities raid Christmas celebration at Christian church, and arrest everyone including children.

Texas: Honour killing 58 year old Muslim man dressed as Santa Claus kills his entire family as they were sharing Christmas presents. His daughter was dating a “non-Muslim” and his family had adopted infidel ways.

Gaza: Hamas cancels Christmas for Christians. Christians obey because they remember what happened to the chap who owned the only Bible store in Gaza.

Malaysia: Muslim authorities earlier raided a Christian church to show who is boss. Christian churches were warned to “exercise caution”… or what? Or… there will be a repeat of Christmas 2010 when violent Muslims bombed eight churches. This Christmas, Malaysian Christians are being as quiet as church mice. Fear does that.

Saudi Arabia: Saudis cut off Nigerian man’s hand for theft on Christmas Eve. No, Abdulsamad Ismail Abdullah Hawsawe isn’t a Christian – but I thought I’d mention it to remind us all that, as always, the first victims of Islam are Muslims.

Iran: Government announces on Christmas Day that a woman convicted of adultery will be hanged or stoned to death.

Barbados: Muslim teenagers at Barbados Al-Falah Muslim School are taught that stoning, beating and amputations are okay. We wonder what else they are taught about Christians and Christmas, but the school has never revealed their text books and other materials to either the public or Barbados Ministry of Education.


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Founder of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary named Queen’s Counsel in Canada

Peter Allard has been named Queen’s Counsel by the Province of British Columbia. The Canadian businessman, lawyer and philanthropist is the founder and owner of the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary in Barbados.

This is the second time Allard has been in the Canadian news recently. In September the Chief Justice of Canada opened Allard Hall – a new $55 million dollar law school building at the University of British Columbia that was helped along by a huge gift from Allard of 10 million dollars (Canadian). Allard also gave another 2 million to establish an international prize that supports freedom, integrity and human rights, and creates an online historical faculty archive.

As we related in our post The sad tale of a lost friend of Barbados Peter Allard was last in the news in Barbados when he penned an open letter to Bajans explaining why he had to close one of the island’s premier tourist attractions and why he is suing the Barbados government for dumping raw sewerage into the Graeme Hall wetlands and other violations of various treaties and agreements.

Allard explained the situation in a May 6, 2010 press release:

“The investment in the Sanctuary was supposed to be part of a sustainable environmental initiative, dependent on government leadership. As the largest private environmental stakeholder in Barbados, we continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to maintain the Sanctuary, but we all have to face the fact that it’s Government who is killing the wetland.   The study shows that our environmental commitment and investment cannot withstand this assault.”

… Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary owner Peter Allard in a May 6, 2010 press release.

At one time Allard was in love with Barbados and focused his philanthropic efforts here. Since coming into conflict with the corrupt Bajan elites though, Allard has funded projects in Africa, Canada and elsewhere in the Caribbean including St. Vincent and Dominica where he helped establish a National Park.

Allard’s problem in Barbados is with our corrupt politicians

Barbados politicians and their land developer friends want to profit from the sale and commercial development of environmentally-protected lands, including public lands once designated for two National Parks. Allard opposed this rape of our natural heritage and that was the end of his relationship with the powerful elites.

How much do the corrupt politicians and their land developer friends hate Allard?

Then PM Owen Arthur and Health Minister Liz Thompson denied the people of Barbados a multi-million dollar cancer and AIDS hospice rather than accept it from Peter Allard with no strings attached. Given a choice between accepting philanthropy from Allard or not, the corrupt politicians preferred our loved ones to die in pain in that filthy hole called the Queen Elizabeth Hospital instead of spending their last days well looked after in a beautiful place with their family members.

That, my friends, takes a lot of corruption and hate but Arthur and Thompson had more than enough.

Congratulations to Peter Allard

Congratulations to Peter Allard upon being honoured by the Canadian government. We wish he had had a better experience in Barbados, but if it’s any comfort he’s not the only philanthropist or foreign investor to be set up and taken advantage of ‘pon de rock. The real losers are we Bajans and our children and grand-children who will never know the National Parks and green space that Allard and others fought for.

Here is the press release from the Government of British Columbia, received via Google Alerts…. Continue reading


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DLP damage control in high gear

click photo for large

There’s only one thing worse than trying to depose the leader of a government – and that is to try and fail.

The Barbados Labour Party had their leadership coup over a year ago when Owen Arthur decided he was finished sulking and wanted his toy back. Quicker than you could say “Pass the rum”, Mottley was out and Goin’ wid Owen was in control again. Regardless of what the reality is inside the BLP, on the outside a year later the party looks stable and ready to fight the next election. And that’s all that counts with the majority of voters.

We’re all about image here in Barbados… nevermind that Arthur has a track record of 15 years of thiefing, abuse of power and negligence about the environment, public health and safety issues. The man is a leader, and the leader is in control.

On the other hand, as we approach the next election the Democratic Labour Party leadership is in disarray and appears factionalized as a result of the recent “letter coup”. Prime Minister Stuart came away still in power but weakened – and worse, he’s taken no action to demote or otherwise deal with the coup leaders. Is he weak? Is he fearful that the party’s foundation is not strong enough to allow him to publicly affirm his leadership? How will such weakness and instability be viewed by the swing voters? Or is it just more of the same hands-off “leadership” style that we’ve grown accustomed to from our “invisible” Prime Minister?

Bajans like leaders with strong public personas. Arthur has it. Mottley has it. Frundel Stuart does not. As a leader PM Stuart is about as appetizing to voters as porridge left out overnight and cooked up again the next morning.

Nothing wrong here! (cough, cough)

That doesn’t matter to the DLP spin machine though: the party has decided that Stuart will lead them into the next election which, according to some, will be called sooner rather than later. So the DLP media puppeteers arranged for photos of coup leader Chris Sinckler and PM Stuart to appear together in the papers.

Just look at the photos: Nothing wrong here, folks – everything be just fine, so fine!

And if you believe that, I have some excellent vacant building lots to sell you near the Arch Cot caves.

Submitted by West Side Davie


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Birth of Jesus, the Christ: Romance and Reality

Merry Christmas to all!

from Shona, Marcus, George, Robert, Cliverton, Nevermind Kurt and Auntie Moses



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Leptospirosis crisis shows long term negligence by Barbados Government

In face of a record outbreak Health Minister Inniss admits Ministry inaction, negligence

“The Government of Barbados gave notice this morning that it will be prosecuting owners of Bridgetown businesses, home owners and individuals who persisted in flouting the Health Services Act.

Health Minister Donville Inniss laid down the gauntlet at a Press Conference at his Culloden Road office to deal with a record number of leptospirosis cases which had resulted in three deaths this year.

Inniss fingered “the big ups” whom he said owed the ministry money for cleaning up their unkempt properties and could afford to pay, but wouldn’t.

He said while Government should not have to use “heavy-handed” methods to get Barbadians to keep their surroundings clean and tidy, he had asked his officers to step up surveillance and start lodging cases in the law courts.”

… from the Barbados Today article Foot Down

by Nevermind Kurt

 Listening to Minister Inniss one would have to think that he and his staff just heard about the annual statistics showing a massive increase in leptospirosis cases during the past year. Indeed, the “Woaloss, what a surprise! We gots to do something about this!” feeling that ran through the press conference was surreal.

Why doesn’t the government already monitor this deadly disease on a weekly basis? Shouldn’t the trend have been noticed six months ago? Shouldn’t there already have been prosecutions, inspections and forced clean-ups happening for the last three years?

The latest press conference by Donville Inniss has all the usual hallmarks of the laissez-faire system of non-leadership that characterizes both DLP and BLP governments.

Think about past leptospirosis outbreaks and you’ll see that the story always follows this pattern:

  1. The long-term failure of government to counter leptospirosis is once again highlighted through the release of an annual statistical report, or a death.
  2. The newspaper stories note that many publicly-owned lands and derelict buildings contribute to the problem by offering homes for rats and other lepto carriers.
  3. Government Ministers call a press conference where they vow to “lay down the law” against businesses and land owners who fail to keep their properties clean, clear and free of carrier habitats. Government pledges to do its part about public properties. Government promises new and revised laws where current legislation is inadequate.
  4. After a month or two of action, the outbreak dies down. Monies that were pledged to the long-term control vanish from the budgets because the problem has gone away. With the crisis past, the preventative measures fall off the priority chart as some other flavour of the day takes over.
  5. A steady and slow increase begins again, until it reaches the tipping point when leptospirosis cases go exponential. When this happens, go back to Step 1 and start again.

This has been the pattern of response to leptospirosis outbreaks for the last 20 years.

Why must every new leptospirosis outbreak be a surprise? Why are Barbados governments incapable of implementing and carrying through with long-term plans about issues that are foundational to the health and safety of citizens?

The same thing happens with mass vehicle deaths and drinking and driving. The government responds with plans, promises of breathalyzer legislation, increased enforcement and the start of action… but six months later its all back to the way it was.

The Health Minister’s latest press conference was nothing more or less than an admission of gross neglect about leptospirosis since the last outbreak.

Remember this: three months from now nothing will have changed, and a year from now when the 2012 leptospirosis statistics are released we’ll see the same speech by the next Health Minister.

Not much changes ’round this place.

Further Reading

Barbados Advocate: Health warning

The Nation: Lepto Leap


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Thinking about next year…

Thanks to an old friend for suggesting this video.


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Magistrate slams Director of Public Prosecutions for withdrawing manslaughter charge against Bjerkhamn

What part does race play in the community’s reaction to the Johan Bjerkhamn sentence?

In a highly unusual comment, Magistrate Barbara Cooke-Alleyne publicly criticized Barbados DPP Charles Leacock (photo above) for dropping the manslaughter charge against Johan Bjerkhamn in the accidental shooting death of his son.

“The loss of a child’s life in the manner herein accepted by all parties is serious enough to merit a custodial sentence, even if other relevant considerations lead the court to exercise its discretion not to order such,”

Magistrate Barbara Cooke-Alleyne in The Nation: Charge Regrets)

For the record, we at Barbados Free Press are no supporters of DPP Charles Leacock. In our opinion he should have been fired and gone to jail on two occasions unrelated to the Bjerkhamn case. Leacock is corrupt and has a record for abusing women and the law. (Read BFP’s Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels and Barbados Chief Prosecutor: Woman “provoked” her killer by refusing sex, therefore not murder.)

But in relation to the Bjerkhamn shooting, Leacock made the correct decision as we’ve stated in our post – BFP’s Opinion: No jail sentence necessary for Johan Bjerkhamn, but larger issues ignored

Bjerkhamn’s actions on the day his son died came nowhere near the test for manslaughter. He blew his own hand apart as he was handling the Glock pistol, with the bullet traveling on to kill his own 11 year old son after passing through his hand. Stupid? Yes. A moment’s carelessness that he will regret for the rest of his days? Yes. But manslaughter? Give it a rest. It’s not even close.

Coveted Christmas sentencing: Bjerkhamn’s case was adjourned to the coveted sentencing period of the few days before Christmas. This was a transparently manipulative technique to garner sympathy for the accused. It was unnecessary and on an emotional level almost made me want to see him thrown in jail just because we Bajans are tired of seeing the justice system played like a piano by the elites.

Race might have played a role – in the calls to have Bjerkhamn imprisoned.

Some of the reader comments here at BFP and elsewhere on the internet voice the opinion that the manslaughter charge was dropped because Bjerkhamn is white. When he originally left the island for medical treatment after the shooting there was widespread upset because some people, (including some BFP staff) believed he was given special treatment because of his status as a rich white elite.

Now that the facts of the case are fully out in the open in court, it is obvious that the death of 11 year old Luke Bjerkhamn involved one careless moment – probably only a second – with none of the history or other actions and intents necessary to justify manslaughter.

But some folks would love to see Bjerkhamn go to jail just for the pleasure of seeing a rich white elite behind bars. That, my friends, is a simple truth that is behind much of the ‘outrage’ over the reduced charges and sentencing. If you wanted to see Bjerkhamn in jail, look into your own heart and answer yourself truthfully… Did you just want to see one of them behind bars for a time?


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Environment Minister Lowe surprised that environmental laws are needed

It cost us how much to send Dr. Lowe to South Africa?

by WSD

Should Bajans laugh or cry about Minister Lowe’s recent press conference? Maybe we should do both.

Doctor Lowe just returned from a junket to an environmental conference in Durban, South Africa and appears to have come to some great new understanding of what he and his DLP government should have been doing for the past four years:

“Can you imagine the kind of work that needs to be done to put legislation in place, because all of these things need to be governed under legislative frameworks?”

Environment Minister Denis Lowe speaks to the Barbados Advocate in Harsher Penalties!

Why yes; Bajans CAN imagine that laws are needed. As a matter of fact that’s one of the reasons why we elected Dr. Lowe and the DLP four years ago: they promised to deliver on much-needed environmental legislation that the BLP failed to put in place in their 14 years in government.

What did we get for our vote? Four years later Environment Minister Denis Lowe returns from a conference and says “Whoaloss! We have to make environmental legislation! Who could have known that?”

Lowe also called for “tougher penalties”.

Mr. Lowe should ask the man in the mirror about those penalties because it was Environment Minister Lowe himself who failed to implement any new environmental laws, penalties or enforcement for the past four years.

The Dees want my vote again? Not until Hell freezes over.


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Goodbye to Desmond Bourne “The voice”

Our heartfelt condolences to our friend Ian Bourne and family upon the passing of Ian’s father, Desmond Bourne, at the age of 79.

Desmond Bourne’s deep authoritative voice is what we immediately remember, but what causes us to smile are the memories of Desmond saying so many things that needed to be said – but that no one would say except him.

Head over to The Bajan Reporter to read Ian’s tribute: Desmond MacDonald Bourne – 1932 to 2011: R.I.P my crazy Dad

Photo courtesy of The Nation: Desmond Bourne dies at 79


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The Nation: Barbados’ newspaper of lies and political agendas

The Nation lied: “the letter” was an unsigned draft only seen by a few

Long time readers at BFP know the contempt with which we hold The Nation, and indeed the entire Bajan oldstream news media. The Nation has always been the lapdog for the Barbados Labour Party (for the last 20 years anyway) while the Barbados Advocate crawls on its belly for the Democratic Labour Party. The public broadcaster CBC, of course, sways like a cane in the wind according to the master of the day.

No matter their political leanings though, all of the news media generally protect the political and business elites when and where possible. Some of this protection is because individual journalists are frightened of government retaliation. Fair enough. The former editor of the Barbados Advocate, Reudon Eversley, explained this fear when he said that Owen Arthur and his lot attacked and bullied the press into submission. See Evil as Hell.

But it was the Barbados Advocate that fired columnist Adrian Loveridge at the behest of the then Minister of Tourism – so the Barbados Advocate cannot claim the high ground without acknowledging that they traded their integrity for government advertising revenues.

Then there is the matter of the non-reporting and covering-up of news stories that would be front page if they happened in the UK or the USA. If a Cabinet Minister was shown to be living on land that his government expropriated from a private owner, that would be NEWS in the United Kingdom. If the Health Minister was involved in the online porn industry and made money from websites featuring pregnant teenage mothers or women having sex with horses, do you think the Canadian or US news media would ignore the story? They sure would! But not the Barbados news media.

If the management of a hundred million dollar government contract was shown to be involved in bribes in another country, that would be news, right? Not in Barbados – at least not until the blogs reported the story for almost two weeks and forced the news media to mention it.

So when The Nation falsely reported that eleven members of the DLP Government affixed their signatures to a letter to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart, and published bits and pieces out of context to give their readers the impression that the letter was something it was not – that was a calculated move to further a political agenda.

To whom the benefit?

That’s easy: the beneficiary of the fuss was the lapdog Nation’s master, The Barbados Labour Party and Owen S. Arthur.

Here’s what DLP Member of Parliament Ronald Jones has to say about The Nation…

THE Nation Publishing Co., in its edition of the Sunday Sun on December 11, 2011, published an article which purportedly carried contents of a letter written to the Prime Minister. Continue reading


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The Story of Lover’s Rock

What is there to say about Lover’s Rock except – if you haven’t made it doing the Lover’s Rock, then you really haven’t done the lover’s rock.

Barbados-born Menelik Shabbaz

Whether you’re smiling at that, or you don’t know what I mean, have a watch of the trailer for Menelik Shabbaz’s new documentary The Story of Lover’s Rock. Contrast Lover’s Rock with some of the things you see happening at Crop Over and you’ll understand the difference between class and crass – between love and something else. I won’t go into the memories because I don’t want to be too self-indulgent, but oh the memories!

Shabbaz, rightly called the Godfather of Black British Film, was born Bajan and left for the U.K. at six years old. His filmography is not as extensive as fans would like it to be, but as he explained in this interview at, in the 80’s and 90’s it was difficult to get backing for films outside of the Eurocentric worldview.

History, music, racism and West Indians making their stand in the UK

The Story of Lover’s Rock sold out on opening last August. When was the last time you saw a documentary do that? I haven’t seen the film, but after seeing the trailer it’s number one on my list.


Film website: The Story of Lover’s Rock


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What is the best – and the worst – about our Bajan tourism product?

Typical Bajan wildlife in its natural roadside environment: The not so rare Genus "plasticus baggis trashisus"

Questions about Barbados’ tourism offerings

submitted as a comment by Dawn Best

I think everyone agrees that changes need to be made and need to be made urgently. What are the best things about the Barbados tourism product? What do we do really well that our visitors cannot stop raving about when they go home? What is it that we have/do that nobody else anywhere has/does that is currently translating into massive foreign exchange? How do we make that more prominent in the world?

Once we’ve identified those key areas then how do we duplicate this success in other parts of the island? How do we improve this product by getting the stakeholders (Hoteliers, Government, Workforce, Citizens) involved in the process in meaningful and sustainable ways?

Now turn your heads the other way. What do we do really poorly? Continue reading


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