Happy Independence Day Barbados!

We Loyal Sons And Daughters All

We are all the same, you and me
Everyone of us has the same, anatomically

Legs and hands, eyes, nose, mouth and ears
Our smiles express our joys and we show sorrow with tears
Yet, we are all different and unique
A finger print distinguishes us, or simpler, how we speak
Lifestyles vary and our talents too

So much is different, through what we do
Our goals may differ but this thing I know
None of us want failure, we’d rather see our nation grow
Some of us must be doctors and some must clean the street

And so when we pass each other, when our paths meet
Never belittle another for what they do
Don’t scoff them, they are as important as you

Do your role in life, do it from your heart
And respect that others may have, a separate but equal part
Use your differences to complement this nation
Give your all, be your all, let this be – being a Bajan
How great this would be
This is our strength and unity
Every heart beating as one
Reaching forward in unison
So, what ever your differences, who ever you are

A brighter Barbados is never too far
Let’s pick each other up, if we should fall
Let’s encourage each other, We Loyal Sons And Daughters All

By Khaidji


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7 responses to “Happy Independence Day Barbados!

  1. Seeker


    Happy Independence Day, Bim! Let’s grow wiser as we grow older!

  2. Faraway

    And congratulations to Sir Errol ‘Micky’ Waldron and Karl Watson and other awardees for being recognised for their national service on this day.

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  4. Newbie

    Barbados is indeed a great place to live in terms of weather, environment and communities HAPPY INDEPENDENCE BARBADOS. However it would be a much better place to live if there was an effective route to justice for the average Bajan.
    INDEPENDENCE DAYS would be much happier days for some Bajans if they were not kept waiting 4 or 5 years for a chance for Justice. Our Courts and our legal system needs a long overdue shaking up.

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    My beautiful Barbados. A wonderful place to settle and live. We achieve independence and for the last 45 years have grown in leaps and bounds. I hope that all Barbadians particularly politicians will remember the great strives made by those who have gone before us for those who are now with us and for those who are coming in the future. May God continue to bless Barbados and its people with wisdom and good judgement.

  6. Owen Arthur’s Legacy of: “High Debt,” Killing Barbados.

    As Barbados celebrates its 45th birthday of Independence, it is clear that Owen Arthur’s legacy of high debt, accumulated during times of plenty – is now killing our country. That explains why the announcement from the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) that he (Opposition Leader Owen Arthur) would have been addressing its luncheon on November 24th – became “big new” and for a number of reasons. That announcement was coming less than a month after Owen Arthur had spoken at his Party’s Annual Conference. Pray tell: what new or important could he possibly have had to say?

    Secondly! Given the topic he was expected to speak on, it would have been bizarre, to say the least, for a man who was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of Barbados for fourteen years, to be now talking about “change” or the need to implement anything, especially when he would have had more than amply time and more time than anybody else in the history of this country, to restructure the Barbados economy; find new economic sectors as well as a new development model – but did not.

    Thirdly, his address was coming within days of what would be his Independence Address but since Mia Mottley (as a former Opposition Leader) would have significantly raised the bar, as regards, presentations by BLP politicians at such BCCI luncheons (September 29th 2010 being the new standard) it was foreseeable that Owen Arthur would have been under tremendous pressure to even come close, far less – better Mia Mottley’s performance, which for him, would have been: “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!”

    This is significant because, after he and his “gang of 5” had ousted her, it would be only reasonable for Barbadians to expect much better or even better! Unfortunately, it just is not happening, simply because it is not possible! Owen Arthur spoke for a considerable amount of time at that BCCI luncheon but by the end of his presentation – those looking for freshness or credible ideas how the country would advance under him – got absolutely nothing, except Arthur again telling the DLP to cut and impose austerity on Barbadians.

    At the end of his “warm-over-cold-soup-talk,” local academics were not impressed, neither were Talk Show Hosts. But they were when Mia Mottley spoke and they said so publicly! No Senior Reporter from the London Times was impressed when Owen Arthur spoke, either! Frankly, there has simply been no buzz, as was the case when Mia Mottley addressed the BCCI.

    Whether you are on-board the Owen Arthur geriatric brigade or the George Payne gravy-train, it is not difficult to notice that the BLP veered off-course some time ago and has since come to an abrupt halt. In August this year, Owen Arthur promised public meetings that ought to have started in September but have not. He had earlier, officially launched the BLP’s general election campaign but that too has been a false start. One can therefore expect a re-launch of the launch because the alleged launch – never got off the ground. What could it be that he wants to say, that CBC is preventing him?

    Since becoming Leader of the Opposition, Owen Arthur has been using that position to encourage the Freundel Stuart administration to introduce austerity measures and impose pain on Barbadians. He has suggested to the DLP that it should cause Barbadians to pay for health care, to even telling the DLP that it is spending too much on poor people. But week-after-week, Arthur keeps getting it wrong.

    Owen Arthur does not bother to go to Parliament now! He tables no Resolutions, he does not ask any Parliamentary Questions and yet he plays the role of victim (which he does well) by blaming CBC for not letting the public hear him speak. However, the high-point of his recent speech to the BCCI’s Luncheon was that the NIS Board should not invest the savings of Barbadian in Barbados to build productive capacity at Four Seasons. But no sooner had he said that than respected Ratings Agency, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) stated publicly that investing NIS Funds in that project is a good idea for the economy.

    Once again, Owen Arthur has found himself on the wrong side if the fence. But for him, this is the norm! He is against football, which he labels: “a distraction.” Yet the Stadium is packed nightly with paying patrons. He said Mara was “an affront” but she got the most votes ever, in any Barbadian political election. Owen Arthur is a very lonely man who is bored with himself.

    All over the world, there is overwhelming evidence that the gold or first-place, sometimes goes to the less deserving contestant. Mia Mottley, as former Leader of the Opposition – is therefore a constant reminder to Barbados Labour Party supporters that – banking on a 3% swing to topple the DLP will not be enough, hence they must not settle for less than the gold, especially when (WITH MIA MOTTLEY) much better is possible; much better has been placed on the table for national discussion and Barbados can be a winner! For: how can the man who ran-up millions in debt during times of plenty, be now calling on the DLP, in the worst recession in our life-time, to reduce his debt? Call us “wild boys!” Allege that we “do not know what we are doing” but we will not send home Barbadians from the Public Service, neither will we cut spending on poor people.

  7. Fractured BLP Party

    Do not was time on the $75,000.00 CROOK called Owen Arthur.