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Happy Independence Day Barbados!

We Loyal Sons And Daughters All

We are all the same, you and me
Everyone of us has the same, anatomically

Legs and hands, eyes, nose, mouth and ears
Our smiles express our joys and we show sorrow with tears
Yet, we are all different and unique
A finger print distinguishes us, or simpler, how we speak
Lifestyles vary and our talents too

So much is different, through what we do
Our goals may differ but this thing I know
None of us want failure, we’d rather see our nation grow
Some of us must be doctors and some must clean the street

And so when we pass each other, when our paths meet
Never belittle another for what they do
Don’t scoff them, they are as important as you

Do your role in life, do it from your heart
And respect that others may have, a separate but equal part
Use your differences to complement this nation
Give your all, be your all, let this be – being a Bajan
How great this would be
This is our strength and unity
Every heart beating as one
Reaching forward in unison
So, what ever your differences, who ever you are

A brighter Barbados is never too far
Let’s pick each other up, if we should fall
Let’s encourage each other, We Loyal Sons And Daughters All

By Khaidji


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