Barbados Road Tennis – Time for a new Olympic sport?

Adidas gave Andy Murray one hour to master Bajan Road Tennis, and then take on Sylvan “Lama” Barnett – one of the world’s best players from Barbados.

This IS creative use of social media. Over 15,000 views in a week at No cost to Barbados.

Nation News story: Big push for road tennis

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One response to “Barbados Road Tennis – Time for a new Olympic sport?

  1. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    WOW THIS IS GREAT. But you know what I always say: Barbados does not have the courage or the know how to market effectively what is indigenous to them. Take road tennis for instance. We have a piece of gold already mined but how to polish it and prepare it for the market we just do not know how or simply could not care less. We continue to be a people who react only in crisis. So why can we not promote road tennis on our own. Why can we not pay ESPN or WWS (Wide World of Sports) a few millions to do a complete documentary on Road Tennis and its history. I believe that we will gain more in the long run then we would lose in the short term. But no we will let others take what is ours and market it for themselves. Oh Yes thhe good old name of Barbados will get call with a few highlights, just like Addidas has done in this advertisement but is that all that we are contented with. Just getting Barbados name call. We need to do alot more. Road tennis has tremendous potential as the new alternative to Lawn, table, Badmington and other tennis -like-sports. It has its own style and uniqueness and certainly can hold its own amongst the big name tennis sports. The time to launch it is now; not later or tomorrow less we lose to people like this who have already launch websites promoting the Barbados Sport as an American sport:
    see link