Erdistan House burns on Wednesday night

UPDATED: November 24, 2011 4:10pm

Another “Heritage” building goes up in flames with the usual reactions from everyone…

1/ Praise for the Fire Service.

2/ “Woaloss, we must rebuild it!”

3/ Total silence about why we as a nation prefer to see historical buildings burn or rot rather than spend the money to protect them. How much would a sprinkler system have cost to install vs. replacing the “irreplaceable” building and historical documents it contained?

4/ Total silence about what company insures the building and what the coverage limitations are.

In a few weeks the truth will set in: the building is a goner and we aren’t going to rebuild it.

What will be the next 100 or 200 year old building to burn that we don’t treasure enough to retrofit with sprinklers?

Photo taken by D. Hunt and sent via someone else.

Barbados Today: Professor Henry Fraser laments the loss, calls for rebuilding. Doesn’t mention that as a society we fail to protect and value our historical buildings.


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41 responses to “Erdistan House burns on Wednesday night

  1. wizard

    Owen Arthur did this.

    He was overheard telling someone after his presentation at the BCCI presentation at the Hilton Hotel on 23 Nov 2011…….that Barbados will soon burn.

    I guess this act of his was the beginning of his intentions !

  2. boss of bim

    stop takin bullshit…..he meant the economy of barbados is going down…and our ratings as well with reference to s&p……we are goin to be downgraded…..and our currency

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    @boss of bim
    OA and his bunch of hooligans is very much the blame for the state of the economy as is the current administration. Before he (and DEM) put aside party politics and execute his/they patriotic duty to the people of Barbados in this crisis; he/DEM prefers to play politics. Can you imagine if OA and his party does that what positive repurcussions will be meted to the BLP. They would be deem heroes for putting the people above tthe party. But you must have a conscience and a sense of duty to do this. Unfortunately BLP seems to have lost theres many years ago when affluence became the centre focus

  4. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    COncerning Erdiston, I won’t be surprise if fowl play ain’t involve. This might be another Sam Lords Castle. But we will never know now will we

  5. bystander

    lets just say the fire ppl werent workin real hard to getting it out. early on they could of stormed the building run hoses up the stairs and caught it whuile it was still in the rafters. that didnt happen. we watched it take its cool time down down down. quite odd


    I say burn em all … Vestiges of plantation slave economy, get the hell rid of them. Only White people and their stooges have a need to see these properties preserved ..Burn em!

  7. Blackman

    BAFBFP you are a Jackass ! Burn em all… do you know how many tourist come to this island to see our historic sites. We need to be proud of where we came from, we have been through so much and look at were we are today.

  8. millertheanunnaki

    @ Blackman: November 25, 2011 at 3:27 am

    Where is the blackman today? Who owns the economic lifeblood of this country? The most things black people own are a few mortgaged domestic properties and big able “motta” carr which the IMF will soon tax the hell out of to ensure the country’s loans are repaid



    I am comfortable with being a Jackass, anything other than one who prefers to be constantly reminded of a history of deprivation and shame in exchange for rewards that are supposed to be derived from guests in our home … Has anyone actually polled these tourists on the importance of these structures? And again, proud of what ..? Man shut to f”ck up …!

  10. Jomo Atuumbe

    @bafbfp Would you also burn down Auschwitz and Buchenwald? And, while you are at it, how about Cape Coast Castle in Ghana? “The fool speaks, the wise man listens.” …African Proverb

  11. BAFBFP

    Yes yes and yes ..along with all of those wise people who just listen because it is wise to do so, and know of course that listening is the perfect excuse for doing nothing… lazy coward!

  12. I the past I have seen some interesting thought provoking comments from BAFBFP.. what happen man, today you seem to have degenrated to the depth of the cesspit.

  13. BAFBFP


    So here is where I gotta go to find you … I just marking time ’bout hey ’til I get ban again …!

  14. BFP

    Note from Robert to all,

    BAFBFP’s racial hatred and blindness aptly illustrates how so many brothers are not only stuck in the past and cannot progress, but how they wallow in excuse after excuse for personal and societal failures. As Marley said “Free your mind” and the rest will follow.

    Perhaps more important, BAFBFP voices an unfortunately all too common philosophy that only by destroying the tangible bits of history can we progress. in BAFBFP’s mind, we should destroy all buildings, institutions and cultural traditions that are in any way associated with our old colonial masters and the institution of slavery. Eliminate all books, buildings and historical records and we will be free and progress for our new society – so says BAFBFP. I believe that Pol Pot was a believer in this philosophy too.

    Unfortunately after burning our past or letting it rot, we have rebuilt concrete fortresses that wall off the coast and the sky. Little tangible history remains thanks to BAFBFP and folks like him. We have nothing left of our history to show our children or the tourists. So we build more condos.

    This is the result of BAFBFP’s philosophy. Welcome to Year Zero: again and again and again.

  15. BAFBFP


    Has become an expert on BAFBFP to the point where BFP is in a position to project on his beliefs. Hey guys, knock yourselves out. If I am right that only the Whites and their stooges are pushing for the preserving of “buildings, institutions and cultural traditions that are in any way associated with our old colonial masters and the institution of slavery” well then it becomes a statement of fact and therefore nothing to be ashamed about …!

    Our history on the other hand is a badge of shame and if my children are to learn from it they will not do so as a reason to just “Free their minds” but to have a better understanding as to why it is that “we have rebuilt concrete fortresses that wall off the coast and the sky”. The exploitative mindset that designed and developed the badge of shame that is Colonial Slavery, is exactly the same as that that encourages the development on the coast.

    Of both types of buildings, I say tear them down .. burn them! … Just so we are clear …

  16. BAFBFP

    BTW you should be encouraging me to come back, not trying to mek mah look simple …!

  17. Duppy Lizard

    Dear Confused Bafbfp – No one has to TRY and make you look simple – you do a very good job all by your self.

  18. 54

    poor BAFBFP has had his mind (and half this nation’s mind as well) BENT by the history dept at UWI cave hill. thank you hilary beckles, you have done your work well. the national psyche has been warped and the embers of slavery fanned madly to keep the hatred alive -as in some blacks are still fighting a war against whites to right wrongs of the past etc. lol
    thank you for your picture BAFBFP you are now suspect no.1 in any and all arsons of older buildings! including erdiston house. Hope the cops pick you up soon for questioning.
    you really should seek professional psychiatric help. getting on the happy pills may help alleviate some of the angst inside burning your belly

  19. 32535834/24346-C66

    BAFBPF is an antisocial danger to society at large
    he should be apprehended asap

  20. It’s hard to move forward if you keep looking back.

  21. BAFBFP

    Hi Duppy …

    You know I likes to mess wid your marbles … I see you still got some lef’. Well here is the thing. As soon as you develop the ability to respond with a useful retort I would do my best to tek you serious … serious …!


    I might be suspect number 1 in your books, but I believe that you are far more befitting of that esteemed classification, simply because I believe that it is the likes of you that would seek to frame me ..!

    I BTW am no fan of Hilary Beckles and his quasi intellectual clan. For me in any event, there can be NO truth and reconciliation, period, particularly when in Barbados, segregation is as alive and as kicking as it has always been!

    Demolish the damn buildings and the stupid statue in Upper Broad Street as well!

  22. BAFBFP


    Don’t be an ass! You must always move forward with an eye on what came before. Some refer to it as learning from history. You on the other hand are speaking about marking time whilst facing backwards which is exactly what those who stand opposed to me are guilty of doing …! Do not confuse the issue padre ..

  23. 54

    nice to see local radicalism revealed. for those who think barbados is still a simple mellow society, please know that we have bombers and arsonists -both latent and real- among us -people who would destroy what we have in order to fulfil dreams and nightmares.
    bombers? remember the guy who set a few pipebombs in the fairchild st busstand?
    arsonists already abound! observe carefully. if you see something say something

  24. BAFBFP

    I oppose popular White sentiment and I am dubbed a radical … WTF

  25. ac

    i am hearing you BAF. Some people see History .while others see devastation .However those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Some times those images are necessary as a constant reminder for us to say ” Never again”

  26. St George's Dragon

    Has anyone polled the tourists to see what they want? Try this from the Guardian, one of the top three newspapers in the UK:

  27. Blackman

    BAFBFP you are a very sad and lonley individual, probabley bulleyed and teased at school. give him a brake fellas poor guy trying to vent some internal frustration.

  28. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    St. Georges Dragon

    The tourist want peace and quite instead of constatnt harrassment from the taxi drivers and beach bums. We also want your lovely island to do something with the rip-off prices for food and clothing there. How the heck can you sell such inferior quality clothing for such outrageous prices. Are you people mad?

  29. BAFBFP


    You be mos’ kind. Nice to see you on my side for a change (I think …). You notice the ad hominem ’bout hey? … My God (and I ain’ even Christian) …!

  30. millertheanunnaki

    @ Blackman: November 26, 2011 at 3:18 am
    “We need to be proud of where we came from, we have been through so much and look at were we are today.”

    You have not yet told us what the “black man’ has achieved in Barbados! Stop attacking BAFBFP in an ad hominem way and justify why these structures should be retained in the interest of the black man. Or should they be kept as a constant reminder like the Auschwitz Concentration camp; or as ‘ac’ said, to warn blacks “never again”? But he is speaking in the physical sense because blacks are still mentally enslaved thanks to the teaching systems-both religious and secular.

    You should also question why the English destroyed nearly all vestiges of Amerindian habitation and culture (along with the people themselves) and replaced them with their English imitation and their cultural view of the world?

  31. BAFBFP

    Miller be careful, these people ’bout hey dun got you mark’. They know your name address, telephone number, date of birth and have already forwarded same to special people within the CIA, MI6 and Canadian Intelligence .. Be very careful with what you say and whose opinion you support ’bout hey…! 🙂

  32. Prince of Barbados


    You are very outrageous….What do you supposed we put in place of these Plantation houses once they are burned to the ground? More Concrete Structures?!!?!!?! You are RIDICULOUS! You have no pride in where you come from….Yes slavery is a dark and cruel past but it is our past…it is the story of us…along with the history of the Amerindians…So why the hell would we destroy the very relics and structures that tell this story!? Don’t ever become Prime Minister or any other government official because you will probably destroy what remains of the real Barbados.


  33. BAFBFP

    Prince of Barbados

    You hypocrite. Let’s imagine for the sake of imagining a statue of Adolf Hitler in the middle of Berlin, he was after all the most effective European leader of the last century. Why was Lenin’s effigy, a wonderful work of art by the way scrapped, and the entire square renamed (same to for Sadam Husein’s likeness). I presume you have sufficient common sense to follow the line of thinking from this point onwards

    As for replacements, no-brainer – low income high rise accommodation, duh …!

  34. ac

    you guys are being emotional . baf is speaking from a psychological perspective and that is nothing wrong with that an abused person would most likely devoid themselves of the abuser and want no part of them.

  35. Blackman

    BAFBFP the educated Jackass

  36. HUGE chip on ma shoulder?!

    BAFPFP the Univ.-recruited Marxist-Leninist revolutionary leader
    with a seat in ‘the coming Politburo’ …is more like it.

    Say hello to Bobby C. Geo.B, Hilary B, Denny and the other comrades for me!


    Helluva thing when you come from nowhere -but got nuff brain.
    It gotta screw-up your little head, especially if carefully indoctrinated and brainwashed

  37. Rachel Haley

    Only the statues of the nasty dictators, of which “H*tl*r” was one! The buildings have value for historical reasons – they didn’t commit anything. The historical value outweighs the value of appeasing such hate as this BAFPFP. The others are right, Move On! In the US the same thing is happening, the blacks are not progressing because the Democrats keep them in the place of neediness and hatred. They can’t progress in that frame of mind….. so sad….

  38. Rachel Haley

    Only the statues of the nasty dictators, of which “H*tl*r” was one! are destroyed (I meant)