Barbados Advocate rants about CBC funding – but loves government advertising!

The motto of the Barbados News Media:

“Never bite the hand that feeds us”

OH the irony!

The current Barbados Advocate editorial Another sacred cow? makes some good points about the primary value of the CBC as an instrument of government propaganda.

Left unsaid though is that the Barbados Advocate itself loves to suck off the government teet when it comes to printing those full colour, full page adverts for the government. During the BLP reign, it was The Nation that was the main beneficiary of government gifts, now the Advocate benefits from the DLP government.

In return for that government advertising revenue the Barbados Advocate will not cover certain news stories and keeps a respectful posture on others. Even if their editorial is bluster it’s good to see The Barbados Advocate at least recognizing the blogosphere as an antidote for the news media being used for government propaganda…

“It is not to our certain knowledge either that the Opposition is any more averse to state ownership. After all, it should take nothing less than a Damascene conversion for a party which has occupied the seat of government for an equal part of those years, suddenly to become convinced of the benefits of privatisation of the island’s lone television station.

Of course, the 800 pound gorilla in the room which both sides of the political divide are careful not to notice is the perceived propaganda value of CBC; a perception that may indeed be more apparent than real in this era of the blogosphere, social networks, and streaming technology over the Internet. We are not aware of any empirical studies which would lead to an assumption that CBC is a national leader in the supply or analysis of information, whether political or otherwise in the public interest. We are prepared to be corrected on this nevertheless.”


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4 responses to “Barbados Advocate rants about CBC funding – but loves government advertising!

  1. cq8

    News media in Barbados is a big dog show. They cower when government threatens and beg when offered the advertising bone. The advocate criticizing the CBC for receiving public money is laughable.

  2. just want to know

    It is a total disgrace that CBC-DLP station should receive taxpayers dollars, a DISGRACE!

  3. Boy Blue

    CBC ,and all the other radio stations in Barbados has brought broadcasting to a new low. CBC should not be receiving any finds from the taxpayers. Whenever you turn on your radio, its either a long boring commercial, they like to call an advertorial disguised as programming, or a call -in show. Have you noticed how almost every programme has a call in element? even on CBC on Saturday and Sunday nights when the emphasis should be on light entertainment and sports. Who wants to hear about a root canal or how to invest your money on week-end nights. Now wonder that our people are full of stress.They need a more relaxing atmosphere. When London was being bombed during the Blitz,and during the war, numerous light entertainment programmes were made available to the people.
    How much revenue does CBC earn out of these constant and long- winded advertisments, and where does that money go?.
    But surely the frequency of popularity of the many call-in shows ,merits a reduction in staff,as well as operating cost.
    It is hard to believe today, that when CBC was first established it came under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.
    Thank God we still have BBC and 90.7 FM

  4. Old Macdonald

    CBC 40Million dollars debt? What? Wunna crazy?

    That is a monopoly and should be making nuff money. What half-idiot running the place?

    As the late great Gearbox us-ed to say ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!