What does it mean? Almond Resorts: Slash and burn pricing @ 45% off

Barbados: £1,259.00 for 7 days, 2 adults, 2 children all inclusive

Friends, I don’t really know what to think of this one. Not being in the travel industry I have nothing to really compare it to, but it seems to be so low I have to wonder where the profit is. If I really think about it, I have to wonder about the necessity that drives this cut-rate pricing.

We are a high-end destination, aren’t we? Isn’t that our market?

The £1,259.00 price includes all taxes and all a family of four can eat, drink and play for a week.

Perhaps someone in the travel industry can explain what kind of an indicator this is. I have a feeling it’s not good, but maybe I’m wrong.

Comments are open!


Here’s the link to the deal while it lasts.



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26 responses to “What does it mean? Almond Resorts: Slash and burn pricing @ 45% off

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  2. pop

    Could it mean the place is empty and they have to do anything to get heads in beds?

  3. Newbie

    What would be interesting would be BTA’s view on the price cutting. They seem to nurture an environment of hotels not cutting each others throats, so to speak.

  4. civilsociety

    Ask anyone in the travel industy to comment on it, but the real people you should be asking are the owners of Almond-namely Neal and Massey. They are causing HUGE problems for the hotel industry now because they are selling their accomodation way below cost, and all they are doing is creating cash flow to keep the lights on. This should be stopped, but the reality of this is we are in a free market, so price will determine volume. We can only truly hope they fill up, and then they have no more rooms to sell, so that the market can recover!

  5. watcher

    @civil soiciety

    Are they causing hughe problems are showing leadership of where pricing needs to be so that they are competitive with other sun locations.

  6. Tealc

    Thats how Groupon works BFP. Look at all the PAST DEALS. Are you saying all those properties worldwide are in the shitter too? Groupon is a form of advertising, the economics works out and you get some business.

  7. yatinkiteasy

    To sell Oceanfront rooms on the West Coast at US278 per night, including all meals and drinks for two adults and two children,, all watersports etc, is not just a good deal…it`s absolute madness!

  8. goldteet

    You people are jokers who seem not to understand what is happening in the world with tourism. Yesterady, Thomas Cook shares on the FTSE dropped 75% which means that this leading UK and European tour operator is in trouble. I am sure that Thompson is not far behind. Why? Due to the political problems in Tunisia & Egypt and the flooding in Thailand. Factors out of their control but if they collapse, it will seriously affect Barbados and the wider Caribbean.

    Barbados’ tourism is in trouble but no one in the industry will say such. Kudos to Almond Resorts for doing what other Caribbean hotels have been doing for a long time. They are only thinking of survival and trying to keep their doors open and their staff employed.

  9. yatinkiteasy

    @goldteet..you are right…Also, with online direct booking and the continued growth of internet searching/booking/paying options, it is only a matter of time before Travel Agencies and Tour Operators disappear entirely.
    In any business, selling below cost is not a healthy option.Selling rooms at below cost at the height of the season is diluting their chance of making even a small profit.
    I`m sure Neal and Masey did not purchase Almond to”keep their doors open and their staff employed”

  10. 191

    £1,259.00 sounds like realistic pricing to me!

  11. Reality is grim?

    The Glory Days of High Prices –on ANY Coast–
    are goooooone.

    We Bajans thought they would last forever, I know and understand
    but we are now begging for room occupancy!

    Over-Supply versus Under-demand?
    You know what that does to market values! Only one way to go!

    Welcome to The New World Order -and clean up your product, btw..

  12. Duppy Lizard

    People in Barbados must live on another planet. Do you not realise the serious situation of European and North American economies?? In Berlin today a “disastrous” German bond sale prompted fears that even Germany is being threatened by Europe’s debt crisis and the Bank of Canada called the situation in Europe a crisis barely contained.

  13. what will they think of next

    It means trying to keep the doors open.

  14. goldteet

    Read and hope for the best.

    UK Prime minister David Cameron has asked to be briefed on what’s happening at troubled tour operator Thomas Cook amid fears that its collapse could cost the taxpayer millions of pounds, it was revealed this afternoon.

    During Prime Minister’s Question Time in the House of Commons, David Cameron said: “I’ve obviously asked the business department to give me a report on what is happening in terms of Thomas Cook, because I think it is important to make sure this business is in a good, healthy state.”

    His comments came amid speculation that Europe’s second largest tour operator, which carries 22m passengers a year, is “too big to fail”.

    The collapse of a licensed tour operator the size of Thomas Cook would take a devastating toll on the Air Travel Trust Fund, which is already £42m in the red. As the ATTF is propped up by Government guarantees, there has been speculation that the Government will intervene to ensure Cook gets the financing it needs to stay in business.

  15. Check Tripadvisor for details see one comment below about Almond beach village.

    “one star not four”
    Reviewed November 17, 2011 1person found this review helpfulwe have just returned from this resort and were very disappointed. according to the brochure this is ‘a superb 4* resort recently undergone refurbishment in 2011″ this has never been refurbished recently. our room was shabby, net curtains hanging off the rails, the bathroom was minute, the telephone didnt work and it generally felt damp. the food was inedible and the chairs and tables around the pools and beach areas were either broken or shabby and unclean. the sunbeds were a disgrace with dirty marks and broken back rests. there was no promised entertainment during the evening and the whole resort needs a complete refurb. . it is on a lovely part of the beach and the staff for the most part were friendly and helpful. my advice – dont go – there are plenty of other better resorts.

    Stayed November 2011, traveled on business

    Value Location Sleep Quality Rooms Cleanliness Service

  16. Anonymous

    And they only get half of the revenue, the rest goes to Groupon. So they net US$139 including VAT and S/C.

  17. 133

    Wake up Barbados smell the coffee.

    Barbados is a lovely country, we have visited around 16 times over the last 10 years, BUT it has become superficially expensive.

    Like it or not there are equally as good destinations at a fraction of the price.

    This year it was Antigua for us, and just a fraction of the price!

  18. 133

    Yes; Barbados has become VERY expensive.

    It’ is actually cheaper to fly to Sydney Australia from U.K than it is to Barbados; how can that be?

    Mike – I agree
    We have also been frequent travellers to Barbados over the past 10 years or so, but now it has become too expensive

    We have stayed in all ‘levels’ of accommodation from Coconut Court, Sun Swept, to the Hilton.

    Taker the Hilton as an example; the costs have escalated over quite a short period of time.

    To put things in perspective, we also stayed at in Antigua this year in a Sandals resort, it was excellent.

    Cost wise their ‘All Inclusive’ price was virtually the same as ‘Room Only’ at the Hilton.

    IF Barbados is serious about tourism, then they must come up with more attractive deals.

    Today I was offered 4* Maldives A/I for £799:00. whilst Virgin Holidays have Hilton Barbados at £1376 for ROOM ONLY.

    It’s a no brainer!

  19. Seeker

    @ 133…

    Don’t worry, tourist, it’s gotten quite expensive for us here as well! We locals are scrubbing the decks just to make minimum wage! Won’t be long before we have to go back to grass huts…

    Everything just costs too much! We need some creative ideas NOW!

  20. Mike

    Hi @133…

    A very interesting response!

    If you are not earning then we are both being ripped off; I suspect by our governments!

    So where is the money going?

  21. Freelance

    Mr. 133 got the point.

    Barbados WAS top destination years ago, now thanks to bad service, people more unfriendly to tourists (ignorance is a bad beast!!), and overall HIGH prices on everything…ohi ohi ohi ….

  22. Marvin Bareback

    Almond properties have suffered a lot over the past 2-3 years since being bought by Neal & Massey. The parent company is not reinvesting anything into the properties to refurbish them over that time so the result is the Trip Advisor comments where people get to say exactly what they experienced. This new way of getting instant information on anywhere you want to go is really bringing pressure to bear on those places that are not at the top of their game.
    The bigger picture is that the Neal & Massey vs. Ansa McAl buyout was based on a battle for the book value of BS&T’s assets. At the time, BS&T was basically a property holding company (because all their operating entities were underperforming) and the value of the properties was at an historic high. So the Trinis end up with an overvalued company and
    the land values are now slashed in half or even less because a lot of the
    pieces wouldn’t sell in this current economic environment anyway.
    They obviously overpaid for the assets and now they can’t afford to plow any new capital into Almond to regain it’s former status. The damage is done, Almond is finished as a brand, reputation gone. The company is in a death spiral now and can only give away rooms to keep the lights on. The government is only hoping it won’t happen before the election is due so it won’t add to the long list of things that will be pinned on them.

  23. millertheanunnaki

    Marvin Bareback November 26, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    Brilliant! What more can be said! You have summed up the whole BS&T fiasco in a nutshell. It’s a pity that Bajans have to feel the pain and economic nuclear fall out of another local giant crumbling to its knees. The only thing that soon will be viable is the supermarket chain. Bajans like food and will continue to make this channel of business profitable enough to make it a going concern. Same thing happened to Plantations Ltd when CLICO started its asset stripping to get at the real estate.
    Another one bites the dust! The almond tree has fallen!

  24. Anonymous

    Lets see in the new year, thigs r realy hard in the world. Bajan need to look out and see

  25. Notunusual

    A tiny island – miniscule independent country – cannot afford the costs to run super expensive diplomatic missions etc. Let’s face the fact that 50% of our taxes are just thrown into a very inefficient civil service. Add to this the abominable waste of money by Govt – do we need the $12,000,000 roundabouts that impeded traffic for 1.5 years!? The hotels fight to make the foreign exchange but are forced to sell it at a discounted price so the merchants get to import and sell at a markup that accomodates substantial profits and of course keeps the unions happy with their on going demands for salary increases that no matter how needed, cannot be made if we are to remain internationally competitive. Answer – treat the hotels as intenational business companies – exactly – with duty free imports and low corporate taxes. Then that sector will boom and everyone will see the quality Barbados can deliver.

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