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Is this the brutal truth about Harlequin’s Merricks project in Barbados?

The following as posted at Harlecon.net simply cannot be true. We await comments and information from Harlequin.

“So finally Harlequin have embarked on their eagerly awaited build program. Having sold in excess of 1000 properties in Barbados since 2006 at their much publicised Merricks resort, the plans for the next 12 months are set out below;

A total of three units.”

… from the HarleCON.net story The Current Status of the Projects, Is there really a future?


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What does it mean? Almond Resorts: Slash and burn pricing @ 45% off

Barbados: £1,259.00 for 7 days, 2 adults, 2 children all inclusive

Friends, I don’t really know what to think of this one. Not being in the travel industry I have nothing to really compare it to, but it seems to be so low I have to wonder where the profit is. If I really think about it, I have to wonder about the necessity that drives this cut-rate pricing.

We are a high-end destination, aren’t we? Isn’t that our market?

The £1,259.00 price includes all taxes and all a family of four can eat, drink and play for a week.

Perhaps someone in the travel industry can explain what kind of an indicator this is. I have a feeling it’s not good, but maybe I’m wrong.

Comments are open!


Here’s the link to the deal while it lasts.


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