Attention Finance Minister Sinckler: About those Donville Inniss US Corporations, Real Estate and Assets

How did Donville Inniss get cash to Florida to purchase this condo?

Finance Minister Sinckler assures: Barbados plays by the rules! (But does Minister Inniss?)

by Marcus & Shona

Barbados has this little problem right now. French, American and Canadian politicians are calling our country a “tax haven” and other names – which is actually their way of accusing Barbados of offering secret offshore banking to foreigners who don’t want to obey the tax laws of their own countries.

France and some others say we don’t obey the rules of international finance. (Joke on the side: How many French soldiers does it take to defend Paris? Answer: Nobody knows. The French have never tried to defend Paris.)

Our government is responding to the charges with an aggressive public relations campaign and a host of reciprocal information sharing agreements with other countries. We’ve also pledged to update financial legislation and to more effectively monitor international financial transactions.

Fair enough. The sea is changing so Barbados is setting out some different sails and adjusting the windage and the helm. Good. We’ll check the passenger manifest too, to ensure that everybody on board is someone we don’t mind sailing with. That’s only common sense when our survival depends upon the friendship of other countries. (“Friend of all, satellite of none.”)

This is serious business for Barbados, because as Minister Sinckler said the other day at a meeting at Cin Cin Restaurant (Look at the food! THE FOOD! YUM!!!)

“…the international business and financial services sector contributes upwards of 60 per cent of all corporate revenues in the country and, therefore, that is an important station for us and one that we seek to protect and, of course, guard very zealously.”

… Minister Sinckler quoted in the Barbados Today news story Leading by example

What about the international finances of Health Minister Donville Inniss?

Barbados Free Press is publishing a series of stories showing that Minister of Health Donville Inniss profited from the online porn industry. Our stories tell the truth even if the Barbados news media covers up and looks the other way. Minister Inniss knows that our stories are true so he hasn’t taken any steps to have the stories removed from WordPress where Barbados Free Press makes its home.

But now we get to the issue of money. How was Minister Inniss paid for his involvement with online porn companies? Was he a stakeholder in any company or was he providing a paid service to front the porn industry? Were any of his family members or friends acting as proxies?

We think we see some interesting discoveries on the internet….

A reminder: the porn industry has long been associated with the degradation of women, human trafficking and money laundering.

Some of the Inniss porn websites direct customer fees to Switzerland and other foreign bank accounts. We haven’t found any that direct the money to Barbados. (We know. We paid and have the receipts!)

Did Minister Inniss receive all his porn profit monies in Barbados… or did some go into foreign bank accounts?

That is a good question for Finance Minister Chris Sinckler, considering he is assuring the international community that we do things by the rules here in Barbados.

And that brings us to Donville’s condo in Tampa, Florida…

Property Location 5125 PALM SPRINGS BLVD

Hey… Nice little place. Not too fancy or expensive as Florida condos go. I wonder if it is rented out or sits idle until Minister Inniss visits Tampa? If it is rented out, I wonder where the rent money is banked and if the profits are declared as income in Barbados?

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can follow paths and not know what you’re going to find and then.. WHAM!!! There online are the public record showing that Donville Inniss of Barbados owns a condo in Florida.

Hillsborough County Tax Collector: Donville Inniss condo information

Hillsborough County Assessor: Donville Inniss condo assessment Real Estate: Donville Inniss condo

Donville Inniss purchased the condo in March 2008 for US$146,000, but real estate crashed and it is now estimated to be worth only US$64,000.

We couldn’t find any mortgage information online, so maybe Donville paid cash for it. Or, maybe he put something down and pays a mortgage along with the taxes and condo fees.

Either way – paid cash or has mortgage – the money has to arrive in the USA one way or another, and seeing as how the customer payments from the Inniss-associated porn site sometimes go to Switzerland (they change it up occasionally), we have to wonder if Donville’s condo money comes from Barbados or someplace else.

Florida Corporation registered at Donville Inniss condo!

Some websites say a person at the condo is “Gail Williams-Innis” and there is a corporation listed there too…

Kyfi, Corp.

We don’t see much about this KYFI, Corp. except that “Gail Williams-Innis” is the President. Hmmmmmm… wonder what the corporation does? I wonder where the bank accounts are? (Note the wrong spelling of the Inniss name in the government records at SunBiz below. Hmmmmm…)

Maybe it is a “consulting” company (HA! HA! HA!) like the other Inniss Florida company…


Officer/Director: INNISS, DONVILLE


Hmmmmmm… I wonder where Inniss International Consulting, Inc. has its bank accounts? Florida, no doubt. Maybe New York and London, too? Why was it in existence for only a year and a bit? Was it set up for a quick purpose and then taken down when that purpose was done?

Without the Integrity Legislation we were promised we’ll never know… but that doesn’t stop us from asking questions.

Florida Department of State – Corporations

Do you want to see if any Bajan politician ever had a Florida Corporation?

It’s easy! Just go to and start searching with all kinds of criteria. It worked for us, and it should work for Finance Minister Sinckler too!

Go to “Search our Records”, then “Inquire by Officer/Registered Agent” and insert the last name first: “Inniss Donville” or “Williams-Innis Gail” or just “Innis” or “Inniss”.

Other names we want to try? How about “Mottley” ???  WHOA!!!!

Well that’s a common name. I wonder if any are related to the former leader of the Opposition? Because that is what political folks do… they put the offshore “consulting” company and its bank account in the name of a spouse or other trusted relative. Like the company registered to Donville Inniss condo in the name of Gail.

How about “Duprey Lawrence” ??? YIKES!!! I wonder how many of these Florida Duprey companies are “on the side”?

Folks, have fun trying out all the politician names that you can think of. Let’s see what comes up!

Up to you Minister Sinckler…

Barbados Finance Minister Chris Sinckler

Minister Sinckler: this is your chance to show the world and Bajans that you mean what you say about one law for all and everything we do in Bim is by the rules.

You have to make Minister Inniss account for his condo, and do so in a transparent way as would be the case now if your government had kept its promise to implement Integrity Legislation in 2008.

You should make enquiries as to where the Inniss family Florida corporations keep their bank accounts. Like you said to the world, Sir: This is serious business. As far as our integrity is concerned “we seek to protect and, of course, guard very zealously.”

It’s up to you Minister Sinckler because the Opposition won’t say anything. After 15 years in power BLP politicians and hangers on own a heap ‘o condos and offshore businesses in Miami and London and they aren’t going to throw those rocks in the glass Parliament house.

Not to mention that a few weeks ago one of the Opposition members pulled out a US credit card by accident at a West Coast restaurant. It was quickly put away and another given, but it was noticed. How does one get a US credit card without a US bank account? Maybe it’s possible, but this was a small bank-affiliated card so we have to wonder.

Back to Health Minister Pornville Inniss – enquiring minds want to know if the money for his Florida condo came from Bim with all of the proper declarations… or did it magically appear from Switzerland or by a mortgage granted by some unknown corporation?

Over to you Minister Sinckler…

Do you mean what you told the world, or not?


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18 responses to “Attention Finance Minister Sinckler: About those Donville Inniss US Corporations, Real Estate and Assets

  1. I appreciate the mention of my Cin Cin review, nevertheless, knowing Bajans as I do – should you not provide Screenshots which have digital time-stamp’s that verify a picture indicating ownership & addresses? That is why when I talk abut Gabrielle Springer as a Permanent Secretary in Foreign Trade and a Director of LIAT – as to Barbados dragging itd feet on REDjet with SLU, I have evidence to substantiate my concerns

  2. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    Marcus forgot to put in the link. I’ll find it so people can go to the Tampa land tax department online and see it for themselves. Patience please I have to find it and I don’t want to wake him up (he’s working nights this week).


  3. Mac

    Love the irony that the restaurat was called “Cin Cin”!!!!

  4. Mac

    sorry! “n”

  5. what will they think of next

    The Barbados Labour Party just spinning top in mud. This didn’t fly in the last election and it is doomed to failure once again.
    Sandra Husbands and her people have to come with something else. Warmed over cold soup.

  6. millertheanunnaki

    @what will they think of next November 22, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Ok put the partisan politics aside.
    The question to you and the Don is this:
    Does the Don own a villa (condo) in Miami? If yes , does he declare it as property in his income tax filed with the Barbados Inland Revenue?

    Or do you consider such transgression of the laws of Barbados perfectly OK for a minister of the Crown in Barbados?

  7. Rastaman

    I am not unduly worried about his declaring income ,I am more concerned with a Min of Health being in the porn business

  8. X

    Check this link out – it’s pretty wild!

    House is estimated at value of $64k (yes, Florida real estate has taken a beating) after being last transacted in March 2008 for $146k. Bad timing on that investment!

    03/31/2008 Sold $146,000 — $113 Public Record

  9. Green Monkey

    I am not unduly worried about his declaring income ,I am more concerned with a Min of Health being in the porn business.?

    Well hopefully he will at least insist his porn stars and actors wear condoms and practice safe sex as they engage in their on screen activities.

  10. Peter Piper

    Give me a break. as far as I know Minister Inniss’ wife and children are Americans. He has been in Tampa for over 10 years and I know pior to entering politics he was considering relocating the family to Tampa. If you check further you may find that he and his wife took out a mortgage on the property. I am no sure that he ever sought to hide anything. I know for sure that Minister Inniss wold have disclosed this to PM Thompson and Stuart.

    It is curious to note that Minister Inniss is the most atacked Minister at Barbados Freepress. the question is what has he done to the faceless folks at BFP. Who in the BLP is behind this?

  11. BFP

    Hi Peter Piper,

    What has Minister Inniss has done to warrant our attention? Easy… he put his name to disgusting online porn websites and businesses that run their money through Switzerland and other offshore banking centers.

    So on both the morality issue and the offshore financial transactions that need to be explained, Minister Inniss has remained silent – with the assistance of the Bajan news media. If this were America or the UK, the press would be all over this story and rightly so.

    But seeing as we’re the only ones who will touch this important story – we’ll keep it up and when we discover something new we’ll post it.

    What about you, Peter Piper? Do you think that a man who holds the trademark used on porn websites featuring pregnant women and sex with animals should hold public office in Barbados? How about that for a start… what do you think?

  12. tony

    @pied piper
    you nay also want to ask who in the DLP es behind this. Afterall the folks in the DLP first spoke about The on line porn business. They gave hin lashes on it,

  13. Newbie


    you figured it out because I can’t???

  14. BAFBFP

    Oh Sh’te, people have a problem with porn … A world where European governments set out to overthrow and assassinate a North African leader using the flimsiest of excuses and causing the violent deaths of thousands, a UN that condones straight up tiefery of non-Western resources, and in broad day light, a world with such violent mas criminality, there are still people that have a problem with people making money from reading news with nothing on but a pair of glasses…

    In any event consensual sex is a healthy fun exercise … so what if people film it and sell it … Hell of a lot better than selling weapons or worse still, numbing the minds of children by selling movies and video games that advocate extreme violence gore and destruction … Oh you hypocrites

  15. Anonymous207

    @Peter Piper, November 23, 2011 at 2:01 am

    “Give me a break. as far as I know Minister Inniss’ wife and children are Americans. He has been in Tampa for over 10 years and I know pior to entering politics he was considering relocating the family to Tampa. If you check further you may find that he and his wife took out a mortgage on the property. I am no sure that he ever sought to hide anything. I know for sure that Minister Inniss wold have disclosed this to PM Thompson and Stuart.”

    YOU … give me a break, Mr. Peter Piper!
    (1) How can you be so sure that Inniss never sought to hide anything?

    (2) What is it that you know for sure? That Inniss disclosed to Thompson and Stuart that he owned Florida Condos, or that he had heavy involvement in and million-dollar earnings from the pornography business?

    (3)Are/were these Inniss matters alright with the “Families First” man Thompson, and the so-called “squeeky-clean” Stuart? How did/do they feel about one of their ministers being involved in the promotion of beastiality, gay sex, teenage and pregnant moms’ porn?

    (4)What are Inniss’ views on homosexuality laws in Barbados, based on his heavy promotion of gay sex on

    (5) When the promised Integrity Legislation is established, will Inniss declare his overseas properties, and his massive earnings from the porn business?

    (6) Will the local press at least ASK Inniss a few questions about these matters?

  16. Old Macdonald

    Bollocks. A LOT of bajans own properties overseas, a LOT, especially in US and UK.

    Just gotta google some big names and they aint the only ones. I more concerned with the big houses that people who dont have no job does own here!

    How dem get de money?

    Grow pun trees? As Gearbox say ””AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’!

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