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Harlequin Hotels and Resorts goes nuclear to silence News Media

Harlequin’s preemptive strike: threatens world’s news media with lawsuit

Barbados Free Press WILL NOT BE CENSORED: Prints Harlequin’s Threat and HarleCON.net’s reply

Caribbean360.com publicizes HarleCON.net website after threat. Slips website name into news story!

Harlequin says “fraudster” Padraig O’Halloran behind HarleCON.net website

HarleCON.net replies


First, from Harlequin Hotels and Resorts…


A new website has emerged which is a personal and malicious attack on Harlequin. This is just the latest in a series of defamatory statements made against Harlequin and the Ames Family personally.

Like all previous stories that have been posted on the internet, the bloggers have attempted to hide their true identity – this time they hide behind a website in Singapore. Their cowardly attempt at anonymity has failed. The person behind these statements is Padraig O’Halloran.

Mr O’Halloran is a fraudster whose assets were frozen by the courts last year in the Caribbean and Ireland after we learned about his fraudulent misappropriation of funds. Continue reading


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How do grade school textbooks portray Islam? New study may shock you

ACT! for America Education releases alert about forthcoming study

Brigitte Gabriel - President, ACT! for America Education

Eighteen months ago ACT! for America Education launched an in-depth analysis of thirty-eight 6th through 12th grade textbooks, to see how they treated the subject of Islam.

The research has been completed, and what we have found will shock you. The historical falsehoods, bias and other misrepresentations of Islam in these textbooks are egregious and persistent.

We are currently completing the writing and final edits to the report, which will document over 245 errors in these various textbooks.

Here’s a small sample of what we found. Continue reading


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