Barbados Free Press – Our 4,500th post

For the record…

Afra Raymond’s latest contribution below is our 4,500th post since we first cracked open a cold Banks beer, fired up the cranky old DELL and launched Barbados Free Press in January of 2006.

This coming January will make it six years, and in that time we’ve welcomed well over ten million visitors from all over the world – including from an Antarctic research station and a pipeline construction site in Siberia! There are some very cold Bajan brothers out there who are really “Over and Away”.

BFP’s Best Day for Traffic – 44,087 Visitors

Our best day for traffic so far was on February 20, 2009 when 44,087 people visited Barbados Free Press in one day. (!!!) We’ve had many 20,000+ days when the mainstream media latches onto something on the blog but the events of February 20, 2009 almost doubled the next best day.

What was the big deal? It was a combination of CNN, Google, BBC and YAHOO! News latching onto a post that was originally published November 5, 2007 Was Rihanna Asked To Leave Her Cousin’s Wedding… Or Like Cher, Is Media Overdoing The Story?

Almost a year and a half later in February 2009 we brought the article back to the top for a day and updated it to talk about saving the Graeme Hall wetlands. Somehow the wider news media picked up on it and for the next month the post and the linked Graeme Hall posts went crazy with 442,381 people reading about the Rihanna cousin’s wedding and the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary and mangroves.

442,381 visitors to this little blog in the short month of February. Outstanding! even if we say so ourselves.

What we said was…

We’re in a battle here to save the last natural area on the south of our island. The Government and their land developer friends want to turn the Graeme Hall wetlands into a row of highrise condos, golf course and water park. Please help raise awareness around the world.

… and provided some links to our Graeme Hall stories. Somehow that touched off a visitor frenzy. We’ve tried to duplicate what happened with other articles but the next best we’ve done produced 242,661 visitors in March of last year.

A Question for our Readers…

We think we do okay traffic-wise for a bunch of drunks and fools here at BFP – without using Facebook, Twitter and other things that some blogs do.

I’d like to see us use those and similar tools to try and expand our visitor base, but Clive has all these rules about limiting our personal exposure on the internet and he’s violently opposed to Facebook because (says Clive) he doesn’t trust it.

Can we have a second opinion from any of our readers: Can BFP expand to Twitter and Facebook without worrying about privacy and security?



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7 responses to “Barbados Free Press – Our 4,500th post

  1. Anony Mouse

    It depends what you mean by privacy. You operate from Barbados, and whatever VPN or other proxies you use, all of your data traffic is scanned and skimmed and sniffed and archived by the very big computers run by Britain’s GCHQ (which was built in to all Cable and Wireless infrastructure) and the USA’s NSA which has full access to GCHQ assets. So those guys know exactly who and where you are, even if they wouldn’t share any of it with the Barbados govt unless you became a “terrorist threat” etc etc. I’d be surprised if the Chinese haven’t tapped in to Barbados’s data infrastructure too (you see that Wildey gym….?). Twitter is more secure (although again the US security establishment has full access). Facebook is more of a problem, no reason for you to go there.

  2. FearPlay

    I would advise against it – both! Individuals have so many privacy problems now as it is, rest be assured you won’t be far behind.

  3. Anon

    In this tech savvy world there is nowhere to hide. If the authorities want to know who you are, it is possible.

    Don’t like Facebook, because info placed there might be harmless today, but tomorrow, who knows.

  4. Sonapanic

    Everyone knows that BFP is Adrian Loveridge, and that has not been a secret for a very long time.

  5. Mac

    Just tried making a cake with 4500 candles on it, the house just burnt down!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Newbie

    If you didn’t believe George Orwell’s 1984, believe it now, E-mails, text messages, phone calls, websites are all being monitor somewhere by some Government, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!!!

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