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Snow in Barbados? TODAY Show still has people talking

The more we see online of the worldwide talk, weblinks, photos, videos and news stories coming out of Matt Lauer and the Today Show’s broadcast from Barbados, the more we appreciate not only the good that will continue to come to BIM for a long time – but the amount of work that went into the planning and execution.

Good ideas are a dime a dozen: making them happen is what counts and the people who made this happen deserve our thanks.

Now the challenge is for Barbados to live up to the image that TODAY Show viewers saw. As our resident tourism guru Adrian Loveridge recently commented at BFP…

“Tourism is truly everybody’s business, as you know, and we ALL have to do our part. Currently there is nothing much else on the horizon to take us out of the current economic challenges.”

So true. Talk about how Barbados is going to do this and restructure that all you want, but right now and for the foreseeable future it is tourism that is the life blood of this country that puts the meals on the table. For that reason alone all Bajans should smile and say hello to a tourist once a day.

Can you imagine if each of us did that every day no matter where you worked or went to school?  If every Bajan went out of their way just once a day to say a kind word to a tourist, what a positive impact that would have upon the way folks perceive Barbados.

Here are a few links to blog postings by TODAY Show staffers. It’s all good positive vibes that will continue to resonate for a long time…

Jennifer Long, TODAY Producer How I made it snow in Barbados

Lots of links to videos and other posts at TODAY Blog’s: Matt basks in the Barbados sun and A complete recap of Matt’s trip


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