Murder charge against Mark Headley

Accused is boyfriend of victim’s twin sister.

Barbados Today is reporting that a man has been charged with the murder of Patrina Lord. Mark Headley appeared before the court late Thursday afternoon and has been remanded to December 8th. (Photo of accused courtesy of Barbados Today)

The Nation is reporting that the victim’s twin sister, Patricia Lord, was questioned by police and released. Her involvement or knowledge in the case hasn’t been made public but there have been reports that the accused Mark Headley is Patricia’s boyfriend.

Barbados Today: Murder accused remanded

The Nation: Man to be charged with murder

Barbados Free Press (earlier story): Patrina Lord’s body found. Murder investigation underway.


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5 responses to “Murder charge against Mark Headley

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  2. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Wow this interesting. So if he is the boyfriend of the twin sister then the twin sister must have known something re to her sisters dissappearance. Hmmmm got to wait on this one

  3. millertheanunnaki

    Sunshine Sunny Shine: November 11, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Appears to be more in the mortar(s) than just the pestle (no pun intended)!
    Maybe the pestle was of the right size and fitting both mortars? Maybe the poor one eye hole idiot could not tell right from left; both looked the same to a snake with one red eye full of venom!

  4. blue heffner

    my goodness what a horrible story my condolences goes out to her loved ones.

  5. t.e.b

    it is a shame that after all these years living and interacting with each other that we still resolve to greed jealousy and lies, knowing the outcome of such we still respond with anger and voilent actions hatred and selfishness.