Patrina Lord’s body found. Murder investigation underway.

UPDATED: November 10, 2011 6:40pm Bridgetown

Murder charge laid against one Mark Headley. According to The Nation, Patrina’s sister was cleared by the police. See our separate story here.

UPDATED: November 9, 2011 5:30pm

A Nation story indicates that the break in the case came when the victim’s brother chased down the male suspect and held him for police. Patrina is believed to have been killed by a blow to the head shortly after leaving her boyfriend’s home last week. Her body was kept in the boot of a motor-car until it was dumped last Saturday in the cane field where she was eventually found.  The Nation: Tip did it

UPDATED: November 8, 2011 4:30pm

Various news media in Barbados reporting that the police were taken to the body by the suspect or suspects. Nation News reports that Patrina Lord’s twin sister is being questioned, along with the sister’s boyfriend or husband. There was a dispute over a motor-car.

Another report indicates that Patrina had been beaten.

It is said that murder is often a family affair. The way it looks at the moment, that might be true in this case.

Our original story first published November 7, 2011…

Sad sad news this evening for the family of missing 31 year old woman Patrina Lord. Her partially decomposed body was found in a field in Content, St. Thomas.

Police have one man under arrest, or as we say “assisting in the investigation”.

Lord went missing last Wednesday. A good guess would be a domestic dispute with the man killer leading the police to the scene – but a guess is all it would be.

More information should be coming out in the morning.

The Nation has the story so far: Body found

(photo credit: Lord family through  the RBPF to The Nation)



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31 responses to “Patrina Lord’s body found. Murder investigation underway.

  1. 64

    Sad very sad. Seems murder is becoming a per month thing. Gosh I feel for this family and the boyfriend. Reminds me of the gruesome death and find of the young Hurley girl a few years ago.

  2. Nation says One suspect while BT says Two

  3. who would kill she though

  4. Anonymous

    This is very sad. What have she done that deserve this.

  5. Alice in Dreadland

    I am full of anger at the murder of this woman. This craziness just keeps happening & yet another woman is slaughtered most likely by a jealous possessive lover…..When will this shit stop?….Surely this is what the church and our society should be up in arms about, the BRUTAL MURDER of our women. Instead the church & the like bump their gums about what consenting adults of the same sex get up to in to in private…NONSENSE….We need to focus on the real shit going on in this country & stop being distracted by those taliking pious crap…My deepest condolences to this young womans family.

  6. Spoke to Insp. Welch – a suspect in custody while two are ‘Questioned’… Hope the Guilty are left with the Boogaloo Boys and no soap nor Vaseline

  7. Newbie

    TO ALL THE HANGING IS INHUMANE BRIGADE, This murderous and evil trend will continue to grow in Barbados and other nations as long as we keep burying our heads in the sand and hoping that it never happens to us or one of our family. When the guilty party(s) is found in any of these types of crime, if guilt is proven 100%, then there is no doubt in my mind that the perpetrator(s) of the crime should also lose their life by state execution. It does not make any sense to lock the person up in prison and have the victim’s family involuntarily supporting his life by way of tax paying. Some organisations claim that the perpetrator(s) have human rights, what happened to the victim’s human right to life. Why wait for someone to come along and kill us for whatever reason they fancy, why don’t we all just commit suicide and save the murderers a job?

  8. Anonymous

    Seems like its allegedly the twin sister and her boyfriend.

  9. millertheanunnaki

    @Newbie: November 8, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    You need to direct this alarm call to the Attorney General who has the guts to stand up for Barbados’ buggery laws (an unnatural act but between 2 consenting adults other wise it would be deemed as rape which can attract much heavier penalties up to 25 years in jail) but seems to succumb to pressures regarding the enforcement of the law regarding murder citing human rights as the reason for turning a blind eye (no hanging during my watch).

  10. what will they think of next

    So the state will kill people to prove to people that killing people is wrong.

  11. TrueBajanMan

    “what will they think of next”


  12. millertheanunnaki

    Ian Bourne: November 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm
    “Hope the Guilty are left with the Boogaloo Boys and no soap nor Vaseline”.
    And suppose any of the guilty happened to be female! What then?
    Who are the Boogaloo Boys, BTW? Friends or foes? I am interested (in knowing, that is)!

  13. Boogaloo Boys? watch?v= 6YiCRgjSOKQ “Prison Life In Barbados – Virgin 1’s X-Channel with Will Mellor (UK Actor) at Dodds Jail, St Philip” upXml9 ““Hell In Barbados” uncovered problems at Glendairy prisons – UK Actor Will Mellor found some more at Dodds as a mock-inmate”

  14. Loss of lives

    A murder was committed in the Pine, where a young basket baller was killed.

    Cyclist was killed by a motorist near six roads, close to the electrical & car accessory businesses.

    What has happened to these two cases? Do we have more cases like these? Do we need the public to speak up on these and give the Police tips?

    Could you enlighten me BFP or Mr. Bourne? I would really like to know what is going on here.

  15. From Terry Donaldson’s account of his incarceration in Barbados, isn’t it sad that even he noted how unfair our justice system treats some of our own?

    I quote:

    “Next day- court appearance. I was actually relieved when the magistrate, a Mrs. Marva Clarke handed me a 4 year sentence at Oistins Magistrates Court. It could have been a lot worse. If I hadn’t been nearly doubled up with the pains from heroin withdrawal, I might even have danced a jig. The cops seemed pissed off that I got off lighter than a local man who’d been caught stealing bottles of mauby. His name was Williamson- a Rastaman- and he had just got a 5 year sentence.”

  16. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Well that’s the law in Barbados. And not one darn thing any of you will say is going to change it. We practice the ”Rango” Law of the four F’s. Fake, Fraudulent, Frivilous & Fair deal for the status Quo.

  17. BRENDA

    Truth is…in Barbados you can do absolutely anything and get away with it, the law does not care unless you are a politician, family of a politician or some prominent elite….The masses are alwayssssss last priority but what Barbados need to realize is that its masses make up the society and they should matter as well, stop talking about human rights and encouraging re offenders, the crime rate will sky rocket cause the justice system is soooo much crapp (a man selling marijuana to support his family in these hard times would be given a longer sentence than a man who committed rape or manslaughter sometimes, how is this justice?????) what happen to those Campus trends men? or that white man that “ACCIDENTALLY” killed his son? police are to caught up with trivial shit, telling ya “dont park here!” or “you cant sell this or that” when they are serious crimes being committed stupse

  18. Seeker

    @ BRENDA…

    Hit the nail on the head! Nothing ever happens to the big-ups…that’s why us “normal people” have to protect ourselves! Don’t wait until your loved ones are taken! Protect yourself NOW!

  19. 99.87%-perfect deterrent not good enough!

    Capital Punishment works as a very efficient deterrent for 99% of society.

    Jail alone (far less hanging) stops 99% of us from doing rash things.

    as far as the Perfectionist Liberal Lot is concerned
    for a deterrent to be classified as a viable deterrent
    it must be 100% perfect and utterly infallible.

    I lay the downfall of Western societies at the feet of the Euro-Liberal Movement.

    I lay the upswing in global crime at the feet of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and other bleeding hearts
    for it is their Euro-liberal view that has us in this social MESS!

    All is not lost however.
    The Pendulum is presently swung about as far left as it can go
    and is about to swing the other way! It has to.
    No pendulum stays put in any one position for long.


    I further submit that only one punishment is a FAR-more cruel-and-unusual punishment than the death penalty
    -and that is locking people up at public expense for the rest of their tortured lives!

    Lifelong Jail is torture.
    Amnesty Int’l. says it’s OK to subtly torture ppl in that manner.
    Nice guys, huh? lol

    I’d rather they hang me and let’s get it over with.
    Freedom or DEATH!

  20. lawyer

    If I hadn’t been nearly doubled up with the pains from heroin withdrawal, I might even have danced a jig. The cops seemed pissed off that I got off lighter than a local man who’d been caught stealing bottles of mauby. His name was Williamson- a Rastaman- and he had just got a 5 year sentence.”

    What a bunch of lies no way a man goes to jail in Barbados for 5 years for stealing a couple bottles of mauby. Dont forget its a white foreign drug dealer trying to sell his book who is reporting this rubbish.

  21. 144

    The death penalty can indeed be a deterrent. There are at least five (5) local cases that I know of (reported in the mainstream press) where men killed someone, were found guilty of MANSLAUGHTER, served a few years, returned to society and killed A SECOND TIME. It seems you can get used to killing ((or even enjoy it) once you realize that the penalty is a bare joke.

  22. 144

    Re: Anonymous post above.
    This was actually posted four (4) hours before the stated time.

  23. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    The problem with Barbados is that it is ripe for exploitation in all forms of that game. You see the people that form the big boys club know fully well that Barbadians are passive, easily bribe and persuaded with ”chicken fee Sir Grantleys”. That is why politicians, lawyers and prominent business persons get away with so much shite on the island. The circle of corruption protects the corruptors and ensures that key persons are place in positions of influence to protect they crime ring. YES PEOPLE IT IS CRIME RING THAT IS JUSTIFED UNDER RHETORIC AND THE POWER OF INFLUENCE. These people have benefited and practice it so long that they DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE COMMITTING CRIMES. Its time for stupid ass bajans to wake up and see what is happening around them. But that will only happen when they realise that they can no longer afford food, clothing, shelter and basic necessities of life, which is not to far off. Then all hell will broke loose in some form of civil unrest.

  24. millertheanunnaki

    @Sunshine Sunny Shine: November 10, 2011 at 11:11 am
    Bang on target! So true!
    One only has to look at the CLICO affair to corroborate your analysis of the Stupidass Bajan Psyche!
    There are cases where people have been arrested (stopped) and charged (accused) but subsequently let go.
    The intention here is primarily for the embarrassment and public humiliation effect. Seems not to apply to the man with pals in high places!

  25. Newbie

    The Bible says thou shalt not kill. (I believe in CHRIST).
    The law states that it is an offence to kill. (I respect about 95% of written law)
    Maybe I can send a .com letter to would be murderers begging them TO MAKE SURE NOT TO KILL ME, yeah, that will work. Nothing deters some people but the threat of hanging will deter most people, (rIght or wrong?). APOLOGIES FOR THE SARCASM.
    Life should be (BLACK OR WHITE) (RIGHT OR WRONG) It is in those gray areas that all the problems develop, COMPASSION (for who a Murderer,Rapist), TOLERANCE (would you be tolerant if it was your child) FORGIVENESS (Did the person forgive PATRINA for whatever).
    HUMAN RIGHTS (the killer took away all of PATRINA’S rights).
    If you deliberately take a life and conceal that act for whatever reason, then you deserved to forfeit your right to life WHEN PROVEN GUILTY. By the way even suicide is illegal in a lot of countries. The only stupid thing about that law is, those that succeed in breaking the law cannot actually be punished by the law.
    Sometimes THE LAW IS AN ASS obviously passed by a bunch of asses! But it is still the law if decided by the masses and passed by the representatives of the masses. I would beg all the people of Barbados to advocate capital punishment for one crime that deserve capital punishment, MURDER. Not two men in a fight and one gets fatally injured.

  26. Newbie

    To BFP the http link was inserted automatically by your software. I wrote www(dot).com purely as an example, not as advertising!!!!

  27. millertheanunnaki

    @ Newbie:November 10, 2011 at 5:09 pm
    “The Bible says thou shalt not kill. (I believe in CHRIST).”

    You have us a bit befuddled on your stance.
    Are you for capital punishment (“except in cases where, say, two men in a fight and one gets fatally injured”)? Or are you against capital punishment, period?
    My argument is this: Why have a law on the statute books that is clearly not being enforced although there are ongoing cases for its application?
    If the AG is not in favour of it or it cannot be enforced because of overriding external agreements then by all fairness change the offending piece of legislation to reflect the country’s current position on the issue of murder and human rights.
    But as a confessed believer in Christ you will be faced with a dilemma if you subscribe to the worldly position as expressed in you statement – “I would beg all the people of Barbados to advocate capital punishment for one crime that deserve capital punishment”.
    How do you square that position with Jesus’ admonishment of “turning the other cheek” and “forgiving wrongdoers seventy times seven” (Matthew 5:39; 6:15; 18:21-22). Even God in the book of Genesis forbid anyone to slay Cain (Genesis 4:13-15).

  28. Newbie

    Honestly if I was given the choice of a humane death sentence or life in jail I know I would choose to die. I have to agree with anyone that says life in prison is nothing but continuous torture. Sorry let me rephrase that SHOULD be nothing but continuous torture especially for rape or child molestation,
    MURDERERS should not be jail so they don’t count.

  29. Newbie

    @ Millertheannunaki

    We can argue all day and night about the words in the Bible, meanings, interpretations (An eye for an eye), translations, versions, etc. Look inside yourself would you want someone to kill you, I don’t think so. EMPATHY is our only judge. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If we as a nation decided that MURDER is punishable by death (by the state) we would all know where we stand prior to committing the act, but the law must be enforced as every other law should be. Had Cain continued to kill how long should it have been tolerated, UNTIL HIS NATURAL DEATH????? How many people can one kill in a lifetime I wonder. DON’T let the book that we read the “Bible” distort your logic, there are contradictions all over in the modern Bible. I do not read Christ’s teachings I feel Christ’s teachings, did he not get angry with the money changers in his Father,s house. There comes a point when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  30. millertheanunnaki

    @Newbie: November 10, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    I don’t intend to argue about the word in the Bible. I am just pointing out your hypocritical position on murder vis à-vis so-called Jesus’ teachings.
    Anger is a human emotion. Murder is an illegal and serious act!
    Since you have not yet made your position clear here is the question to you again:
    Do you believe in capital punishment for murder other than that involving 2 men fighting and it ends in one killing the other?

    Yes? or NO?

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