HarleCON website targets Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

“Welcome to Harlecon

Once upon a time, there was a double-glazing salesman from Essex who saw an opportunity to make money from selling properties overseas.

The business started off with a small development in Saint Vincent, but rapidly turned into a multi-million pound property group. Unfortunately, not much of the property that has been sold has ever been built.

This site aims to show what has happened to the money taken is what may well prove to be one of the biggest Ponzi schemes ever operated in the UK.”

How long will HarleCON.net last?

Someone has established an anonymously published website that purports to provide insider details about people and business dealings of Harlequin Hotels & Resorts.

The website’s name of HarleCON.net is registered through an anonymous proxy service in Arizona, USA and went live on October 31, 2011.

The first major article was published on Saturday, November 5, 2011 and makes an interesting observation that Harlequin Air doesn’t have enough capacity to meet the advertised claims. I read the article and I see the author’s point.

Some other interesting articles on this website are…

Where are purchaser deposits really going????? And who is benefitting?????

Harlecon Air, Ames your plane is too small.

Harlequin, It’s Agents and the Fraudulent Misrepresentation

A Message to Dave Ames Chairman Of Harlequin

Background on Dave Ames

How Purchasers find that they are locked into the Harlequin Product

The Caribbean Key Players (Construction Past & Present)

Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited

The Resorts and Development Companies

Other companies

And from Harlequin itself…

Harlequin Air to make waiting times a thing of the past



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19 responses to “HarleCON website targets Harlequin Hotels & Resorts

  1. Clunk

    I came to the conclusion years ago that this is a ponzi scheme of the first order. The new airplane is a show nothing more than window dressing to suck in the investors.

  2. 119

    This site has been published by little more than an angry investor who purchased in the earlier days when the resorts were originally launched. The developments have not come online yet and this investor is set on destroying the reputation of the company. There are some interesting facts on the site which are true, but the majority are false over elaborated slanderous claims by an individual with a vested interest. The internet unfortunately these days can mean anyone can post rubbish online.

  3. Distant Voice

    THIS IS SHOCKING. After CZMU completed the boardwalk on south coast we had 3 hotels, Sierra, silver beach and Caribbee going into dilapidation and presenting a major eyesore and serious health issues to the public. We also have vacant land with garbage and bush where Ocean View used to be. Allamanda was a functional hotel with a good little bar on the boardwalk and just next door, was the Tiki bar. Now these 2 properties have been boarded off and Allamanda has been stripped and work stopped. The developer has blamed government for not coming through with fiscal incentives.

    How long will it stay like this. ?

    There are only 3 functioning restaurants on a mile long boardwalk and government continues to allow the remaining dereliction to stay.

    The public health dept. has done nothing to force the owners of Sierra and Caribbee to effectively and permanently clean up their stagnant swimming pools and board off the empty buildings.

    The boardwalk has increased the value of all commercial properties that abound it, and yet we continue to have no development. It is well known that it can take on average 2 years to process an application to Town planning for a beachfront development. Pure Beach took 3 years.

    At this rate I can estimate that we will be seeing this kind of crap for many years to come. This is the heart of the tourism product for the south coast and looks like it is getting worse. Where is the local investment ?

    Government is complicit in this mess. Getting these properties back up and running will be very difficult as well as costly.

    Goodbye Barbados you had your chance and you blew it.

  4. St George's Dragon

    If you read only one page from this website read:
    Save a copy of this. Harlequin is ruthless when it comes to bad PR like this and I suspect the website will not be up for long. Google what happened to the Singing Pig website.
    Pass the website address to all of your friends – along with the caveat, of course, that Harlequin are probably fine upstanding chaps and nothing is proven.

  5. Layou Gal

    119 – You may be right about the motive. But if Harlequin simply build what it promise, on time, there would be no unhappy investors. An if it can’t build, just repay the money – but it won’t. The best they offer is over 2 years, even where they have broken the contract. They just say, tough, sue us – in St Vincent!

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Looks like our ex PrimeMinister believed he was dealing with a bunch of crooks. I don`t know how these type of “investors” can continue to come to Barbados and buy prime oceanfront properties.When are laws going to be drafted and passed that control such purchases? The West Coast is way beyond the reach of local people, except a few well known millionaires, and know the South Coast is being sold off too…to our ex colonial rulers.
    We Bajans are truly a bunch of a holes.

  7. St George's Dragon

    Now you did notice that tucked away in the website there is a reference to Dave Ames son being charged with fraud?

  8. Piere


    Paudie O’Halloran is an enemy of the state of JOrdan and Oman, he has tried similar scams in Nigeria. He is a racist who is being hunted the world over. He fled Barbados when his would be girl friend dumped him for a woman, Sarah Mclaren, which has been in the media. O’Halloran a laughing stock cant satisfy his women or his buisness! but spent many peoples money trying to do so.

    Barbados dont be fooled – this man owes your government money, owes many businesses money, has sacked hundreds, fooled many and has nothing but bad things to say about anyone who would invest in your country. Check out his track record and be mindful of his lies. Do not believe that what you read is true.

    O’Halloran the rope is tightening! Good luck to all who pursue you for justice around the world.

    I wish Barbados and its people rid of this criminal and properous times ahead.

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  10. Jill H

    I really wouldn’t read too much into the harlecon, it’s very sour grapes from “Paudie O’Halloran” and his clan of thugs.

    Hiding behind some hosting in China, and fake addresses – reality is that these people/person is based in Ireland somewhere … what comes around goes around.

    A happy investor, who understands the model.

  11. shirley west

    I doubt Jill you bought anything from Harlequinn but do not doubt you understand the buisness model, perhaps you could educate everyone as to why so little has been built when so much has been sold over the years.

  12. Strange why most of the negative remarks are all being sent from the same ip address … cough! wonder if it’s the harlcon mob! (Shriley wink, wink) seriously Harlecon, you are embarrassing yourselves. I read your poorly edited website for a good chuckle when l’m bored. You are so, so far away from the facts – seriously get a life.

  13. BFP

    Hello talk@tmobile.co.uk,

    Cliverton of BFP talking here.

    You lie. You have no way of knowing the IP addresses of any commenter. We do, and we see they are all different from around the world.

    You must be Harlequin trying for damage control, running through Anonymouse out of Amsterdam at IP

    Have a nice day!

  14. shirley west

    The only winners so far have been the Ames family and the overpayed commission agents who keep the lie going you do not need to be a rocket scientist to see that this is a con on a grand scale the sums simply do not add up ,it has always been backed up by such a sophisticated marketing exercise including football and Tennis stars that people seem to appear blind to the reality.The type of people behind such schemes breed on peoples ignorance and do everything to prevent them becoming knowlegeable

  15. Porky Pie

    Just had a newsletter reasuring us that all is well. They have built Buccament Bay, and its been advertised in Brochures and on Britains Got Talent. Actually seen it on TV with my own eyes. Pop to Basildon they have a office there. Nothing to hide. They will speak to you. I think this is professional jealousy on a big scale. His doing well, no one loves a winner in Britain. No one can stand people doing good things. Pure resentment on a grand scale. Oh in the Newsletter his planes are in a total different area to what your saying. This site is full of pure hatered and no proof! Ive read everthing youve written and think its rubbish, come on PROOF and Names. Guess youve got nothing better to do than write this rubbish. By the way who are you?

  16. 47

    they have not built BB. they have built part of it. by all accounts 700+ units still to build and not in sign of any progress at any other development. lets see what the UK accounts show once they have been published on webcheck ( at present nearly 4mnths overdue).

  17. J B

    @porkie pie, what proof do you have that what Harleiquin are saying is true? Their own advertising spin? That’s how they sucked you all in to start with. Next you’ll tell me all those lovely CGI images are real!

    Nothing to hide? Where are the accounts? They are hiding (very poorly) the fact that their only source of income is your money (investor deposits).

    The very fact that they’re out there desperately selling more property when they have not finished even a quarter of ONE of the properties they’ve sold is enough to demonstrate to any even moderately educated person that they have a cash flow problem.

    They can’t build anything because they can’t afford it, however there is a solution which @Jill H clearly hasn’t grasped, ‘sell’ more property, drag in more poorly read fools into their scam. That, Jill, is their business model.

    Charles Ponzi would have been proud.

    And by the way, your investor funds are also being used to prop up the under performing Buccamont Bay, as loss making venture that is running at about 20-30% occupancy ( from sources on the ground) not the 90% quoted by Harlequin. Your money is gone. You’ve been taken. Get over it, and stop trying to drag more poor souls down with you.

  18. Anon - reasons unknown

    Very very well said JB.

    @Porkie Pie – don’t drag others down with you and attempt to suck more in. Face the music, fight them, and protect others. The house of cards will collapse. It will do you no good whatsoever to entice others to do what you did. Don’t make other innocent people pay for your mistake. Harlequin won’t thank you or reward you when push comes to shove. Fight them to get your money back. Others have tried and succeeded. Kick up enough of a fuss, threaten to expose them, and you might just get your investment back. Place your continued, misguided, blind faith in them, and you can kiss your investment goodbye.

    Mark my words.