Telegraph Travel gives Barbados hotel 10/10 for value, 8/10 overall

Peach and Quiet is “one of the island’s – and for that matter the Caribbean’s – real bargains. It’s run with great love and care by its English owners, who foster a civilised and sociable atmosphere.”

Telegraph: Peach and Quiet Barbados hotel review

In the middle of the toughest tourism market Barbados has seen in decades, and almost a year after after Adrian Loveridge wrote “Value for money great marketing tool“, Peach and Quiet hotel is set for another winter of capacity crowds. And if the Loveridges had any bookings open, the excellent travel review in the latest Telegraph should take care of filling those beds.

The truth is that despite our country’s image as an upscale destination for the polo set and the $300 a seat lunch crowd, we still rely upon “ordinary” tourists to keep the whole thing oiled and lately we’ve been coming up short on the repeat visitors and spending per visitor.

Part of what’s wrong is that many other Caribbean and Mediterranean destinations are delivering better perceived and actual value than Barbados. Some destinations may be less expensive, while some are more expensive: but whatever the price many tourists are deciding that Barbados no longer satisfies that balance between money spent and happiness received.

Providing “value” is about delivering a quality product at a fair price. Providing “value” is not about chasing after the bottom-feeders of the “somewhere warm and cheap” market segment.

As we’ve pointed out many times, there’s lots of sand, sun and water in the Caribbean and we’ll never compete with Cuba, the Bahamas or Mexico if price is the only factor.

The owners and staff at Peach and Quiet have made their hotel into a DESTINATION. Their many repeat visitors don’t just think of Peach and Quiet as a nice place to stay while vacationing in Barbados – they return to Barbados because they want to vacation at one specific hotel. Peach and Quiet could probably move just about anywhere short of the arctic circle and still run at a 95% occupancy rate.

Think about that.

What we need to do with this country’s tourism product is to deliver on a national scale the same kind of “money spent / happiness received ratio” that Peach and Quiet and other good operations in Barbados deliver.

Look at Barbados not as a country, but as a business and you’ll see that we have to deliver better value to the customers or our business model will not be sustainable.


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29 responses to “Telegraph Travel gives Barbados hotel 10/10 for value, 8/10 overall

  1. Jason

    What about the other Hotels that the Telegraph featured in Barbados?? some of the others have done well too which you have not even mentioned…

  2. what will they think of next

    Oh no, not P&Q again.
    Have they stop telling what they should have?
    Has the manners of the owner’s wife improved any of late?
    “Yes! My wife does get a bit snooty on the odd occasion. I will have a word with her.”
    “However, we found several shortcomings with regard to the staff, for example, when my husband asked if you could have chips with his club sandwich for lunch, he had a one-word answer – “No”. Not really what you expect from a service industry.”
    All these problems disappear?
    What about Accra Beach Hotel and Spa?

  3. Peltdownman

    What about Accra Beach Hotel & Spa?!

  4. Accra Beach

    overall 4 out of 5 rating—quite good

    If you don’t beat your own drum no one else will

    next time just leave the links of the top 10 Barbadian Hotels rather than being so cryptic

  5. Green Monkey

    next time just leave the links of the top 10 Barbadian Hotels rather than being so cryptic

    You mean this one, I take it:

    Barbados hotels
    The best Barbados hotels, chosen by our resident expert, including luxury hotels and budget options. Read the reviews and book them here at the lowest prices.

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Accra are a few extracts from recent TripAdvisor Postings.Just as you have extracted a few negative comments about P&Q, I have done the same for Accra. Go beat your own drum somewhere else.

    Oct 30th 2011..But the restaurants are lousy. Weak menus and mediocre food preparation. Best to eat offsite.

    Oct 27th 2011..My main beef with this property is that the rooms are due for a facelift and are showing their age. Everything was functional, but the furniture is old, the bathroom tiles are outdated, paint on the porch is chipped and you get and old school TV.

    Oct 6th 2011..The room views can instead be of a car park or the abandoned hotel next door that’s slowly rotting away in the heat. Turning left instead of right on the beach takes you to a slightly seedy picnic area and what looks like a storm drain. The internet cable detaches from it’s run along the wall and snakes across my room floor. The reception and bar area is actually just really damn hot and sweaty.

    Oct 28th 2011..but the overall experience of Accra? Meh. All that for $187 a night in the off-season? No thanks.

    Room Tip: Get a view room or don’t book at all.

    Sept 5th 2011..House Keeping: Our wet beach towels remained coiled up on the bathroom floor from day 1 until we checked out 5 days later. Also the plate and glass from Room Service in the room across the hall remained on the hall floor for two days…I looked in amazement at the housekeepers navigate their trollies around the plate without picking it up.

Breakfast: Is a basic Denny’s Grand Slam with one person at the egg station and a queue. Expensive at BDS$99.00 for two

The halls are long and dark with many blown bulbs. Its a labyrinth the walk thru to get from your room to the beach…. a journey

Underwhelming stay, without an apologies or thanks.

    Lesson here: Dont open a can of worms if you are in the can !

  7. 69

    Bim gone thu the eddoes fuh tru!
    No-one gives a rodent’s rectum any more.

    Won’t be long now until supermarket shelves are scant
    (a la Guyana 1970s?)
    Don’t be silly boy -that can’t happen here!

    Won’t be long now.
    Thank goodness we have a backup industry to tourism.

  8. what will they think of next

    Adrian, you still have not told me if the wife’s manners improved when dealing with the guests?

  9. millertheanunnaki

    @ 69:
    Soixante neuf applause ( 69 head & tail claps)!
    What a rodent’s rectum (LOL!) this place is becoming! Can’t figure out from a pussy cat head to a rat tail what’s going on! Sweet sugar cane Jesus what is this back-up industry to tourism? Jump-up religion or bull(y)ing faggots to come here to cruise?

  10. Walking Fingers


    Does is bajans a favour, stop blowing your own trumphet on your own site and gives us some piece and quiet. Blasted simpleton.

  11. The Gardener

    95% Occupancy ! yeah right! That only happens when their are open. What happens when they are closed for the next 5 to 6 months doing “renovations”.Come on Adrian, you are an average hotelier with alot of ideas, but certainly not what this site portrays you to be.

  12. The Gardener

    sorry, when “they” are open,

  13. Barbados deserves better

    I for one am appalled at the comments on here, you should all be ashamed of yourselves!
    BFP has elected to post the article about P&Q, for their own reasons, one may be that they like the place and the owners. If you don’t agree that is one thing, but don’t belittle P&Q or its owners, they are bringing in tourists, at the end of the day that should be everyone’s goal.

  14. Walking Fingers

    @ Barbados deserves better

    Do you deny that BFP and Adrian Loveridge is one and de same?

    As far as blogs go this site is a joke and reason is becuase its not credible, Adrian uses it as his personal digital mouth piece.

    Adrian is just one in very, very long list of peoples from over-in-away who come bout here and try to bamboosle bajan with non-sense and false sense of superiority.


  15. millertheanunnaki

    @ Walking Fingers
    November 5, 2011 at 11:10 am :

    Leave Mr. Loveridge alone, you racist idiot! Mr. Loveridge is doing something that you and your lazy ilk can never do:- Earn vital foreign exchange for this country’s survival.

    Get it, then back off! If you think that the ratings given by the TelegraphTravel are false and misleading in respect of Mr. Loveridge’s business then take up the matter with them and publicly criticise them.

    If you find the bloggers to be jokers then don’t visit the circus or else we would conclude you are one of us and elect you as chief.

    Take your jingoistic crap elsewhere. Your inferiority complex floats to the surface like filth and garbage in the sea. If you have a problem with “foreigners coming bout here” then get rid of tourism and international business and everything would be black and beautiful in “sweet Bubadas” where sugar would be King but without a Kingdom, even if the peons have to rely on demerara to sweeten their diabetic habits. Remember the day that tourists stop coming “bout here” the crapeau will smoke the Bajan pipe and because one can’t eat and drink sand and sea water and windpies will be the main dish on the menu.
    Get the message! If Bajans want easy life then, it’s tourism and FDI, stupid!

  16. Duppy Lizard

    First this blog was owned by Peter Allard now it’s owned by Adrian Loveridge. What a bunch of racist jealous dim wits. Typical Bajan yahoos.

  17. Accra Beach

    Thanks Green Monkey

    I didn’t notice any Gems Hotels on the list? What is the cumulative price per room of these hotel rooms and return on investment for the NIS and Barbadian taxpayers?

    A blog is about information and the link you provided is hopefully an independent assessment of what others outside Barbados think of our Hotels and the service they provide.

    I suspect BFP likes Adrian Loveridge because he works hard, is straight forward and participates positively in the blogs despite the fact that the “forces of darkness” have threatened he and his family and tried to burn down his Hotel.

    As usual no one is charged with these crimes and this continues to be an omnipresent indictment of a Nation that refuses to mete out justice equally to all of its citizens.

    Those criticizing Adrian on this blog are either part of the systemic evil rot, or have no life.

  18. Nothing shocks me

    Morons like “Walking Fingers” want to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of economic disaster so that they can have an easy target to blame when the house of cards comes crashing down. Being fired from the Barbados Tourism Authority should be worn as a badge of honour. It always amazes me that many Bajans, whose total experience of the world outside Barbados is a trip to Miami or New York, know so much better how to do EVERYTHING!

  19. what will they think of next

    So Englishmen know everything?
    Then why is England in such a mess?

  20. Walking Fingers

    @ Nothing shocks me

    Your in the business of predictions now?

    Do you know why the Hon. Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism since 2008 FIRED the fool Adrian Loveridge?

    You gives a rats ass what amazes you, I for one dont.

  21. millertheanunnaki

    what will they think of next November 5, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    “So Englishmen know everything? Then why is England in such a mess?”

    Let’s play “your turn my turn”!
    So Bajans think they are the most “educated” fools in the World?
    So why is “Little England” in a mess and slowly becoming a banana republic?
    Things brown for England, then things real black for Barbados!
    No English tourists, No BA, Virgin Atlantic flights; and hotels, villas and condos and posh restaurants empty. Even Friday Nights in Oistins will be dead like Baxters Road.

  22. Corny

    Let’s stop beating own Adrian Loveridge. He does have lots of valid points and ideas. Not all may be useful but many are. (I do not know Loveridge personally- just an objective observer) You see we in Barbados do not like ideas. We like to do the same thing over and over and expect the same results. Many question his qualifications in tourism but yet no one has a problem withe fact that the top 3 adminstrators at the Min of Tourism (Minister, PS etc.)have ABSOLUTELY NO BACKGROUND, QUQLIFICATIONS OR EXPRIENCE in tourism yet they are running the most vital industry in this economy. Perhaps that makes sense to some people. perhaps that is why we are doing so well.

  23. what will they think of next

    You real CORNY in truth, so because Adrian writes a sentences of Tourism on this blog we are supposed to turn over the Min. of Tourism to him?

  24. what will they think of next

    That should be “a few sentences of Tourism”.

  25. what will they think of next

    Why is the time always wrong on these posings.
    I posted at 10.30am but the post has, “November 8, 2011 at 2.28pm”.

  26. BFP

    Hello WWTTON

    “Why is the time always wrong on these posings.
    I posted at 10.30am but the post has, “November 8, 2011 at 2.28pm”.

    Answer: This blog is on GMT.

  27. Seeker

    @ What will they think of next…

    Adrian Loveridge has more experience in tourism because he IS IN IT! Running a hotel isn’t easy!

    Question…do YOU have experience? Instead of crying the man down, maybe YOU could step up to the plate and run the Tourism industry!

    Instead of raising valid criticisms, you lash out and get personal, like a child!

    If you don’t know how to bat, stay away from the wicket, please!

  28. what will they think of next

    BFP that explains it.

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