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Telegraph Travel gives Barbados hotel 10/10 for value, 8/10 overall

Peach and Quiet is “one of the island’s – and for that matter the Caribbean’s – real bargains. It’s run with great love and care by its English owners, who foster a civilised and sociable atmosphere.”

Telegraph: Peach and Quiet Barbados hotel review

In the middle of the toughest tourism market Barbados has seen in decades, and almost a year after after Adrian Loveridge wrote “Value for money great marketing tool“, Peach and Quiet hotel is set for another winter of capacity crowds. And if the Loveridges had any bookings open, the excellent travel review in the latest Telegraph should take care of filling those beds.

The truth is that despite our country’s image as an upscale destination for the polo set and the $300 a seat lunch crowd, we still rely upon “ordinary” tourists to keep the whole thing oiled and lately we’ve been coming up short on the repeat visitors and spending per visitor.

Part of what’s wrong is that many other Caribbean and Mediterranean destinations are delivering better perceived and actual value than Barbados. Some destinations may be less expensive, while some are more expensive: but whatever the price many tourists are deciding that Barbados no longer satisfies that balance between money spent and happiness received.

Providing “value” is about delivering a quality product at a fair price. Providing “value” is not about chasing after the bottom-feeders of the “somewhere warm and cheap” market segment.

As we’ve pointed out many times, there’s lots of sand, sun and water in the Caribbean and we’ll never compete with Cuba, the Bahamas or Mexico if price is the only factor.

The owners and staff at Peach and Quiet have made their hotel into a DESTINATION. Their many repeat visitors don’t just think of Peach and Quiet as a nice place to stay while vacationing in Barbados – they return to Barbados because they want to vacation at one specific hotel. Peach and Quiet could probably move just about anywhere short of the arctic circle and still run at a 95% occupancy rate.

Think about that.

What we need to do with this country’s tourism product is to deliver on a national scale the same kind of “money spent / happiness received ratio” that Peach and Quiet and other good operations in Barbados deliver.

Look at Barbados not as a country, but as a business and you’ll see that we have to deliver better value to the customers or our business model will not be sustainable.


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How can Town and Country Planning approve Pure Beach Resort and Spa without due diligence?

Ecoterra International Corporation (Pure Beach Resort and Spa): No accounts filed with government – ever!

by Who, Me?

According to the Federal Corporation Information dept., Ecoterra International Corporation (Pure Beach Resort and Spa) Ontario Corporation # 7025572  have not filed accounts for for years 2009, 2010 and 2011 or any year since formation.

Gary C.C. Walker and Mark S.P. Purai are listed as directors in a new company formed earlier this year –  Pure Beach Resort and Spa Inc., Ontario Corporation #2283348

I think Town and Country Planning would also be able to do a company financial search on Harlequin Management Services (South East) Ltd (Company Registration # 4205220)  trading as Harlequin Properties in the UK.

It truly amazes me that Town and Country Planning can approve multi-million projects seemingly without some form of basic due diligence.

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