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The perfect revenge? Rumours of Taan Abed as an independent candidate

DLP Decision Time: Snap election call… or wait for the economy to get worse?

Our on-again, off-again sometimes friend Ian Bourne thinks he smells an election in the wind. He says the BLP are in disarray – which is true enough – but is that alone enough to ensure a DLP victory?

We’re not so sure that the DLP Stuart government can count on any tea leaves, chicken entrails or polls to be accurate. Everything is unsettled these days. Diehard Bees and Dees aren’t so diehard anymore.

And yes – it’s still the Stuart government, not the Sinckler government… or is it?

Taan Abed wildcard?

Former DLP diehard Taan Abed won an overwhelming victory (86 to 5!) over lawyer Verla DePeiza  in the contest to be the DLP candidate for Christ Church West. Then the party executive turfed him without a public explanation.

Abed declared “no hard feelings” and his continuing true love loyalty to the Democratic Labour Party and the Prime Minister. (Freundel Stuart is still the PM, isn’t he? Bajans don’t hear much from him so we’re sometimes not sure.)  😉

Anyway, Taan Abed stopped singing the DLP tune a few weeks ago when he resigned in disgust from the party and fired the expected broadsides.

Now we’re hearing rumours or maybe even “informed speculation with whispers” that Mr. Abed has been seriously approached to run as an independent candidate in Christ Church West. Our friend One Who Knows says that while Taan didn’t say yes, he didn’t say “no” either. The email we received claims that Taan told the four backers he’d “Think about it.”

Game Changer

Our take: Taan Abed running as an independent would be a game-changer. He has incredible support at the constituency level and would pick up huge numbers of “secret” votes on election day. By that we mean that many Dees would support the official candidate openly (because you don’t want to burn that bridge publicly) but when it came time to vote, Abed would be their secret act of punishment against the DLP political elites.

Abed wouldn’t have to win to make an impact. He wouldn’t even need to really campaign – just enough for a little show. All he’d have to do would be to put his name into play and he’d take enough votes from the Dees to torpedo any hopes in CCW.

Would Taan Abed really do such a thing?

Nope. Never. No way. Couldn’t happen.

At least, that’s what Owen Arthur said when somebody asked him about it over the weekend. But the old fox had the strangest little grin on when he gave his reply.

It’s probably nothing…


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