Former Canadian diplomat “Barbados a case study of systemic corruption”


“I have come to question the country’s laws and constitution and intend to expose the rottenness of its corrupt system.”

… former Canadian diplomat Isaac Goodine in his new book

Book be released on November 30th – Independence Day?

by Junior Campbell – AllVoices

I persist with Canadian diplomat Isaac Goodine’s story of how he and his family fell victim to fraudsters in my homeland because I believe that any hardship arising from this expose is outweighed by the benefits to Barbadians that may accrue from confronting the corruption that plagues the island.

In his book “How Barbados Works: A Case Study of Systemic Corruption” Goodine declares that his intention is not to tarnish Barbados’ image, but rather to demonstrate that “there are many honest ‘Bajans’ on the island and abroad, who are frustrated by the prevailing corruption in the system and feel powerless to bring about change by themselves.

The silenced majority

These Barbadans Goodine calls “the silenced majority” and states his intention to challenge some of them to tell the truth. He expresses the hope that persons in Barbados’ civil society will help the government and its agencies clean up their act.

“This is also their story.” he says.

“When their victims, local or foreign, lose confidence in them, it is the elites’ lofty positions and corresponding connections that intimidate many into silence.”

AllVoices & Junior Campbell publish Part 2 of excerpts from the soon to be released book by former Canadian diplomat Isacc Goodine: “How Barbados Works: A Case Study of Systemic Corruption

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7 responses to “Former Canadian diplomat “Barbados a case study of systemic corruption”

  1. British Bajan Gal

    Wow, cant wait to read. As a British born Bajan, I too am frustrated by the blatant corruption of the elite. Money talks in Bim and they readily accept without thinking of their lowly fellow honest working victims. The truth needs to be told!!

  2. Waiting

    Wow, where is the story Junior?
    Part 2 now or I will accuse BFP and you of fraud.


    CAN’t WAIT

  4. The Watcher

    Well lookie here!
    The “good book” says somewhere within its hallowed covers to ” Go remove the beam out of thine eye before attempting to remove the mote from mine eye”!
    Let him that hath ears to hear, hear and a brain to execute cognizant thought…Think.
    Nuff said!

  5. Anonymous -419

    You’ll have to smuggle a copy of this book into the “country”
    This will be suppressed to the MAX. by both Barbados Government /political parties

  6. Newbie

    I would ask right here and now, can BFP secure me a copy of this book when it is released,(I will pay) I can’t wait. I for one would also be willing to stand alongside this gentleman and say Barbados is corrupt because of the lack of action by Government Officials to actually pursue and punish the wrongdoers in certain instances.

    Please don’t give me that old C**P about the offender having family or friends in high places. It should not matter if their Father or Mother is Prime Minister.

    Wrong is wrong and right is right and it has nothing to do Biblical laws or any other kind of law. We all know when something is right or wrong and that there are Government offices put in place to deal with issues but those in office refuse to accept their responsibilities. Their out is GET A LAWYER HA HA HA. I have been told that an issue existed here in Barbados 25 years ago (through personal experience I realise that it still exist today), BUT they (THE GOVERNMENT) are working on it. When I recovered from the shock I really had to ask the gentleman if he was being serious.

  7. BADbook! lol

    I suggest you put out feelers among friends/family you might have in Canada
    since the ‘expozay’ book is likely to be published there first?

    It certainly won’t debut at Cloister, Bridgetown or Sheraton.

    Don’t think of importing it via Mail
    bcoz it will be seized at your Post Office.