Call for civil disobedience to stop Cove Bay Development

Professor Henry Fraser targets conspirators in government and business

“Places like Cove Bay must be protected from concrete, cranes and capitalist conspirators, even if we have to lie in front of the bulldozers”.

Sam Lord’s Castle “betrayed… plundered and pillaged… destroyed by a series of acts of piracy on land”.

Professor Henry Fraser talks with Barbados Today Fight Back!

by Nevermind Kurt

Strong words indeed from one of the academic establishment types, but will Professor Fraser really do it?

Even if he does sit down in front of the construction machines, will he have any company? How old will his friends be? Will his students join him?

The kind of social activism that Henry Fraser is talking about – peaceful but physical acts of defiance against traitorous political and business elites – hasn’t been seen in Barbados for a long, long time. The garbage on the roadside and couldn’t-care-less about over-development attitudes of the under 40 crowd don’t provide much hope for this island’s future.

Look at what the West Coast became as we all watched it happen and that includes yours truly. It didn’t matter whether the DLP or BLP was in government: there was no planning for green space or public access to the beaches. Our greedy politicians and business people like Owen Arthur, the Williams brothers and (insert dozens more names here) conspired to sell off our natural heritage, block off our beaches and spoil our most beautiful views – and we let them do it.

“Why do we continue to allow the elites to pave over our little piece of paradise? I think that’s simple…

No rules or disclosure about election financing means that developers pay big money to the political class. Owen Arthur, David Thompson and Freundel Stuart made decisions against our national interests because they were paid to.”

The politicians we elected for saying fine things about preserving our natural heritage betrayed us for money at every opportunity.

In the May 2003 election Owen Arthur’s cry was “Keep the best of Barbados for Bajans”. Shortly thereafter the government came out in favour of developing destroying Cove Bay. Barbados Tourism Investment said this on their website:

“Cove Bay is a delightful address overlooking the Atlantic ocean to the north of the island. It will provide the investor with one of few remaining opportunities for ocean front residential development, which in itself creates a unique selling point for the project. The site offers several options for other well chosen complementary uses which will enhance the residences by providing services and amenities and possible income opportunities for purchasers.”

from the Barbados Tourism Investment website here. The page is gone now but we preserved it in a February 2007 post here.

The DLP are no better. With all their 2007 campaign talk about stopping the concreting of Barbados and preserving the environment, the first thing they did after gaining power was to remove the protection from the Graeme Hall wetlands so Thompson’s developer friends like Leroy Parris could build on the watershed.

As BFP’s Cliverton once said:

“The DLP promised in writing in their “Pathways to Progress” policy booklet that they would require a 2/3 free vote in Parliament to change agricultural land to allow development.

That’s the promise that Thompson and the DLP put in writing and it’s a promise that they broke with their first piece of legislation that killed the Graeme Hall National Park, and since then in many other cases.

What makes these betrayals possible?

Why do we continue to allow the elites to pave over our little piece of paradise? I think that’s simple…

No rules or disclosure about election financing means that developers pay big money to the political class. Owen Arthur, David Thompson and Freundel Stuart made decisions against our national interests because they were paid to.

It’s all secret and it’s all legal because that’s the way the business and political elites like it. That’s why the DLP lied about Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information.

The DLP and BLP keep the voters quiet by passing out trinkets, biscuits and corned beef and staging some of the best free music festivals anywhere.

I don’t think that Henry Fraser will sit down in front of any bulldozer – and if by chance he does, I don’t think he’ll have many folks beside him. Nobody wants to lose that tinned beef, crackers and concerts.

When the economy improves enough, the developers will throw some money at whatever party is in power – and those bulldozers will roll in unopposed.

That is the sad truth. I know BFP has been optimistic about citizen awakening before (See Barbados Citizens taking action against development-at-any-cost business and political elites) but I don’t see it.

When those bulldozers roll at Cove Bay, the politicians will have been paid off and so will the voters. I hope Henry Fraser will be there with 500 fellow citizens and the international news media in attendance – but I don’t believe that will happen.

Without Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information and Election Financing Reform, Cove Bay is a done deal.


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11 responses to “Call for civil disobedience to stop Cove Bay Development

  1. Prince of Barbados

    Very sad but true…Bajans don’t care. Barbados is sooo beautiful but Bajans just don’t care…..WHY? Thats all I could ask is WHY?

  2. just want to know

    They prefer to have a lots of noise & partying everywhere. My family,friends at one time use to frequent Bathsheba at week-ends, now there is an old house above us, every Friday & Saturday night making so much noise until 2/3 o’clock until early mornings, and not just noise, the level is so high it shake the bed one is sleeping on, so that’s one restful week-end gone through the edddoes; so Prince of Barbados lets try and get some piece & quiet back in Bathsheba, especially us hard working people, who want a little escape from some of the struggles in life.

  3. 146

    Without Integrity Legislation, Freedom of Information and Election Financing Reform, Cove Bay is a done deal.

  4. Peltdownman

    Worse than developing Cove Bay is to partially develop it. Imagine what a horror it would be if the investors do the usual and run out of money halfway through. Imagine the current vistas at Paradise and Black Bess trandferred to Cove Bay. Last I heard, Cove Bay was on the same East Coast that the current government said would not be developed. Maybe they will find a new geographical term for it.

  5. Noise? Noise is a problem?

    Good Luck, ‘Just Want’
    in your struggle to minimise noise -on an island full of Empty Vessels!

    Empty Vessels make the most Noise!!

    What happened to The Soc. for a Quieter Barbados?
    It died a humiliating and frustrating death!
    200 noise-conscious people don’t stand a chance against a populace and a Police Force not the slightest bit concerned with noise.
    On this island noise simply isn’t a problem.

    When it becomes a problem, something MIGHT get done, but even then I wish you luck.

    Right now, there is an abundance of extremely-noisy motorcycles
    * racing up and down the roadways of this island,
    * moving drugs,
    * being dangerous to others using the road,
    * being highly offensive,generally (NOISE to split your ear-drums)
    * bearing either NO Reg.numbers at all, or tiny numbers facing the sky(check it out!).

    The R.B.P.Force has been utterly powerless to do ANYthing about this situation, on any one of the several points itemised above.

    This says so much about our current state of affairs
    as we continue our slide now well down the slippery slope.

  6. Newbie

    Check out the CONDOS being built near the Edgewater Hotel in St. Joseph, so much for Mr Thompson’s preservation of the East coast. Wasn’t he the person that cut the ribbon for the onset of that project? More fairy tale election promises.

  7. Sunny Knight

    Our over dependence on foreign investors to propel national development is a double edged blade. We want the cash, but how many concessions can we afford to let? The quality of life for future generations is being compromised in the name of a product as volatile as tourism. Government’s apparent ease to dispose of the lands at Cove Bay only serves to validate my firm belief that the political class in Barbados is suffering from chronic myopia. The negative attitudes displayed by many Barbadians re the environment are partly perpetuated and reinforced by ‘political elites’ whose scant disrespect and muddled understanding of the concepts of sustainable development and heritage are reflected in foolhardy, unthoughtful policy decisions like this. Not soon before long, nature will do what she must to correct the imbalances. There was all this talk about diversifying the tourism product. I heard murmurs about heritage and health tourism, and this is how government honours its pledges. If as much interest was shown by any government in housing, and improving the quality of the housing stock in Barbados for the working and middle classes, I would not mind… but more bungalow, beach front properties with absentee occupants who probably couldn’t give two hoots about the local Jane or John.

  8. Elizabeth Child

    “The only thing it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing”

  9. Prince of Barbados

    If you look at the OECS( Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) you will see that there is a strong dedication to protecting and preserving the environment of those islands. And guess what? Barbados is not apart of the OECS. I wonder why. Musee ain want nuhbody telling dem tuh protect de envrionment.

  10. 144

    I say go right ahead,,,to hell with them left thinking morons,,,If it will save Barbados and put some good old fashioned green bucks in some ministers back pocket ,,then gooo right ahead,,,concretize North to South,,to hell with Bathsheba and all the rest,,to hell with a so called National Park or Reserve,,,to hell with all you Nature Lovers,,,to hell with it all,,,,Yaaaa Build,Build,Build,Develop,Develop and Develop some more,,,Kiss my RRRRR……………….

  11. 144

    And for all you Illiterates,,,,RRRRR means Red,Ripping,Rusty,Rotating,Rasshole,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,