Report: Cave Hill Film Society cancels season over Barbados Censorship Board


Barbados Free Press received the following from an anonymous source through a European proxy service. Is it the truth? There’s nothing about this on the CHFS website.

Let’s hear from our readers…

Dear Members and Friends of the Cave Hill Film Society,

We regret to inform you that the CHFS has had to be called off for the rest of the semester. The reason is the Barbados Censorship Board, who now wants to screen all the movies before they are shown by us, in order to tell us if a certain movie my harm our morals or not.

They demand the payment of a fee, and we would have to make a projection room and a technician available to them. Right now, we don’t have the time and the money to subject us/the movies to the Censorship Board. This might sound silly in a democratic and academic environment, but that is the law in Barbados, which we all must obey.

We were in touch with them four weeks ago and send them an email, which they promised to answer asap, informing if any of our movies scheduled for the semester were already screened by them. No answer up to now.

Right now, we are checking on ways to continue the CHFS, perhaps even
without the hassle of a Censorship Board, but these measures cannot be put in place immediately; we have to further investigate those possibilities.

We would be grateful if you should have any helpful advice or suggestion.

If you have already paid for the whole semester, you have the right to get a refund of 50%. You can contact (name removed by Barbados Free Press editor)

Best regards,

CHFS Committee


We have removed the name that was originally included in this anonymously sent email as we understand that the person had nothing to do with the creation or distribution of this email.

While the email did not state this person was the author and only gave their name as a resource, some readers mistakenly believed that the person was the author.

We have removed the person’s name as they are an innocent party and are wrongly taking criticism for something they had no part in.

Marcus for BFP


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16 responses to “Report: Cave Hill Film Society cancels season over Barbados Censorship Board

  1. 46

    my harm = may harm
    send them an email = sent them an email

    (Department of Language, UWI)

    Suggestion – contact Olympus or the Drive-in and get the movies you are about to show screened to the Board at the same time as theirs.

    Yes you will have to pay a fee.

  2. If viewing is at UWI, aren’t those watching the picture already 18+? What are we afraid they may learn to Occupy Broad Street?

  3. Guesture

    Occupy wherever the Censorship Board is located. Was this something that was tossed about earlier and the final decision has just come down?
    Only in Barbados!!!

  4. Bad Bob

    Well of course they want to screen the films!
    Jazus! They get to see them for free, bring their girl riends, dance, drink, have S**, DEMAND that we add porno to the venue-so they can be outraged.
    Come on, Mr Lucas, how long you been a living here?

  5. yvonne

    I just viewed a raunchy video performed by the Law Society at Cave Hill while doing some research on the Law Society and was shocked and disgusted to see this on you tube…the performers should be ashamed of themselves…being 18 and over does not change the meaning of porn and its effect on others esp the households that are adversely affected by them…

    There is a time an a place for everything and this performance I found totally disrespectful and dishonouring to the law society…for sure these upcoming attorneys if they do make it to the bar, will not be able to defend rape and other such cases objectively as they will already be so polluted with the filth of unclean spirits…I can say a lot more here but will suffice at this short comment…

    The censorship board is right in wanting to censor these types of performance to minimize the impact on the morality of the islands citizens…

    May God have mercy on our souls….

  6. It is kids having sport at the end of the term, did you watch it the whole way thru? They were about to punish them in a flagellate Puritanical manner via Klannish characters. Ya know what amazes me? The people who usually complain, have boudoir habits that would make a Porn site blush…

  7. yvonne

    Well, I can safely and truthfully state that this is not the case with my and my lifestyle. I do not believe that those who complain are such either but a lame excuse for others who are so desensitized in anything that is immoral that they have no appreciation or respect for those of us who are…

    Because we have an advocate Jesus who died for our sins, anyone that calls upon his name shall be saved. There are those that came out of such an immoral lifestyle as displayed by the play and they are no longer accepting that former way of thinking and living…there is always a way out of that lifestyle..I condemn no one that has come out of it and pray for those that are still in such bondage. I do not judge them, but I judge the spirit behind the actions which are unclean spirits…whether you agree or accept it is irrelevant…the truth applies to all…

    The Bible says that in the last days some will call right wrong and wrong right…we see that today…more than ever…I was disappointed in what I saw…and sad for those that allowed themselves to participate in this debauchery esp to entertain others…

    Wonder what the parents would say or feel if they saw their young adult take part in this video…as a parent, I was sad to see this…actually could not believe what I was seeing…mmmm

    As a married woman of 39 years, I would like to see more young people enjoy the pleasures of good and beautiful sexual relationship in its proper environment…so, if wanting that for them makes me a prude or whatever else one may think, well…I still will be a happily fulfilled wife and mother and grandparent…eagles do fly alone…

  8. 43

    By pass the board, put it on Youtube

  9. ricki

    A lot of people seem not to know what type of movies the Film Society used to show at Cave Hill, despite that they do give their opinion, mention porn etc. The Film Society over there used to show acclaimed and awarded movies from all over the world, in order to bring some culture to the country insead of just showing Hollywood style movies…

  10. Robert

    The Censorship Board is certainly one of the most backward institutions we could have in Barbados. It should only be typical for dictatorships; they tell adults what to think, read, write and see. Some comments by readers are also proof of that of mentality, as if we would not be able to know what is good for us. We should worry about “real moral porn” that is going on in politics, in the level of education in schools, in the brainwashing promoted by some religions, in some sexual attitudes shown by some Bajans, etc. Preventing the film society to operate is preventing people from seeing good movies that have an intellectual basis and can make us think.

  11. Distant Voice

    hey what about violence ?
    they censor sexual stuff but leave in the violence. In fact the more violent the better. I am not surprised really, it’s obvious what’s going on. It’s like alcohol versus marijuana. They allow alcohol and all the trouble it causes, and arrest those who smoke the herb. Allow violence and condemn those who love sex. Violence and alcohol in a nutshell. What happened to the display of kindness and pure sexual love for each other. I guess it doesnt sell. It is like the news, good news is boring. We now live in a world of violence and intolerance, theft and corruption. We become what we see around us. Ever noticed how the music changes when violence is portrayed. Ever noticed the glorification of violence in movies? Hear the cars horns at the drive in during the violent scenes ? Where were the censors at that part of the movie. ?


    It’s like living in North Korea – without the snow.

  13. bk

    I think that u guys are blowing this thing out of proportion. Do you really think that the Censorship Board, by its actions, actually moulds the psyche of any Barbadian? stupse. You mean to tell me, that with all this technology available to us, the craniums at UWI can’t get around this problem.

  14. Bad Bob

    I think we should ban SEX!
    It could lead to dancing…
    We know that SEX is why the USA had Rock and Roll in the late 50’s and early ’60’s!
    You people need to get a grip.

  15. Dis place want modernising seerious!

    Let’s ban and get rid of the Film Censorship Board
    the same time we ban and get rid of the Income Tax Laws and that Department!

    Let them ALL go out, get haircuts and get real jobs.