Barbados Chief Justice Gibson called “Our best chance…”

The Bajan Reporter: “Marston Gibson is our best chance…”

Chief Justice Marston Gibson is fighting the old boy network, but because he’s not really part of it he’s our best chance. Think of it: he has a pension and independent wealth from his career in the USA. He was away from the island and the politics. He has been conditioned by his law practice in the USA where they wouldn’t put up with 10% of the abuses that happen in our courts. He was in Nassau County where he’s used to slapping lawyers upside the head and telling them to get on with it. So far, I like the man based on his presentations.

If Gibson can bring rule of law to Barbados courts, modernize the courts so the system works, his legacy for good done for Bim might far exceed that of many more famous and revered.

“Even in the Supreme Court, judges are taking evidence in longhand. In civil cases, Judges are still taking evidence in longhand.”

Chief Justice Marston Gibson shows his disgust with our outdated and ineffective court system

Barbados has no court reporters so there are generally no transcripts made. Lawyers stand up one week and say X and next week they say Y and there is no record. Check it out.

Chief Justice Gibson even cites such an incident in this video where a file VANISHES. Without transcripts and proper records nobody can be held accountable and the system devolves into “he said, she said” fights all the time.

Continue to read Ian Bourne’s excellent report on Chief Justice Gibson’s presentation to the UWI Alumni Association (complete with YouTube video of the CJ’s speech.)


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14 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice Gibson called “Our best chance…”

  1. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    After reading this, if it is really what happens in our courts, what the heck was the former CJ doing whilst this poor antiquated system continue under his auspices?

  2. Newbie

    I personally see Chief Justice Gibson’s appointment as a welcomed breath of fresh air to Barbados’s Judicial system. His speech to date, suggest that he understands the current situation regarding the law courts in Barbados. He should be backed by all of the people currently involved with the administration of the judicial system, in his aim to speed up the system by creating an ADR system of judgement. This would free the higher courts enabling them to deal with the widely reported backlog of cases in those courts. Another issue with the courts is the lack of enforcement of their rulings which do not appear to very effective at present. There are certain people in Barbados who seem to believe that they can do whatever they like, whenever they like, because they will either never face a court or that any ruling against them will never be enforced



  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Doan be so quick to welcome Mr. Gibson yet. For now he is analysing and talking. Until he put some serious act into Barbados shitety judicial system that protects the haves and crucify the have nots, I ain’t singing his praises yet. All the talk about he has not been touched or stained by the crap that goes on this country may hold true for now but what will happen later is any body’s guess. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is working but implementing is another thing.

  4. I told you so


  5. I told you so

    Are we so desperate for a hero. Whoever wrote this article is not thinking at all.

  6. millertheanunnaki

    Similar promises of reform and improvements were made by the immediate predecessor.

    Loads of attractive high sounding promises were made in the present Administration’s manifesto.- FOI & Integrity legislation, etc.

    Keep holding your breath!!

    The present economic climate with seriously disappearing financial resources will force these high-sounding proposals and projects to the back burner, if not off the stove. Which would Bajans prefer: Barrack settlement, CLICO payout, 4 Seasons, better pay for the police, keep civil servants on the payroll, pay the UWI for arrears in tuition fees and economic costs, a new Hospital or a pie-in-the -sky modern legal system?

    A legal system is basically a service provider involving trained professionals most of them at the taxpayers expense. Over 700 professionals and we can’t get some acceptable level of efficiency and effectiveness with the human resources that so much money has been spent to train. Use of ICT is a basic skill that every legal practitioner has access to. Change the laws to allow for the use of the modern technology in reporting, recording and managing evidence and documentation.

    But expecting this to be implemented in a hurry is like waiting on the other members of Caricom to become fully fledged members of the CCJ!

  7. Mac

    Would this be the same Chief justice that the Government broke – sorry – changed the rules to get here? Just checking. How much change can he bring when he’s started off on the wrong foot?

  8. Cranked Mauby

    “Similar promises of reform and improvements were made by the immediate predecessor.”

    Chief Justice Simmons was as thick as flies on shite with the political class. Good lord, the man became Chief Justice when there were still lawsuits before the court suing him as Attorney General! What shite!

    Simmons wanted power and the Chief Justice position was only another way of getting power.

    The difference between Gibson and Simmons is night and day. People had the goods on Simmons and he had the goods on them. That is why his tenure as Chief Justice perpetuated the corruption and removed the barriers between the Judiciary and the ruling political party. The CJ and the BLP were one.

    Gibson owes nothing to anyone. Our corrupt system is appalling to Gibson and he will really try. If he fails or incurs the wrath of the old boys network, he can still go back to the USA. He doesn’t fear anyone in Barbados and he was not part of the corruption for decades as Davie Simmons was.

    Gibson is our best chance and perhaps our last chance.

  9. Anonymous

    Old boys network sounds like a Maffia.

  10. Just want to know

    Didn’t that have to change some law in Barbados to get him here, so whenever we want a new boy we just change the law,that’s progress!

  11. FearPlay

    Did you see the social column in the Sunday Sun regarding the Sandy Lane party? Looks to me from the list of invitees that he has already been invited to join the Old Boys Club. Let’s see it the invitation has been accepted or not. Remember folks, this is Barbados not New York. Island is too small not to become a member of one Club or the other.

  12. 161

    I wish the man luck…more than that, I wish us luck. Our broken legal process is an active, open encouragement for people to take the law into their own hands. And they will.

  13. 32535834/24346-C66

    He looks too much like Idi Amin Dada to be trustworthy.

  14. BC

    ” he looks….trustworthy ”
    In other words, you are implying that his strong negroid characteristics disqualify him for high office. What a dumb, sick fool you are ! We thank God that phenotype is NOT a qualification for BRAINS. People like you will therefore continue to have a very uncomfortable existence while there are the Marston Gibsons and Freundel Stuarts, two of the best examples of the emergence of the black boys from the village, around. For your own sake, I wish you are not a young person else you will be suffering for a long time. But of course, suicide is always an option for persons of your kind.