Former Canadian Diplomat to publish Barbados exposé – Corruption, Greed, Opportunism

Isaac Goodine thought he’d seen it all in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Then he was posted to Barbados.

By Junior Campbell at AllVoices…

A Canadian diplomat’s story

Isaac Goodine was born into a poor family. As a small boy he learned to read by practicing on the articles and adverts that appeared in newspapers used as wallpaper to decorate his family’s home. As Ike grew older, hard work, humility and a passion for learning saw him work his way up to a position where he would represent his country on the staff of the Canadian Embassy in Barbados.

During his five-year posting there, he grew to love the island and its people, and he and his wife planned to retire there. Then Isaac got burnt in his financial dealings with Barbadians. He learnt painfully that welcoming Barbadians were not all as hospitable as they seemed. He learned about the opportunism and corruption that is particularly prevalent among Barbados’ educated elite.

Goodine’s distressing story is recorded in a document he has written entitled “How Barbados Works.”

Soon to be published by Intelek International, the booklet tells how Ike became an investor in a business venture called the Knowledge Development Institute (KDI).

KDI boasted an impressive leadership line-up, including prominent Barbadian “change catalyst” Dr. Basil Springer. The then Governor General of Barbados, Dame Nita Barrow (sister of Barbadian “Father of Independence” and National Hero Errol Barrow) was also associated with the organization.

(To be continued at AllVoices)

Junior Campbell is based in London, England, United Kingdom, and is an Anchor for Allvoices.


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9 responses to “Former Canadian Diplomat to publish Barbados exposé – Corruption, Greed, Opportunism

  1. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Have not finished read the Junior Campbell’s article but to tell you the truth I am looking forward with bated breath to read this book if and when it comes out. Most Barbadians know that the Barbados high flyers in politics, law and business are greedy, corrupt and very nasty fellas to deal with. I wonder what describtions will be used to highlight some of Barbados’ most prominent citizens of the soil. Heads must be rolling or scared stiff? NAWWWWWW!!! This is Barbados we get way with ‘ murder’ here

  2. Can you say SUPPRESSION ?

    Will it ever see Display on local bookshelves??

    Wanna bet it won’t? lol

    Tummuchshyte to come out of this one!

  3. BFP

    @ Can you say…

    These days books go directly from the author to the reader via the internet. This one will be available on Apple iPad store etc. (so we’re told) and on the internet, so there will be no problem with the ability of the elites to stop publication.

    Welcome to the 21st Century!

  4. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    This book will be published but its desemmination online or in book shelves in Barbados will never happen.

  5. BFP

    Hello Sunshine!

    welcome to the 21st century. Anyone can publish a book online, and if the price is free it will be available in any country for reading.

    Just like BFP!

    We have almost 2 million visitors a year who come to BFP because they are interested in Barbados or something we wrote. This former Canadian diplomat is welcome to publish excerpts or his entire book on our website. And we’re only one little blog.

    Oh very yes: this book will be distributed and it will have an enormous base of interested readers in Barbados and elsewhere.

  6. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    I believe that those who reel significant influence in our land will apply their pressures and even if you get rights to show the publication online do not be surprise if your blog do not shut down owing to server problems

  7. Alice in Dreadland

    Please keep us informed on this one BFP. This sounds like a real ‘page turner’. No doubt when it comes out those in high places will throw in the race card (YAWN), followed by the zenophobia card (BIGGER YAWN) and then if that does not work they will just try to discredit the guy in all ways possible.

    It appears that the only way that Caribbean people can get any kind of justice is when outside forces kick. Just look at that lovely gentleman Mr. Jack Warner. For years it was alledged that he was up to no good down in T&T. Naturally nothing ever stuck & he was allowed to continue his dealings realising that he was Mr Untouchable. However when he played the game on the world scene then suddenly he became aware of something called CONSEQUENCES. This would be new to him & it appears it still has him rather pissed off. If only we could ensure that our greedy politicians & other corrupt officials & bigups were also made to feel CONSEQUENCES then perhaps they would stop some of the crap they feel free to indulge in.

  8. 13

    This blok Will be itmişse in Bim

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