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The story the Barbados news media won’t touch

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Pure Beach Resort pledges $1 million to Queen Elizabeth Hospital – refuses to say when the money will arrive!

Illustration of the Pure Beach Resort promise of $1 million to hospital

Gather round children… for the smell of cow manure is closing in and we have to get a grip on reality.

A few days ago Barbados Free Press published our first post about the upcoming Pure Beach Resort. In Another half-billion dollar Barbados resort announced with standard fanfare, concept paintings etc. we said we hoped that the project wouldn’t end up like so many others as concrete bones bleaching in the sun. We also prayed to the Lord that the project would be successful AND that we wanted public parking and access to the beach.

“I call ‘Bullshit!’ unless Pure Beach Resort and Spa writes the promised $1 million Queen Elizabeth Hospital cheque immediately.”

Then a source sent us the very disturbing article Barbados Foul Bay developer Ecoterra International Corporation failed to file financials for last three years indicating that not only had Ecoterra failed the basic corporate governance standards, but that two of the company faces had unfortunately been associated with some rather unsavory characters in the past. This was not to say that these folks were themselves unsavory, but that investors might want to perform their due diligence.

Ecoterra ignored our inquiry

In fairness, we sent an email to Ecoterra to ask for comments about our article and also for their guarantee that the Bajan public would have proper access to the beach and adequate public parking. Because without the parking, any beach access is a cruel joke.

We print Ecoterra’s answer right here: >>>>>   nada   <<<<<

Instead of engaging a Bajan public asking reasonable questions, Pure Beach decided to host a public extravaganza with lots of hype and no questions. Smoke, dancing girls and champagne for the reporters. It will be interesting to see how many full page ads follow the press coverage at Barbados Today.

Pure Beach Chairman Mark Purai says that the project will provide 1,000 new jobs – whether permanent or temporary isn’t stated – and that it will be the largest tourism project in Barbados history.

Fabulous! Let’s have the million bucks now, please.

Out of all the benefits to the island as promised by Mr. Purai, we’d like to see the cheque for $1 million dollars written RIGHT NOW to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, thank you.

You see, Mr. Purai, we Bajans are more than a little jaded by dog and pony shows. We’d also like your assurance that your company will NOT contribute to any political party and that Pure Beach will NOT hire any sub-contractor or “consultant” that is in any way associated with a Barbados politician, government official or their close family members.

But first… Where is that cheque for $1 million to the hospital?

I call bullshit unless Pure Beach Resort and Spa writes the cheque immediately.

Bajans been there, Mr. Purai. Done that. Seen that.

The promised cheque please, sir. We’re waiting.


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