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Source: Barbados Foul Bay developer Ecoterra International Corporation failed to file financials for last three years

Take it with some salt folks…

Before we all go running off proclaiming that this or that is the truth, keep in mind that Barbados Free Press is an anonymous blog, and that someone using the name of “St. George’s Dragon” posted some information as a comment through one of those European anonymous proxies.

Maybe this is a personal vendetta and totally false. Maybe it’s a little bit true. Maybe it’s all true.

Whatever the story, rumours about another half billion dollar project on our little island are important enough that this story deserves to be vetted in public. Especially considering how much our coastline has been blighted by unfinished projects.

We just posted our story Another half-billion dollar Barbados resort announced with standard fanfare, concept paintings etc. when along comes St. George’s Dragon to have his or her say.

We’ve emailed Ecoterra to get their comments, but haven’t received anything back from them. If we do, we’ll be happy to post their side of the story with equal prominence – maybe more.

As well as the information in the following post, we’ve been doing some research ourselves and find:

Shin Lee is a Managing Partner at CF Canada Financial Inc., Toronto, Canada. He is also a founding JV Partner at Pure Beach Resort & Spa, and Eastern Regional Manager at Accolade Lands. In the past, he was Chief Marketing Officer at Ecoterra International Corp, and principal at Tritan Canada Financial.

We also found that Alex Gross of 202 – 130 Spadina Ave. Toronto, Ontario Canada m5v2l4 registered the domain name of EcoTerraInternational.com.

Posted by St. George’s Dragon…

For a company which says it is a leading developer of waterfront locations throughout the world ecoterra is a bit shy about saying what they are. If you go by their website, they only seem to have one project on – Foul Bay.

The company was incorporated in 2008. Its filings for 2009, 2010 and 2011 are overdue.

Its Director of Development, Kris Parthiban, has been associated with two previous projects, 11 Christie Street, Toronto and Elevator Bay, Kingston, Ontario. Both were developed by a company called Lux Group Inc. Remember that company’s name. Continue reading


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