Troublemaker calls for environmental testing at Jada Construction beach project

Director of Jada Group calls complaint “Ridiculous”

Jada Construction Company representatives are quoted in today’s Nation stating that no chemical or waste was pumped into the sea from their Road View, St. Peter project.

Jada Group director Philip Tempro calls a complaint by the troublemaking Mullins Bay blogger “ridiculous” and confirmed that he’s seen the stories and photos on the internet – presumably at Mullins Bay Blog and here at BFP.

Site supervisor Larry Maynard told The Nation that “several gallons” of seawater had been pumped back into the ocean during the construction and that Coastal Zone Management and Town and Country Planning have been “constantly” monitoring the project. (Constantly? I don’t see them in photos of the construction site when the pumping was happening!)

“Several gallons?”

Have a look at the above photo of the discoloured “chemical smell” sea, taken by the Mullins Bay Blog “troublemaker”. Does that look like “several” gallons to you… or several hundred or several thousand?

A pity that our blogging friend hadn’t thought to fill a couple of sample jars for testing. Why two? One for the Environment Ministry and one to be sent to an independent laboratory over and away to be compared with the government results. Everybody knows the reason why you have to do that! It’s the only way to keep things honest ’bout hey where the big money boys can make lab results change by magic.

The Mullins Bay troublemaking blogger also says that the new seawall is being constructed too close to the sea. Companies regularly do that when they can get away with taking a little more of the coast. We’ve all seen it happen a dozen times.

This time though, our blogging friend has asked for the authorities to come in, take measurements and also to test the water coming out of the pumps and in the general area of the discharge.

Will CZMU, the Environment Ministry and T & C Planning really look at the construction site, and deliver a public and transparent examination?

This being Barbados I wouldn’t hold my breath, but maybe we’re being too critical. Maybe the authorities will be on site today. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more on that from Mullins Bay Blog.

Further Reading

Now look here, folks. You should go to The Nation to read Sea Fear. Please do it now.


You know how it is… The Nation has a record for deleting and changing news stories to re-write history, so to preserve the truth and the integrity of our post we have to print their whole story here. But please do read it at the Nation. They did a good job covering this news and they deserve your visit…

Sea fear


A resident of Road view, St Peter, wants officials at the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) and the Ministry of the Environment to test the seawater along the coast there and give the assurance that it is free of chemicals.

That is because for the past three weeks, a construction site has been dumping a substance into the sea that has turned it “milky”, leaving a strong, overbearing odour.

The man, who has posted several photographs on the Internet showing the discoloured sea and workmen at the site pumping the liquid substance into the ocean, has warned seabathers that they swim at their own risk.

However, officials of Jada Construction Company, whose subsidiary Sigma Construction is working at the site, located opposite the Texaco Service Station at Road View, explained that they were building a seawall and merely pumping seawater, mixed with sand, back into the ocean.

But the resident, who charged that he had to run out of the water when it started to turn white while he was taking a swim, remains unconvinced. He believes that “construction waste” was mixed with the water and that was why the sea had a “chemical odour”.

“It is a construction site. I believe that some of the construction waste such as cement, which is made with chemicals, was released into the ocean,” he stated.

He revealed that this was not the first time that the construction company had released a discolouring substance into the sea.

In addition, the resident wants to know how the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) and the Town & Country Planning Department could give permission for new construction to take place at the site.

He said it was the location of a significant landmark building at Road View, St Peter, known as The Palace.

“For a while we thought they were keeping and/or just remodelling the old building until one day – boom! – they brought in the bulldozer and tore the whole thing down.

“Local people who have wanted to tear down and rebuild in this area have been told in the past that it is too close to the road and the sea; so they can only repair or move. How does a foreigner get permission to practically build in the water is stunning to say the least”, he wrote on his website.

He also expressed concern about the new seawall being built.

It appears, he said, closer to the shore, than the previous one.

Philip Tempro, managing director of Jada Group, who said what was posted on the Internet was drawn to his attention, denied that any chemical or construction waste was pumped into the water.

“That is absolutely ridiculous. We are building a seawall and that is the excess water which we pumped out because we had to dig several feet down to ensure that we had a solid foundation,” he stated.

This was reiterated by Larry Maynard, the supervisor on the site, who said several gallons of seawater had been pumped back into the ocean during excavation work.

“We had to construct a solid seawall so we had to dig several feet down. It is obvious that the water would be mixed with sand and that is why it looked milky, but the water cleared up in just a few minutes,” he stated, adding that the pumping had been completed.

He also denied that the new seawall was too close to the sea.

“Coastal Zone and Town and Country Planning would never allow us to encroach on beach property and they have been constantly monitoring this project. This is also a company with a reputation to protect and we would never breach the law.

“We have not done anything on this project without consultation with our architects and our engineers.”


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15 responses to “Troublemaker calls for environmental testing at Jada Construction beach project

  1. King Liar

    You hear lie? That is lie!

  2. what will they think of next

    so what makes troublemaker right and jada wrong?

  3. BFP

    Hi WWTTON:

    Maybe troublemaker is wrong. Maybe the water didn’t smell of chemicals and he made a mistake. Maybe the seawall is exactly where it’s supposed to be.

    But we see the photos and they don’t look good to us: either the wall location or the sea.

    We believe that the public deserves an answer and that the process should be transparent because we all know how things sometimes work on this island, and that includes you too.

  4. ticktock

    Considering that beach tourism is our economic life blood it is unthinkable that our government environment people wouldn’t be right there when the silt or chemicals were pumped into a prime tourist area ocean front.

    The developers and construction companies have different goals and priorities. Making money is what it is all about and there is nothing wrong with that but you can’lt let them do what they want unsupervised around our prime tourist beaches!

  5. Rumplsestilskin

    They are not troublemakers, they are ‘rebels’.

    Or ‘terrorists’ depending on which side you are on………

  6. bp

    I wonder what chemicals they could be using in the construction? Unless these chemicals are already in the groundwater.

  7. seeker

    I think that “What Will They Think Of Next” is either a troll, or a pawn in the corruption game!

    Either way, he better save his money that he’s getting…he may need it soon!

  8. Whistling Duck

    Sand and water does not leave a White trail in the water. Why do you not believe the poster and do some tests on the water, or perhaps it is too late now.

    The person who made this post is not a troublemaker but is someone who loves Barbados.

  9. ac

    to many maybe’s. there must be legitimate testing of the water! Where is the government in all of this? This been going on too long.

  10. Distant Voice

    talking about coastal issues, has anyone noticed a new chain link fence 8ft tall with barbed wire around the top which has been built on the beach in Hastings in front of the house where Barry Gale was robbed at gun point (twice) It is illegal as it is way too close to the high water mark.
    Yes, where is the government (coastal ZM) in all of this.?

  11. rasta man

    maybe Barry Gale erected it to protect himself?

  12. BFP

    @ Distant Voice

    If you or anyone else want to send us a photo of this, we’ll publish it. barbadosfreepress AT

  13. Newbie

    The gentleman making the report had a right to be concern when the water changed colour around him, whatever the cause may have been. He should not be tagged as a troublemaker but should be thanked for making this incident public. By the way if the foreign investors and developers decide that Barbados is not a good investment for them any longer what then happens to all the Government’s hopes and aspirations for Barbados. Tourism may be our life blood right now but are we looking to the future should the current situation cease to exist. We should be investing in our future based on Barbados and not external factors.
    In this instance I believe the water in the area should have been tested as soon as possible after the occurrence was made public,

    Do we really need yet another large structure blocking out yet more of our coastline?

  14. Bellairs type

    Water thick with suspended sediment as shown in the photo
    is critical for near-shore corals, who may/may not have survived the exposure!
    Few people consider stuff like that, but it’s worth mentioning in case someone finds that reef dead as a doornail, sometime in the near future.

  15. Anonymous

    Reread and rethink the innuendo, as Port Ferdinand is north of St Charles the chemical dispersants accusation is baseless.