Bajan voters do talk!

Coming soon: Who should be the new Barbados Minister of Agriculture?

Further Reading: Barbados Health Minister silent on US global child porn arrests


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15 responses to “Bajan voters do talk!

  1. Analyzer

    Are you voting for the Minister of Health who took away the people’s parking lot at the QEH and mek them park in the bumpy lot way around the back with all de pot holes and the driveway that is ground off ya car? The same Minister of Health that is let the old Caribbee Hotel fill up with water and breed mosquitoes to let everybody get dengue fever and then you can’t visit the people in the hospital cause there ain’t no where to park. Also, the same Minister of Health that let the bush grow so much at one of the most famour beaches in the world – ‘Accra Beach’ that they got rats fuh days livin’ in there that join the children’s birthday parties pon a weekend for scraps on the beach. The rats are so accustomed to people they don’t even run from them.
    That Minister of Health, are you voting for him?

  2. 215

    No more off Dam Lying Party

  3. boyblue

    @Analyser , obviously you have not seen the big rats playing at nights in the QEH car park.
    Come next election,this minister and this government are sure to get my (a) X (e).

  4. Analyzer

    @boyblue OMG! are you serious? Only God can help us now.

  5. Undertaker

    Even the most ardent supporters are agreeing that this government is like the series LOST!

  6. Downhill Barbados

    The bumpy parking lot you refer to is actually Barbados’ one TREE PARK
    -not that any Bajans appreciate that fact –the fact it’s being used as a car park is a disgrace!

    But then I suppose tree park/car park = all de same thing…


    This is becoming a serious joke on the DLP government. Clearly if the bajanfreepress was lying egsagerating or not 100% factual Mr. Inniss would have these articles taken down licky split. Mia Mottley started the investigation. bajanfreepress is doing their shares. WHERE IS THE BARBADOS NEWS REPORTERS??? !!!!

  8. Pornville Inniss

    I am thinking of leagally changing my name. What do you think about this?

    Yours truly,

  9. Colonel Buggy

    October 19, 2011 at 1:59 pm
    Very busy running uninteresting Advertorials for Mrs Ram and others, and like Stupid in the Afternoon,adding to Days of our Lives, and hooking our women folk,and some men, in useless gossip.

  10. Observer

    So we gone on a trade mission to Panama to showcase soda and eclipse biscuits…interesting…photo on the lousy BGIS webpage…

  11. HH

    Inniss didn’t know his name was used for this vile business. They used his name and he did not know it.

  12. Analyzer

    I read in the newspaper today that they are having a ‘Vincy’ party or something in the QEH grounds – where and with all the rats?

  13. Boy Blue

    October 21, 2011 at 8:46 pm
    I read in the newspaper today that they are having a ‘Vincy’ party or something in the QEH grounds – where and with all the rats?
    Probably by the sports club, but I don’t think that they are inviting any politicians.

  14. Analyzer

    Ouch….. I guess some of them might deserve that

  15. 77

    To HH about Inniss didn’t know.

    What crap>>>> !!! You tell a provable lie.

    Inniss kept his name on the sex websites long after it was revealed. The proof he knew is that the address and telephone information in the registration data was his address and his telephone number. No body would set up a very professional business and put the business in the name of a person who didn’t know their name was being used. Stupse! Would you put a million dollar a year website in someone elses name and give them control and they don’t know? STUPSE!!!! Your lie is so transparent Mr. Inniss! THAT IS MR. INNISS, ISN’T IT!!!!