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Adrian Loveridge shares “secrets” of tourism business success – but BTA and government aren’t interested

UPDATED: December 3, 2011

With the breaking story that Tourism Minister Sealy took 135 Ministry employees to Guyana for a weekend “retreat”, we were reminded of this recent post by Adrian Loveridge.

As far as we at BFP are concerned…

Sealy blew it on the optics alone. If he thinks that the public will support this “retreat” in Guyana, he’s out of his mind.

Instead, he should have had groups of employees staying at hotels in Barbados and then getting together at the Hilton or other venues to discuss whatever it is they are going to discuss. As Adrian said in his original piece, he seldom sees anyone from the government at his place and he’s not alone.

Unless Guyana’s tourism product is so much better than ours that the intent was to show everyone at the Ministry how things are supposed to be done?

In which case, we are really in trouble.

Original post first published October 18, 2011…

“It’s almost as if the key decision makers have tried to make tourism more complicated and moved away from the simple things that actually make it work very well.”

Tourism MATTERS – Sharing a business formula that works

by Adrian Loveridge - small hotel owner

Back in the nineteen seventies, after working in Canada, I returned to the United Kingdom, taking two temporary non-travel related jobs to establish enhanced credibility for the purpose of obtaining a house mortgage. Both were important learning experiences which I have never regretted.

The first was working as a salesman in a branch of a high-end consumer electronics retailer selling audio equipment products made by manufacturers that included Bang & Olufsen and Roberts. The manager instilled a valuable lesson that has stayed with me for life. His view was that if you are ever going to effectively sell anything, whatever it was, that you had better know everything possible about it.

I think he sensed a genuine interest and allowed me to take, what at that time, were very expensive pieces of equipment home at night and weekends to familiarise myself with their features.

Months when later I formed a tour operator company, this acquired wisdom formed an integral part  of the business masterplan. Irrespective of the product or service, intimate knowledge of every aspect is critical, if you are going to fully understand your marketplace and prospective customer.

Surprisingly then, even after owning and operating a hotel for nearly twenty four years, I can count on two hands with fingers to spare, the number of senior Barbados Tourism Authority officials, both locally and overseas, Ministers of Tourism, Permanent Secretaries and other leading figures within the public sector that have visited our property. Continue reading


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Small Business Association of Barbados: 25 years of illegal operation

SBA about to cover its tracks

Sent anonymously to every Barbados news media outlet – but so far we only see this story on one other blog.

Poor corporate governance is an issue for all of Barbados!

Dear 5th Estate,

The Small Business Association of Barbados is the most recent institution to demonstrate how poor corporate governance and regulation can be allowed to fester in Barbados.

Please see the attached. The SBA now finds itself in a situation where it is seemingly trying to cover (at a special meeting on Oct 25th 2011) its tracks after 25 years of operating illegally. In short it seems that none of the Boards of Directors since 1986 which managed the SBA were legitimate. That has implications for all of the decisions taken by those boards and importantly the legitimacy of all of those boards that managed government subventions etc.

Once again one is forced to ask how it was possible for the list of esteemed ladies and gentle that headed the SBA to have overlooked this.

Once again also and true to form one can expect this resolution to be easily passed by the 30-40 members (of the SBA’s over 700 members) who attend meetings.

It cannot be a simple matter of passing a one page resolution without a full understanding of how it was allowed to happen and thorough understanding of the implications.

Poor corporate governance is an issue for all of Barbados!

Here is the resolution sent out for the upcoming SBA Special General Meeting of Members:

Resolution for Discussion at Special General Meeting of Members
October 25, 2011

Whereas the Articles of Incorporation provide that the Company shall have a minimum of three (3) directors and a maximum of three (3) directors;

And Whereas the members of the company acknowledge that during the period December 30, 1986 to October 25, 2011 a greater number of Directors acted in the capacity of Director, even though they may not have been so authorised in accordance with the articles of continuance of the company; Continue reading


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Bajan voters do talk!

Coming soon: Who should be the new Barbados Minister of Agriculture?

Further Reading: Barbados Health Minister silent on US global child porn arrests


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