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Freedom, Understanding and the Middle East: One Muslim’s view

by Amhed Aziz

Our blogging friend Amhed Aziz is a Pakistani Muslim and a PhD candidate at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Once in a while Amhed stops by Barbados Free Press and says “Hi”. (Hi back Amhed!)

While we may not agree with everything Amhed says, nor he with us, we’re happy to link to anything he writes. Here are a few excerpts from his blog Bleeding Humanity

“It is the Jews’ fault”, “the Jews’ control the world”, “Jews are evil”, “Jews are kafirs” – We are used to hearing these words in our part of the world. It has become a mantra for conspiracy theorists like Zaid Hamid and basically each and every preacher in our mosques, teacher in our schools and friends in our circles in Pakistan. Why do we blame the Jews for everything? Are these accusations based on fact or hearsay? Or are we grossly generalizing the actions of the State of Israel and the Jewish people? Have we ever tried to examine the insecurity that the State of Israel uses to perpetrate the injustices in besieged Gaza and the occupied territory of West Bank?

In this article I would like to present some history of the Jewish people so we can actually know the people that we blame and understand them as human beings. The purpose of this article is not in any way to justify the barbarism of IDF (Israel Defense Force) and the actions of the State of Israel but to understand the people we blame for everything. Actions of a state, government or an organization does not mean that they are exacting the collective will of the people, exactly like actions of Al-Qaeda, Taliban or Hezbollah does not represent the collective will of the Muslim people.  We expect them to understand us, our actions and our suffering so it is imperative for us to also endeavor to understand them as our fellow human beings. It is not a one way street…

… from the Bleeding Humanity article An attempt to understand the people we Muslims blame for all that is wrong

It’s the same old cycle. Once again an insignificant person does something radically stupid in the West, and we in the East go on to a killing rampage.

… from the Bleeding Humanity article Hating Terry Jones is bad for Muslims

Are we free? The answer to that question is normally “Yes”. The reasons given for that affirmative answer are usually: we are free from the shackles of the colonial British and we are free from the united sub-continent, so we are free. According to the Two-Nation Theory that we study all through our school lives,  essentially, we as Muslims, would be a minority in United India and our right to practice our religion would be taken away because Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations.

So today, in 2011, are we actually free? Or this is just a fallacy? In this article I would refrain from a long tirade of blaming the corruption of our leaders for our perilous history and would invite readers to look at their own selves. I would specifically focus on freedom of thought and belief.

… from the Bleeding Humanity article Freedom to Believe in Pakistan: Comparison with an arch-rival in the Middle East


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Barbados Tourism Authority stumbling on sports tourism

Personal relationships, political patronage appointments hurting the BTA?

The following was submitted to Barbados Free Press through one of the thousands of free “here today, gone tomorrow” European proxy services. BFP’s readers are intelligent enough to question anything they read on the internet and in newspapers large and small. They also know that anonymous articles should be taken with a good dose of salt.

This anonymous article says that personal relationships and political patronage appointments are negatively impacting the performance of the Barbados Tourism Authority. That makes an “office fight” into a national concern when the mainstay of our economy is under pressure.

We’ll be happy to print any response from Minister Sealy (photo above), the BTA or anyone mentioned in the story…

Lip service and just a lot of long talk!

by Concerned Citizen who makes a living from sports tourism

That is what some stake holders in tourism are saying is being served up by the Barbados Tourism Authority when it comes to servicing a niche identified by the DLP Government as being critical to the long term sustainability of the tourism sector – sports tourism.

The BTA recently advertised in the local press for a sports consultant to join its team. This raised the question as to what had happened to the person who had run that department for the past year, Hayden Coppin.

I had met with Coppin on a number of occasions to discuss a sporting venture and was very impressed with his knowledge and dedication.

He gave no impression that he was leaving and in fact said he quite enjoyed his job where he felt he was making a contribution to Barbados.

Hayden Coppin: Forced out

I was therefore surprised to see the advertisement and shocked when checks with some “friends” in the BTA suggested that he was forced out by CEO, David Rice.

The sources further suggested that it was a purely personal decision by Rice, who never liked or wanted Coppin at the BTA, a view he expressed to many at the BTA, even marginal line staff! Continue reading


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