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Howlin’ Wolf, Grape Hall and Saturday Night

Oh yeah. We’re going to be a little naughty tonight. The boys have permission to sleep over at Clive’s place, not that there will be much sleeping. No worries: we’ll be well supervised by Auntie across the way so there’s no chance of anybody getting too carried away.

Once in a while the boys have to get together and pretend we can still do it. Maybe after Christmas I’ll have that Tele Thinline Deluxe (with the Humbuckers) I’ve been waiting for. Or maybe not.

Thanks for understanding,  Sugar!

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FIFA issues warnings to David Hinds, Mark Bob Forde – Others banned

Jack Warner being investigated for currency smuggling

David Hinds, Mark Forde warned for keeping silent about what they knew

Check out Barbados Today’s BFA officials vindicated, Cops on Jack’s back

FIFA Press Release…

The FIFA Ethics Committee, chaired by Claudio Sulser (Switzerland), has today (14 October 2011) taken decisions regarding the ethics proceedings that had been opened in August against several Caribbean Football Union (CFU) officials. The proceedings had been opened in regard to apparent violations of the Code of Ethics connected to the investigation of the cases related to the special meeting of the CFU held in Trinidad & Tobago on 10 and 11 May 2011.

The Ethics Committee took the following decisions:

Franka Pickering (British Virgin Islands) has been banned for a period of 18 months from taking part in any football-related activity (administrative, sports or any other) and has received a fine of CHF 500. Continue reading


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Saving Tourism: Should Barbados devalue its currency?

Watcher: “Devalue our Currency!”

Beefcake: “Devaluation won’t help tourism!”

Could Barbados succeed like Singapore?

BFP readers Beefcake and Watcher squared off so well in the comment section of Another Barbados hotel folds, that we knew we had to make it a post. If the discussion continues, we’ll try to update this post…

October 14, 2011 at 2:13 pm

A lot of the high costs of Barbados comes from a currency that is far overvalued on a fixed currency basis. When the currency matter is resolved, the high costs of Barbados will be resolved. It will eventually resolve itself when the Government gets to the point of not having enough “traded currencies” coming in to pay for everything that is imported. If we can’t be competitive we wont have foreign exchange coming in. These monies will be going to other places where, for the tourist, the value for money is much greater. The expenditure level in Barbados can’t be sustained.

October 14, 2011 at 4:56 pm

Devaluation only helps exporters (manufacturers and raw materials).

You need to replace the Barbados dollar with the US dollar, and by extension, get rid of the Barbados Central Bank. Continue reading


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