Moderate Muslims arrest football player for Jesus tattoo

More examples of life under Islamic Sharia Law

Moderate Muslims arrested Colombian soccer player Juan Pablo Pino in a Saudi Arabian shopping mall for the disgusting offense of having a tattoo of Jesus on his arm.

Pino, who plays for the Saudi league has expressed “deep sorrow” for breaking the law.

Damn right he expressed “deep sorrow” because the Moderate Muslims in Saudi Arabia still cut off people’s heads for insults to Islam and to their Muslim Pedophile Profit Prophet Muhammad.

In other Moderate Muslim news, this time from the USA

 A Moderate Muslim attacked an American who had dressed as “Zombie Muhammad” in a local Halloween parade. Another American dressed as the “Zombie Pope” was not attacked by either Catholics or Muslims.

Moderate Catholic Americans were undoubtedly offended by the “Zombie Pope” but did not do violence because, well, they aren’t Moderate Muslims adhering to the Moderate Koran that directs murder of unbelievers.

Enjoy the video folks, because it is all about Free Speech in America and the West and which laws will apply.

And that’s it for this week’s Moderate Muslim News! Atheist attacked by Muslim during Halloween parade


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32 responses to “Moderate Muslims arrest football player for Jesus tattoo

  1. St George's Dragon

    The BFP needs to think hard about its approach to Muslims. It seems that every second posting these days is something trawled off the internet about Muslims hating Christians.
    Its getting close to racial intolerance – something you come down hard on when BU, for example, has a go about white people.
    Think about it please, its getting boring.

  2. X

    @SGD, Islam is a religion not a race, ergo you cannot be racially intolerant of Muslims.

  3. Most non-discriminatory ethos displayed refer to “RACE/COLOR/CLASS OR CREED” St Geo’s Dragon is correct, this is bordering on as much intolerant prejudice as the Islamists BFP drones on about – they never answer my stuff on Jim Jones, Dave Koresh or other psychotic Christians… What about Jews with Palestinians? They behave like Nazis they abhor from time to time, while they are persecuted in the midst of their home (Which was ceded by the UK under whose sanction?) at the same time do they have the right to behave like Neo-Schutz Staffel? My point is ALL religions have good and poor representation simultaneously and this diatribe really needs to take a Back Burner and fast!

  4. Resist Sharia

    Bourne has already curtailed his own free speech to conform to Sharia. For a guy who is too frightened to put a cartoon of mohamed on his website, for a guy who took down a photo of Jesus giving the finger and then bragged that no one could prove it was up one time he sure do talk!

    Bourne say it like the Nazis for BFP to talk truth about what life is like under a muslim society. Islam is more than religion. It is laws barbaric laws that they impose whereever they go where they have the numbers. The right that Bourne has to say what he wants would be gone under a muslim country and guvment.

    Bourne says BFP is Nazi for telling the truth. You notice he doesn’t dispute the truth of the postings. He only says BFP should not post it.

  5. Still no reply on Jews and Christians having their skeletons? QED – As for removing posts, BFP are experts at it way before me, I have evidence as well… Don’t get me started! I may ahve a dust speck but you & this place have dust-devil, literally it would seem?

  6. Red Lake Lassie

    @ Ian Bourne

    Can you comment on the arrest for displaying Jesus? Should there not be religious freedom everywhere? Why don’t you care about the lack of freedom under Muslim laws? You talk like you think the Muslims should have the right to impose their religious laws on everyone but when people balk it is a human rights violation against Muslims. I don’t understand you.

  7. We seem to be at a mexican stand-off, if you know a centipede stings will you still prod it or leave it alone if it’s not in your home? Same policy as for Jesus cartoon… I don’t know what you mean… got a Screen shot to prove it? 😉

  8. Is anyone gonna handle Jim Jones and how Israelis can be jingoistic viz. Gaza to a Nazi like tendency? Every religion has flaws, that’s why John Lennon was against most of them, I tend to agree with him, you all are like the dope who carries the scorpion across the river yet surprised when it zaps the rescuer, that is its Nature… Let the Scorpion get across on its own, accept its Limitations and move on – what’s so hard about that?

  9. The main thing I dislike about BFP is their non-stop rant against Islamic, they themselves admit they NEVER say **A N Y T H I N G** good about Islam, I have met Musselmen & women who are very nice and polite – even in the midst of Souse or Christmas, maybe the Caribbean has a superior version of Sunni? The rest of the world has this stereotype that BFP kvetches ad nauseam about, I still wonder if a “Gifted” Islam horned one of the BFPosse and thus the vendetta! 😀

  10. Resist Sharia

    In another place and time.

    Amsterdam, 1943

    Bourne would say that some Nazis are nice people. (probably were too.)

    Bourne would have turned in his Jewish neighbours. Safer not to resist.

  11. Resist Sharia

    Bourne is true: BFP say nothing nice about ISLAM the religion and ideology.

    Bourne should say something nice about ISLAM the religion and ideology.

    I never hear him say something nice about ISLAM. About Muslims, yes, but not about ISLAM.

    Go ahead Bourne. Say three good nice things about ISLAM the religion and ideology and system of laws.

  12. 1. My wife won’t ask to borrow my car

    2. Crime is low

    3. Cats are revered, dogs are not 😛

  13. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    re: “…they (BFP) never answer my stuff on Jim Jones, Dave Koresh or other psychotic Christians…”

    There will always be a few crazies who grab onto Christianity and use it as an excuse for all manner of deviant behaviour. Those people are recognized as crazies and not as Christians and you certainly know that. You also know that the Islamic behaviours, values and human rights abuses that we highlight are mainstream in Muslim societies.

    My friend, you don’t appear to take seriously the whole issue of human rights abuses codified under Islam and how Islam is actually practiced in Muslim countries. For your list of 3 “good things” about Islam, you even joke about the abuse of women and say Islam is good because women can’t drive. About the barbaric punishments like cutting off hands for theft, stoning for adultery, hanging teenagers for premarital sex and throwing homosexuals to their deaths off tall buildings, you say “crime is low”.

    To this moment you have never said anything “good” about Islam yourself, yet you constantly chide BFP for not writing anything “good” about Islam. As a reader pointed out, writing nice things about nice people who are Muslims is not writing nice things about Islam the religion, political and legal system. My friend, you don’t appear to want to engage in a serious discussion of this issue, and your reluctance is not because you are not capable.

    With respect,


  14. St George's Dragon

    A suggestion – rename the website? Should it be the Barbados Anti-Muslim Press?

  15. Bfp is sad

    These web authors need to realize Muslims in Barbados have no hatred and will never want to start trouble in bim! Muslims in bim care about making money and doing what the quraan says and living peaceful and happily so their generations could enjoy! I told a Muslim friend of mine about this website he said he checked it once but realized all the anger and hatred in the authors heart he never checked it again!

  16. Bfp is sad

    Bfp should focus on the state that Barbados is in!! Look at all the crime an unemployment or does bfp want to blame that on the Muslims aswell?? Bim in a serious financially screwed up situation! And d immigration still deporting more working guyaneese! And not a bajan to fill that spot!

  17. Re – St George’s Dragon suggestion: Barbadians For Prejudice, or Bare Fatwah Polemics; that way the initials can stay the same?

  18. Chicago

    Mr. bourne:

    Shouldn’t there be freedom to worship the god of your choice in all countries? I am mystified by your refusal to say that the wholesale violation of basic human rights in Islamic countries is wrong. I am mystified that you don’t condemn the use of violence by Muslims to end freedom of expression in the United States of America. Are you thinking of becoming a Muslim? Why do you defend the Muslim position to eradicate all other religions and to impose Muslim laws? You call BFP prejudiced for carrying stories of Muslim religious prejudices! You don’t believe that human rights and freedom of religion and freedom of speech are worth defending, do you?

    You and the others who are critical of BFP are not able to defend the Muslim actions or discredit what you know is the truth so you can only attack the messenger.

    What about it Mr. Bourne? Should there be freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia? Should there be freedom of expression in the USA? Should Muslim violence against freedom of expression in the USA be allowed?

    Should news outlets like yours in Barbados be prohibited from reporting anything critical of Islam?

  19. Happy to hear

    @bfp is sad

    Happy to hear that your Muslim friend only wants peace and therefore ignores the Quaran’s verses about apostates should be killed, wifes be beaten, and non-muslims have to pay the jizza tax. Too bad that some Barbaods muslims teach the school children that beheading, cutting off hands for theft and other barbarisms are in the Quaran and are true Muslim ways.

    Happy to hear that your Muslim freind ignores those parts of the Quaran.

  20. Happy to hear

    @ Mr. Bourne

    I knew you can’t come up with 3 good things about Islam. You have to mek sport.

  21. @Chicago, Red lake Lassie, BFP, Resist Sharia – you just don’t get it, do you? You are as ignorant and as myopic as that which you rail against, so why do you bother if you are as limited as what you object to? Show me a Caribbean Musselman or women who’s perpetrated infractions like what is usually emblazoned here? I have said the WI edition of Islam appears to be far more tolerant, why stir up animosity which does not exist? Grow up!

  22. Since you want 3 benefits of Islam, should one decide a Religion over another – tell you what? How about YOU give me three benefits of not only Christianity, but Buddhism (what Steve Jobs was) and same for Judaism (a la Sammy Davis Jr)? Then I’ll seriously consider your ridiculous, intolerant and jingoistic theorem… Do it and I’ll add Baha’is (I am supposed to be one but not a very good practitioner, 1st to admit that)

  23. Like going on Facebook? http:// on.fb “dot” me/ qtaEb6

  24. Luc

    Manners maketh man. As I see it, in a civilised society, insulting, defacing, broadcasting or otherwise mis-using a religious symbol is simply bad manners. Reacting violently to that is plain stupid.

  25. BFP

    Hi Luc

    Unused, unexercised muscles whither away. It is the same for freedoms. Unless we free peoples use the full extent of our freedom, we lose it. History confirms that much.

    The man in the Mohamed Zombie costume was doing nothing illegal, violating no laws in the USA. Offensive? Certainly, but he was criminally attacked by a member of a sect known to use violence to impose its values and laws upon others. Free speech is unknown in Muslim majority countries.

    In Barbados, I reserve my right to be as offensive as possible to the very limits under the rules of our society.

    The only question is: Will Barbados and other Western societies be governed by their own laws, or by Muslim Sharia Laws imposed by fear of violent Muslims?

  26. vacuous clown

    Aside from hogging the blog and making inane comments, Bourne does not recognize that Islam, unlike other religions, has not moderated or evolved its barbaric Sharia laws to a position where one is free to criticize those laws without fear of retribution or recrimination

    Muslim countries need to separate church from state and become tolerant of those who simply do not agree with them. Moderate Muslims need to take the lead.

  27. Commander

    Mr. Bourne please answer the question without demanding answers from others first. Man up and state your views or please leave this post.

  28. Make me, bee yotch, BFP is boring on their Islamophobe tip and will call them on it every time – who are YOU to demand terms? Team 6? Go bring Osama’s body while you’re t it… Fetch, good boy!

  29. Commander

    Mr. Bourne, I have respect for the work you have done as a journalist and so far as a blogger too. But in all seriousness why can you not give your views on the matter. I am not sure about the Osama body remarks as yet again that is not what is being discussed and neither did I resort to calling you names.

    The ball is in your court I hope for intellectual discourse.

  30. Who are you to tell me to leave? If BFP wants it they can do that and ban my IP, but for you to up and get on as appointed watchdog is tres Infra Dig, how I choose to conduct my affairs compared to yours is my own right – the same way you hide behind an alias and I operate as myself.

  31. Commander

    I just don’t like seeing people play hop scotch around a question, be they colleagues, family, friends, politicians, business people, civil servants or journalists.

    Irritated a raw nerve I guess.

  32. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Just goes to show that Muhammad has the faith of the people whilst christianity could give two hoops about the pope